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|Eight Long Nights™|Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear x Chris/CC/Evan Afton by WpSapnap
|Eight Long Nights™|Nightmare x Sapnap
(Gonna be spelling mistakes- bad ones-) |My AU| Chris was living a normal life. He was above all kids in his age by being in top classes. But his life changes when he ge...
I'll Be Your Nightmare {Nightmare X Nightmare Fredbear}  by Were__Woof
I'll Be Your Nightmare { Were Woof
Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear known each other for a long time. They start to like each other. Will they be together or will "she" stop them?
The Crybaby and The Nightmare by RagenGadsby
The Crybaby and The Nightmareby Fairy Queen~
Very clean(-curse words) might not make sense, some grammar errors and probably won't go anywhere.
Days of Love- A Fangle Fanfic [Chapter 19 Done!] by BonnieFlowerfield23
Days of Love- A Fangle Fanfic [ ゚・:,。★\(^-^ )♪ ŇƗǤĦŦΜΔŘ€ βØŇ...
Foxy has been through a lot of unexpected things; and there is still more coming for him. Him and his friends' lives have been turned upside down, but Foxy doesn't know...
You'll Be Mine Sooner Or Later by SecretlyCreativeHelp
You'll Be Mine Sooner Or Laterby SecretlyCreativeHelp
Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear have been friends for a long time, and soon they both start to obtain feelings for each other. The thing is they both don't want to ruin...
Fnaf x Reader!  Request Closed by Fisharenotfood7
Fnaf x Reader! Request Closedby That one wired gamer fansty g...
Hi this is my new Fnaf book but i'm just gonna say this before anything if your gonna be rude about how i make this story then don't read this or comment please and than...
Afton family meets BNHA by Cornbreadcaity
Afton family meets BNHAby Cornbreadcaity
Did you ever wonder what would happen if the Afton family met BNHA? Well now you don't have to wonder anymore, because I'm giving it too you! Also, none of the character...
My Nightmare by Were__Woof
My Nightmareby Were Woof
Complete Nightmare has a hard time trusting people due to what has happen in his life. Soon he remeets his friends from High School and yet again gets very close to Nigh...
Nightmarionne x reader - I will stay with you. by PuppetMariMarionnete
Nightmarionne x reader - I will Mari
Nightmarionne was never nice to anyone , not even to the other nightmares , but that's about to change ! ~~~~Hope you will like it . 😊
FNAF One-shots(FOR PRACTICE!) by CrowR1
FNAF One-shots(FOR PRACTICE!)by Crow Rider
Just a bunch of one-shots to help improve my writing.Technically,it's supposed to help me improve on writing relationships between two characters. I'd appteciate feedbac...
(Human!!!) Nightmare x Nightmare fredbear! by Caroline_Castle
(Human!!!) Nightmare x Nightmare xXxNovaxXx
A Little Story about (My AU!!!!!) Nightmare animatronics. Fnaf 4 (Five Nights At Freddy's 4)
My cute little bear ( Nightmare X Nightmare fredbear) by justakid_83
My cute little bear ( Nightmare Imani Cullum
Nightmare and Fredbear have been enemies since they were old enough to talk. Nightmare is a popular kid, while Fredbears a nerd. But what happens when Nightmare begins...
FNAF - The missing Afton by DandaradeSouza6
FNAF - The missing Aftonby ༺ᴀᴜ ᴛʜɪɴɢs༻
"I'm going to find you, my Golden'll be back on my arms after so many years and i'll make sure no one Will take you away from me now" Alexander Schmi...
Golden nightmare by natalia2055
Golden nightmareby natalia2055
I seen a black hand stretched out towards me the claws long and sharp I looked up to meet two large red eyes I hesitated at the sight of an animatronic I never seen befo...
A Shadow Has Color by HavocsCreations
A Shadow Has Colorby Havoc Creation
This is a FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's) fan story. It is about the shadows of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Fazbear's Fright, Candy's Burgers and Fries (From Five Nights at C...
things i hate in afton family gachas by thewafflechild
things i hate in afton family thewafflechild
this is why i hate fnaf gacha life vids. ew i tried not to get mad while writing this but i failed so bad..
Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear  by goldenFazbearSFM
Nightmare x Nightmare Fredbear by golden FazbearSFM
In this house of horror lives Spooky Scary monster Animatronics even in this house of horror you might fine Love...these feelings came from Nightmare he acts like a gent...
The past can haunt you by Bloodmoon758
The past can haunt youby Bloodmoon758
It has been years sense... the bite... Fredbear's family dinner closed down. Leo and his family have moved to a new home not knowing it belong to the victim of the bite...