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✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain America] by amep057
✪ American Noise ✪ [Captain a.m.e.p
*** Wattpad Featured Story: March 28, 2016 *** Liz Dolan has put her life on hold for many reasons. Good ones, too (or so she keeps telling herself). Steve Rogers is try...
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In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated | An Avengers Fanfiction | by CoyPiay
In The Middle, Somewhat Elevated | Coy
A dancer (OFC) from Aspen Colorado ends up on the wrong side of SHIELD. She's forced to face her fears and choose a path that will write her future and reveal a mysteri...
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Love So Criminal [Ziam] by LovableLexi
Love So Criminal [Ziam]by Lexi
Liam is a guard at a tough metal-walled prison. He spends his days patrolling his sector of the prison which just happens to be the most deadly of the entire asylum put...
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Then There was Me + You by RicefieldsGem
Then There was Me + Youby RicefieldsGem
Ally has fallen in love only once in her 30 years of existence. When she experienced her only heartbreak, she never thought of trying her luck again in love. She is too...
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It's So Bad Yet So Good: A PPGZ AU by Hanzo1002
It's So Bad Yet So Good: A PPGZ AUby Hanzo Jack
Have you ever been tired of the good girl act? Well good let's be bad.
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I'm in Love with a Psychopath by dulceandbrianna
I'm in Love with a Psychopathby dulceandbrianna
Amelia Scott has been a good girl all her life: perfect grades, perfect parents, perfect everything. But one day, she takes an interest in her father's work ( a doctor a...
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Palm Trees by kx_mykel
Palm Treesby Myka
the truth
bittersweet by eliiniya
bittersweetby eliiniya
an ending, a new beginning, different people & unique adventures leave a bittersweet aftertaste.
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pistantrophobia [p.j.m] by athaezagoraphobia
pistantrophobia [p.j.m]by ☠️
(n) the fear of trusting someone. Park Jimin was naive, while Nam Eunji was venturesome. [written mostly in jimin's pov] {started 22th aug 2017 ; 9:25 pm kst}
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Howl in the Wind by W0lfEch0
Howl in the Windby Spirit of the Wolf
Kayden. Brought up as a rogue. Abused by her father. Bullied by her brother. It was all enough to break her. So when her father signs an appeasement with the ShadowPa...
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The Recluse •{Spider-Man}• by cranky-fangirl
The Recluse •{Spider-Man}•by Emi
"Who are you?" Spider-Man crouched in front of me, his shoulders stiff. "To some, I am a destructive fire from hell that sets their lives ablaze and turn...
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The Summer Death Trap by Beauchke
The Summer Death Trapby Kennedi B.
A/N This is a story about a girl named Kennedi Benson. Kennedi Benson is an A+ good girl , except when around Caleb Baxter. Caleb baxter is a player even at a young...
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Untitled Story by flozza01xx
Untitled Storyby Cassi Ponting
Can love change who you really are??
Perfectly Misfit {SLOW UPDATES} by deraplus
Perfectly Misfit {SLOW UPDATES}by Chidera Duru
**DISCLAIMER** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, any resemb...
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Drift Away #Wattys2014 by thepartypig
Drift Away #Wattys2014by Jyllian
Two people. Two different worlds. Will there ever be a happy ending?
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Sanspai (What Elizabeth Dreams) (Sans x Yandere! Neko! OC) by HateIsCool
Sanspai (What Elizabeth Dreams) ( Hateus
Elizabeth Edgula, the one that didn't fit in. After having her father test with cat genetics on her mother, Elizabeth was born as the world's first real Neko. Elizabeth...
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Hideaway by thelizbiz
Hideawayby It's Liz bitch
"But does she want to be found?" "Why else would she have left this if she didn't want to be found?"
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ρєянαρѕ, тнєяє ιѕ нυмαηιту ιη мє {Paused} by MadameBird
ρєянαρѕ, тнєяє ιѕ нυмαηιту ιη мє { Rayne
~It wasn't fate that had us drawn to each other. Or destiny. She lured me in and now I'm trapped. Forever sired to her until the light dies out for both of us. I didn't...
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What Lies Beneath  by _amunet_
What Lies Beneath by Amunet
The rival between humans and their less than human counterparts had burned for an eternity. When there was a chance for peace it was taken gratefully, but now that there...
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The Moon and Her Sun by JosephM1
The Moon and Her Sunby JosephM1
"Right now I don't need a boyfriend or any type of a relationship. I have two goals I need to accomplish. One, to beat this fucked up disease. Two, to get through...