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The Broken Prince by EnTheAmourshipper
The Broken Princeby EN
From darkness comes light. From light come darkness. A boy name ASH Ketchum is a champion of alola, Prince and soon to be king of Rota he have everything someone wanted...
Destiny Rebirth by DestinyProduction
Destiny Rebirthby Destiny Productions
5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A mystery masked trainer suddenly appears and intens...
Ash's Last Dance by Y33TB0Y
Ash's Last Danceby YEETBOY
When Ash loses the Unova League to Cameron, he realizes that it's time for him to use all of his Pokemon. If he doesn't win the Kalos Pokemon League, his dreams of being...
The Trainer's Guide to the Pokémon World: Volume 1; Kalos by hotdogking34
The Trainer's Guide to the Poké hotdogking34
Max is finally 10 years old, and has decided to have his journey in Kalos, where he meets Bonnie. But, instead of challenging gyms, he decides to document his journey in...
The Royal Journey- Amourshipping by OmMhatre8
The Royal Journey- Amourshippingby Om Mhatre
So this story takes place 1 week after Ash battles replacement gym leader of vermillion city that is his first battle of world championships. And his current ranking is...
Destiny Rebirth Final Mix by DestinyProduction
Destiny Rebirth Final Mixby Destiny Productions
This is the updated version of DESTINY REBIRTH. 5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A my...
Pokemon Truth or Dare by Jaden52001
Pokemon Truth or Dareby Jaden52001
A game with certain Pokemon characters and certain shippings. I don't own the Pokemon characters or anything other than my own made things. Also, no dirty dares because...
The New Kid: Year 1 by Grimsley_X
The New Kid: Year 1by Grimsley_X
Life at Vaniville High was like at another school. You got the bullies, the popular kids, the nerds, the geeks, the mixed groups, the loner, and now... the new kid. Ash...
Pokemon Oneshots by annaa-xx
Pokemon Oneshotsby anna
Oneshots from the game, anime, and manga. Posted every Tuesday and Thursday. *artwork and characters are not mine!
Pokemon rising to the top(Amourshipping) by bezope1
Pokemon rising to the top( Bezalel Talabi
Ash is on his quest to become a pokemon master And gets admitted into a school in kalos while working as a researcher for prof. Cerise and traveling with Goh and Chloe...
A Royal Fantasy (A Pokemon fanfiction) by may_and_drew
A Royal Fantasy (A Pokemon April Johnson
May, Dawn, Misty and Leaf were all homeless children and they only had each other. They were once known as the princesses of four kingdoms which had been taken down in t...
A League of Night by BlakeWaterDancer
A League of Nightby Blake aka Lack-Two
Ash just won his first league, the Alola League. But when he gets home, sides change and he's barely able to escape his once trusted friends. Thinking no one could help...
You Never Knew The Real Me: OC Version *On Hold* by LittleLilyLord
You Never Knew The Real Me: OC Silver Lily
*Betrayal Story and Pokemon Fanfic* Ash has never been the naive and carefree boy all believed him to be. However his friends and mother don't learn of this until he fin...
Truth or dare POKEMON EDITION (discontinued) by Mewchu7777
Truth or dare POKEMON EDITION ( Mew :3
Sup guys WELCOME TO TRUTH OR DARE!!!!! POKEMON EDITION 😀 This contains: Ikarishipping (MY OTP) Contestshipping Amourshipping Egoshipping Fourthwheelshipping Laserblad...
(DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) Pokemon x Yo-kai Watch x Pokemon Insurgence by Hugobest03
Ash had just returned from the Alola league after losing to Gladion's incredible Silvally. He goes to his house only to find a not so good surprise awaiting for him. The...
pokemon truth or dare by Burning_flames69
pokemon truth or dareby Burning_flames69
Your normal classic Pokémon TorD
Uncovering the Truth by PersonSayinStuff
Uncovering the Truthby Elemeno
An AU Pokémon fanfiction. // Contestshipping with some FourthWheelshipping (not so much in the beginning for Contest) A mysterious creature spotted at a town becomes the...
Around The World (An AmourShipping Story) by SampsonBlackley
Around The World (An SampsonBlackley
When Serena refuses Palermo's offer she is given tickets for a cruise instead. But not just any cruise, a cruise around the world! What will happen? Will love bloom? Fin...
Pokemon: Truth or Dare. by GregHeffley123
Pokemon: Truth or Silly
Y'all wanna see your favorite pokemon characters getting tortured? Well look no further than Pokemon Truth ore Dare! (Btw I don't own pokemon) ~Le Couples~ Amourship...
The Royal Journey (Rewritten) by OmMhatre8
The Royal Journey (Rewritten)by Om Mhatre
This Story Is Set When Ash Is Currently Participating In The World Championship. After Battling With The Substitute Gym Leader Of Vermilion City, Ash Gets A Call From Hi...