Eliona's War 2: Veiled Healer

Eliona's War 2: Veiled Healer

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Alex J Wynter By KurokageJS Updated 2 hours ago

Seth Veregin is Severance, and there used to be a clear line between reality and fantasy. What happens when that line starts to blur?
There's something wrong with Eliona's Gate, but by the time Seth Veregin realizes how serious it is, it's too late. Quitting is no longer an option. 

Ever since it came out on the market, Eliona's Gate was shrouded in mystery. Its incredible realism has players flocking to it, but its quirks begin to cause frustration in its playerbase. When NPCs have the power to freely murder players and prevent them from advancing in the main quest line, it becomes clear that there's something far more sinister going on than a few bugs in the script.

As the only healer of the Veiled Clan, Severance gets a front row seat to all the mayhem. His Clan starts a lot of trouble for being supposedly Neutral, and Severance is the one who must face the consequences. To survive, he must get stronger, but there's a price to pay for power...