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Irina Shidou x male Reader by OblivionHero
Irina Shidou x male Readerby OblivionHero
(#1 in #Shidou 27/08/18) Because I like Irina, sue me. Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool dxd
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STITCH ME UP | | A. KNIGHT by h2oparx
STITCH ME UP | | A. KNIGHTby ✄ᴄ̶ʟ̶ᴏ̶ᴠ̶ᴇ̶ʀ̶
"I can do this" ●☆●☆●☆●☆● in which things go extremely wrong ●☆●☆●☆●☆● book three in the peach series ●☆●☆●☆●☆● cover credit to the amazing @betterdemons !!!!
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Fortnite ||Melo|| by lilshortiii
Fortnite ||Melo||by A True Crackhead 💜
A story in which two teens meet in a game.
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Philocalist • Ryden by IneffablePetrichor
Philocalist • Rydenby ° Kitten Wishes °
In which Ryan is a unsuccessful boy who works at hot topic, nothing out of the ordinary. What happens when the friendly Ryan Ross becomes friends with a mysterious custo...
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Someday In Space by dustily-euphoric
Someday In Spaceby Teya
[CAUTION: Contains spoilers for the game 'Mystic Messenger'] You have spent the past seven months catching up with your friends from the RFA... especially Seven. Somebod...
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Best books on Wattpad (EVER) by knewsome
Best books on Wattpad (EVER)by ~Mikayla~
A marvelous collection of some of the most incomparable books {now in alphabetical order} on wattpad from yours truly. Side note: Some of the stories don't have persona...
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True Happiness (Bobby x male reader) by Miss_Scrub
True Happiness (Bobby x male Stick in a Jacket
I do not own any of the art shown in this book. The cover art is by Yiynova on tumblr. So I just got into this fandom and this game, so I may get a few things wrong. If...
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fear {jd + tj } by HayleyHaystack
fear {jd + tj }by Hayley-haystack
fear. that's basically the feeling tyler gets when he's around 5 feet from josh dun, the schools punk. well, let's see how this goes.
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My Art Book by -Nightmare_Eyes-
come see and request my crappy art
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Zombie apocalypse (a yandere simulator fanfic)(Re-written) by xXBCLoveXx
Zombie apocalypse (a yandere BC
Me: don't mind me I'm just re-writing a story I wrote before I had 20 followers hehe Ok don't judge me this story sucks I know but I'm now re-writing this Ayano Aishi i...
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Life As We Know It by probablydeadokay
Life As We Know Itby Don't judge me
Dani Miller has been through a lot (but who hasn't) only to have her best friend; her saviour die. With her secrets behind closed doors, she tries not to have bad habits...
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little urie *Brendon Urie fan fiction* by dwight_k_shrute
little urie *Brendon Urie fan sIsTeR sHoOk 🙃
Its April 27, 2013. The date Sarah Orzechowski and Brendon Urie get married. What happends when Sarah wants a child? How would Brendon feel?. That child being jinxx urie...
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I Was T@gged by SPNfam101
I Was T@ggedby Cas'follower
Title says it all! I was t@gged! Enjoy little Misha on the cover!
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Wattpad rants by xXBCLoveXx
Wattpad rantsby BC
I mean no offense to any author at all
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Book of Randomness by TrashUniverse
Book of Randomnessby TrashUniverse
Just a book filled with random things that really aren't that important. This might be filled with a ton of memes.
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Somethin for a friend.. by Masky8Hoodie
Somethin for a Sarah ^u^
.:; So, i watched a few friends of mine make some characters from the bear bones of me just saying "hey, they should be Boyfriends!". Now one has basiclly been...
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The Forgotten Clans (Warrior Cats fan fiction) by LightcoreMagna
The Forgotten Clans (Warrior LightcoreMagna
This is the story of W/n (Warrior's name) a She-Cat from Thunder Clan (Sorry Guys ;-;). She doesn't know that she is going to be part of a Prophecy, which will decide h...
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The Takedown by gabrrrrrrrrrriel
The Takedownby gabrrrrrrrrrriel
Woodland-3 , a new monarchy titan, is sent on a mission to hunt down rogue guardians that planned an attack on the tower, woodland meets up with two civilians, Jersey an...
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Happy New Year (DirkJake one shot <3) by fynn_is_bi
Happy New Year (DirkJake one DADDY
New Years with Dirk and Jake. Fan girl 1: AHH ARE THEY GONNA HIT IT OFF! Fan girl 2: PLSSS TELL ME THEY DO! Author: oh my gosh. CAN YOU JUST READ TO FIND OUT! My goodnes...
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2073 by ima_poato17
2073by ima_poato17
Harper Conwel has been alone since Vincent Armin took over the world and killed her parents and almost every other family on earth. After 10 long years of running she m...
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