Life In Light Years

Life In Light Years

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beckybloomwood By beckybloomwood Updated Aug 24, 2011

“It’s taken us seventy-six years and it’s been a long and tedious process but we have finally had contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. They are coming and they should be landing within the next hour.” 

Alice was just a normal fifteen year old girl in the year of 2060. Neglected by her movie star parents, through no fault of her own, she is left in her house alone on the night that the aliens land. Could have been any worse? 

Oh yes. They landed in the field behind her garden. For twenty six minutes of her life Alice interacts with the aliens who don’t seem to be so scary in person. Kate is tall and beautiful. Ethan is gangly, hideously plain and socially retarded. After raiding her refrigerator, the aliens leave her alone again. Little did Alice know just how much those twenty six minutes would alter her life. Four years later, Alice bumps into a very different Ethan and is snatched from her hectic and chaotic life style to aid the alien family. 

Join Alice and Ethan as they try to overcome their hatred for each other to form an unstoppable team to save the lives of Ethan’s family. Who is more terrifying; the humans or the aliens? Which side would you take?