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•Boy-Friend• |Logan Paul Fanfic| by _svnflxwerdols_
•Boy-Friend• |Logan Paul Fanfic|by _svnflxwerdols_
**Please don't read, it's cringy and it has a lot of typos, you've been warned** "Omg....OMG!!" "KIARA?!" This is a Logan Paul Fanfiction. this book...
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Team 10 by eggchicken5
Team 10by eggchicken5
A young girl named Brooke from Pennsylvania makes it on to Team 10 and joins the journey.
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Unexpected neighbors☁|| jack Avery, zach Herron by goldbesson
Unexpected neighbors☁|| jack Avery...by goldbesson
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My Idiot Only. // A Layla Fanfic [COMPLETED] by teenvityy
My Idiot Only. // A Layla Fanfic [...by lisa. ♡
Ayla Woodruff is a famous YouTuber, and one day she is going to Vidcon and runs into... Logan Paul. They get extremely close, but maybe that changes.. Find out in this s...
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Dating Logan Paul by Emoji_love1
Dating Logan Paulby Emoji_love1
Well you will just have to read to find out ☺☺
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Instagram •Joey Birlem• by dabbing_magcon
Instagram •Joey Birlem•by dabbing_magcon
@joeybirlem liked your post @joeybirlem commented on your post Started; 7/5/17 Completed; 8/13/17
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~•Ill always love you•~ logan and ayla by logangforlifeeeeeeee
~•Ill always love you•~ logan and...by logangforlifeeeeeeee
This is a story about logan and ayla. In this story they go through a lot of difficulties but they still love each other💖
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Tessa Brooks Little Girl  by livingfortessabrooks
Tessa Brooks Little Girl by livingfortessabrooks
Her parents are Jake Paul and Tessa Brooks. She has basically inherited a spotlight in which she is constantly being watched by fans and many more... She lives with gu...
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#Layla Logan and Ayla 💕 by MayaSessan
#Layla Logan and Ayla 💕by MayaSessan
Ayla was first in Love with Brendon, Then something happend, she fell for Logan
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i will always need you 》Logan Paul and Ayla Woodruff by tropical_retard
i will always need you 》Logan Paul...by E- FANGIRL
i ship Logan and Ayla so heres my fanfic about them, also YES i'm aware Ayla has a boyfriend but i really dont see any connection with them. WARNING: My fanfic is going...
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Layla by stephaniestoriesssss
Laylaby stephaniestoriesssss
Logan and Ayla, who doesn't ship them. A perfect story that shows how these two began to become Layla.
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The Daughter Of Logan Paul 2 by Emoji_love1
The Daughter Of Logan Paul 2by Emoji_love1
Lexi has found out who her mom is , Will there be drama or will everything calm down for once? well not for Lexi this book shows Lexi going on a roller coaster of emotio...
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layla for life!!! by imabigfatpotato123
layla for life!!!by IMA LOANGSTER
Logan and Ayla don't realize that they love each other, until Ayla breaks up with her douchbag boyfriend. This story takes weird turns and mysterious outsiders. Will log...
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Layla | 1 by pleasenoooo
Layla | 1by no
BOOK ONE I got really bored and did this... whoops! (cover done by Bronze360)
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Layla by EspeonGirl101
Laylaby EspeonGirl101
If you guys ship Layla then is is the right place for you hope you enjoy :3
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Coffee Shop?| A Chlogan Story by mia_aless
Coffee Shop?| A Chlogan Storyby mia_aless
You'll have to read to find out🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm bored so why not?
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The Two Pauls by Emoji_love1
The Two Paulsby Emoji_love1
Logan Paul and Ayla woodruff had a child a few years back. Her name is Ava. 14 years later and Ava is a Successful Singer and Youtuber. During her time as a Singer and Y...
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Ayla's Life [COMPLETED] by regretsaremade
Ayla's Life [COMPLETED]by Regretion
Logan has been with Ayla for a long time in his vlogs, But will that end soon? Is there something she doesn't know? Will Ayla leave forever? This is Ayla's life. (Fanfic...
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Instagram by haileyriehl
Instagramby haileyriehl
Read to find out.
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