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Best Mistake (Tom Holland AU) by zukoslove
Best Mistake (Tom Holland AU)by Zukoslove
The most popular guy starts to like u, but u reject him, for him being a player. He makes a bet with his friends that would earn him 500$ if he sleeps with u.
The Reasons I Hate You by zukoslove
The Reasons I Hate Youby Zukoslove
Fawn Oakley grew up terribly poor until over time her life drastically changed and now she's rich. Adjusting to the new lifestyle isn't very hard except for the fact tha...
Room 103(Tom Holland AU) by zukoslove
Room 103(Tom Holland AU)by Zukoslove
Everything was pretty easy for y/n, unfortunately love was not one of them. But when she moves into her new dorm room and has a bad boy roommate, her life takes a turn s...
Bakugo Smutshots by I_am_devils_lettuce
Bakugo Smutshotsby Xiomara The Potato
Oneshots about bakugo and what ever other person you guys either suggest or I pick out to write I hope you like them 💚 Ranks #14 in #goodstory #15 in #knife #110 in #my...
Aetherweaver by Rosewithaquillpen
Aetherweaverby Rosewithaquillpen
"Magic weaves between everything, through everything. Some people can feel it. Some can see it. Others can touch it. We can wield it." That was my first lesson...
Tiny Texts - Sturniolo Triplets by forpartridge
Tiny Texts - Sturniolo Tripletsby .
in which a girl who can't sleep creates fake text scenarios and incorrect quotes featuring your favorite triplet brothers. (most of these are taken from Pinterest texts...
Mystery Man by CFarley982
Mystery Manby Charles Farley
A very short locked room mystery just for fun.
𝙃𝙤𝙬𝙙𝙮 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙧 (cowboy x goth girl) by shrimpenthusiast
𝙃𝙤𝙬𝙙𝙮 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙧 ( Mayonnaise
Quinn Schmidt is your stereotypical goth girl who moves to the great city of Houston, Texas. Desperate to go home back to Minnesota, she finds any excuse to. But soon, s...
Braced by Madeforadventure
Bracedby Dove Rose Anderson
Everyone has that one fear. For fourteen year old Regan, it's the dentist. Even with her cousin being one, it doesn't settle her fear. With getting braces, new family st...
Soncarie Island by LivieTheHonestB-
Soncarie Islandby Livie
Soncarie island, where there is a crisis on an island. At the copper dunes there are earth quakes, at the Taffodil mountains, there are avalanches and melting snow. In t...
Poems by peanut_brittle46
Poemsby ‎Brittle ‎ 𖤍
Just some poems that I made up, and some by other people. I may also put some AWESOME quotes in the mix too! Enjoy! All rights reserved, DONT TAKE MY POEMS!
The Fallen Star by noneofyobusiness17
The Fallen Starby noneofyobusiness17
Ava, a hot headed red head, who's at first not afraid of anyone. She's willing to fight anyone or stand up to anyone with no questions asked. Her mother died while givin...
Not A Bad Boy Story by Sammy_KO
Not A Bad Boy Storyby Krishna Osbourne
A home school boy steps out into the high school world oblivious of his gorgeous appearance and is now the center of attention for the popular ,semi popular and invisib...
Juice by supitsapio
Juiceby supitsapio
Juice is about a juice stand competition that causes some ending and new friendships to happened also the main character Bessie Morzy is a clumsy fun girl who finds who...
The new neighbor by ash_345
The new neighborby ash_345
This is a quick short story and I hope you can take 5 minutes to read it. I dont want to spoil it so just read it and have fun.
The Green Parrot Gunfight by marionpatton
The Green Parrot Gunfightby marionpatton
Snakeskin McMurtry hated killing, but the Thumpsow brothers had killed David Lant after Snakeskin had promised Lant protection. He couldn't let that go. Trouble was, he...
King of the Seas by wessnowden
King of the Seasby wessnowden
A young adventurer arrives in 18th century Nantucket, from London, on a secret mission for his scheming uncle. The goal of the mission? To try and take control of the en...
Wigs by olaftown
Wigsby Juliet <3
When you spend all your time in the hospital you start to loose hope. A wig can hide the truth of my bald head as good as a fake smile can mislead. When Taylor- a cance...
My Beautiful Teenage Life by NotJustAnotherHuman
My Beautiful Teenage Lifeby Alexia A
Follow the life of Allison Lane, a stereotypical ditsy blonde, as she adjusts to her new life at Franklin High! She stumbles on romance, trickery, and the overall joy fr...