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TOUR<Logan Paul> by loganjankstadohner
TOURby loganjankstadohner
{COMPLETED} Emily thought taking her sister to Logan Paul's tour would be hell, but after the first one, she didn't quite mind.
Instagram ⇢ l.p by lexilovesxo
Instagram ⇢ l.pby lexi
[Logan Paul fan fiction] @loganpaul started following you @loganpaul liked your photo @loganpaul commented on your photo ⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇢⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠⇠ Logan paul accidentally come...
Logan Paul Imagines by clare_pen
Logan Paul Imaginesby Clare Pendricks
here are some thoughts and imagines like, what if logan paul started dating Ayla after her messy breakup?, or what if he dates a Logangster? hope you enjoy #beamaverick...
Team 10/Logan Paul Smuts by logang4lifffe
Team 10/Logan Paul Smutsby
⚠Smut warning⚠ Requests are open!!! Includes all of Team 10, Logan, etc.
THE KIDNAP by logan95paul
THE KIDNAPby logan paul fan
(Dwayne johanson)FRANK-head of the gang Logan Paul as a Kidnapper Natasha miller as Alissa violet David miller- mayor of ruston town and father of natasha Katherine- nat...
Oh Hi Mark. // Mark Dohner Fanfic by MarkGeorgieLogan
Oh Hi Mark. // Mark Dohner Fanficby MarkGeorgieLogan
Mark and his bois live in L.A. then a girl named Kylie Rae moves and drama begins. Will Mylie last?
Falling For Logan Paul by daddy_seavey_
Falling For Logan Paulby Dobrik_Hijazi_wifey
this is about a girl named kiara who is in love with logan paul sorry if you don't like it it's my first story.❤ and haters I got you something:🖕🖕🖕🖕 It says kiara ve...
Children! [ logan paul fanficion ] by ima_lil_ghostly
Children! [ logan paul fanficion ]by Veah
Logan Paul has five kids to raise. He accidentally got a girl pregnant at the age of 16, and they got married. Logan dropped out of high school and moved to LA with hi...
The Daughter Of Logan Paul 2 by Emoji_love1
The Daughter Of Logan Paul 2by Emoji_love1
Lexi has found out who her mom is , Will there be drama or will everything calm down for once? well not for Lexi this book shows Lexi going on a roller coaster of emotio...
The Girl Without A Phone (Jake Paul X Reader) by TessaTEAM10
The Girl Without A Phone (Jake TessaBrooks<3
Y/N Is just a regular girl with a loving heart, but what she doesn't have is a phone, She has popularity, she has fame, she even has her own puppy Kulu! But not a Phone...
Happy Hearts/// Daniel Seavey Fanfic// Why Don't We by deniseasonrisa
Happy Hearts/// Daniel Seavey Who cares
Bella Paul followed the big steps of her big brothers Logan Paul, and Jake Paul. Youtube, acting, and singing, but when a certain blue eyed boy comes over......they just...
The Wierd Neighbor  (h.s)....(on hold) by niallerismylover
The Wierd Neighbor (h.s)....(on 5sauceHarold
"What the fuck was that"all of a sudden a man dressed in black enterd the room with a gun in his hands.
The Drive By: Logan Paul by loganghub
The Drive By: Logan Paulby loganghub
It was a beautiful day in Las Angeles, definitely not the kind of day you'd expect disaster to strike. As Logan Paul heads out to vlog and hang with his friends, he find...
the distance between us... (logan Paul fan fiction) by georgialcc
the distance between us... ( georgialcc
You just moved to L.A from New York. Your best friend Alissa Violet had arranged a party at the team 10 house for your birthday. You meet logan Paul and instantly fall i...
Wrong number by KenzieFaithWrites
Wrong numberby mak
[COMPLETED] ""Because I love you and I want to be with you, and addie I want to teach her how to swim and I want to fall asleep with you in my arms every night...
Team 10 Groupchat  [COMPLETED] by ChenoaVE
Team 10 Groupchat [COMPLETED]by Chenoa.VE
What would you do if you were added by a random groupchat... With "strangers". and what would happen if you fall in love with some of them if you meet them?
~Equals~XxloganpaulfanfictionxX by Xxpam_21xX
~Equals~XxloganpaulfanfictionxXby Xxpam_21xX
moved to LA, met this crazy kid, and fell in do i do? this story includes:violence, strong words, smut, etc...
George Janko by Its_Gonna_Be_Lit
George Jankoby Its_Gonna_Be_Lit
George Janko is a vlogger and Logan Paul's best friend. **I take request** -FOR REQUEST- * It can be either dirty or clean * Name *Appearance *Plot of the story (Wha...
Groupchat  by ChanelleEveson
Groupchat by Chanelle Eveson
Groupchat with Logan Paul, Yohannes, George Janko, Mark Dohner and why don't we
Indecisive - George Janko by Danni_was_here
Indecisive - George Jankoby Danni_was_here
Danni Kane a 20 Y/O moves to LA not long after her birthday to peruse her dream as a model and actor when she gets a roll she meets Logan Paul. After hanging out for a...