Edwardian Stories

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His Lady in Breeches by greenwriter
His Lady in Breechesby J.D. Ruiz
"They may see you as how you try to be, but what I see is what you try not to be." SHE IS A BASTARD... Maxine Theobald hid from the rest of society to pr...
A Lady's Guide to Courtship by greenwriter
A Lady's Guide to Courtshipby J.D. Ruiz
"A love not shown is more painful than a love rejected." SHE IS DETERMINED... The town of Wickhurst sees Ysabella Everard as a spoiled, rich young girl. What...
Masterful Trickery by greenwriter
Masterful Trickeryby J.D. Ruiz
THE BANDIT She merely meant to steal and get away with it. She did not mean to find a dying woman and be chased for it. She merely meant to help. She did not mean to b...
Translucent by CarissaAtrianty
Translucentby Cloviscat
When Lisa Finch moves to a small town in Scotland after her parents' divorce, the least she expects is to see ghosts. Meanwhile, Cornelius Haywood has died for almost a...
Serpents and Stairways by Oliver-Hoffmann
Serpents and Stairwaysby Oliver A. Hoffmann
The fairytale formula is simple-it takes a hero, one that's brave and cunning, a magical assistant to aid them, a worthy adversary, and on the other side of fall and tri...
Cold All the Way Through, But Warming by thecowgirlbookworm
Cold All the Way Through, But Warm...by Haley Cooley
Anastasia Dalian was not expecting to have to deal with an unwanted suitor on the return trip from unsuccessfully trying to cure her father's failing memory, but the ass...
Sharing Corrie by heyhannahj
Sharing Corrieby Hannah Neely
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life." Corrie Walker never expected to have to abandon her English degree...
A Loveless Marriage by JessicaHSwift
A Loveless Marriageby Jessica Swift
"Well it is unfortunate that you will be saddled with a husband, despite your preference to remain a spinster," Mr Wilkes said with a smirk. "I beg your p...
Love & Clairvoyance by edenae22
Love & Clairvoyanceby ERIN ST. JAMES
Bring Me To Your Stars by come4mejosephine
Bring Me To Your Starsby comejosephine
Titanic officer, James Moody, wakes up lost and adrift at sea with vague memories of his past. And when the shopgirl at the counter insists that "White Star Line Sh...
Come, Josephine by write-write-writing
Come, Josephineby write-write-writing
Jack and Rose may have both survived the sinking, but were unaware of each other's survival. Fifteen years later, the exact thing that shoved them apart has brought them...
The Ladies of Whittaker by EdTwin2
The Ladies of Whittakerby Eddy Fran
The Whittaker Women are elegant, beautiful, ageless and dying. Every year, these girls after being engaged, and are found dead in their bedrooms and are slumped in their...
Daughter on his Doorstep (Humphrey Chronicles Book 2) by Flo_Writes
Daughter on his Doorstep (Humphrey...by Flo
Daniel Vincent Humphrey has never been entirely comfortable. His family loves him, but he's very aware that the rest of the world only tolerates his slow, stuttered spe...
Anastasia by Fleurdelys21
Anastasiaby Fleurdelys21
"It's not right that we should have to fight for something so obviously right and just as having the vote but we must. Someone must!" Lady Anastasia Banks has...
Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter Mystery by edenae22
Love & Murder: An Eliza Winter Mys...by ERIN ST. JAMES
Lady Eliza Winter has one friend in the world and she happens to go missing. And when Eliza goes to report the disappearance to the police they won't hear a word from Cr...
A Daughter's Duty by charlotteailish
A Daughter's Dutyby Charlotte Ailish
An heiress to one of Britain's most impressive fortunes, Cordelia Gardiner has always done what her strict father expects her to, manage the estate, host dinners, mind h...
For My Next Trick... ✔ by LynaForge
For My Next Trick... ✔by Lyna Forge
At twenty-four, Mason Chamberlain had it all. When scandal leaves him with a broken heart, not much could make him believe in love again...until the new governess for hi...
TUINSTRA: or The Chronicles of Schoolboys and Their Infallible Deeds by abditoryrose
TUINSTRA: or The Chronicles of Sch...by rose.
Every early autumn, Europe's oldest and wealthiest families send their sons to the Netherlandic countryside to study at the most prestigious Willem E. Tuinstra's Academy...
Hearts Through Time by MarieHiggins
Hearts Through Timeby Marie Higgins
Can a lawyer solve a ghost's murder without falling in love? When a beautiful woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal's new office and begs for he...
From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysteries #1) by SabrinaFlynn
From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysterie...by Sabrina Flynn
A gentleman detective and a headstrong heiress clash in a battle of wits. Murder, mayhem, and a dash of romance in Victorian San Francisco. An "action-packed myster...