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A Compilation of Philippine Short Stories Written by Different Filipino Authors by jovieonni
A Compilation of Philippine Jovi
Disclaimer: I don't own any stories posted on this book. This book contains the different English short stories written by the different prominent Filipino authors. This...
Vampire Days by Tsukkibito
Vampire Daysby Tsukkibito
Genesis accidentally died an embarrassing death and woke up a vampire created on a whim. To blend in, he has to quit slacking off and enroll to college. He meets his roo...
The Tale of Aeryn Glaze by Guineminence
The Tale of Aeryn Glazeby Guinevere
In the year 2149, a hundred years later after the first great war between humans and creatures who sought to destroy humanity, new land called Erether has been founded b...
School for Good and Evil: Aisha of Bloodbrook by Sweetmint356
School for Good and Evil: Aisha Sweetmint356
The story is on the point of view of Aisha, the twin sister of Hort.
The Billion-Dollar Knight by AerithSage
The Billion-Dollar Knightby Alyssa Urbano
Ten years ago, Isobel Clayton, daughter of a US Senator, loved Alex Smith with all her heart. But she knew her father wouldn't approve of Alex for he was a nobody. Again...
sonnets from a silent heart by stella_vigo
sonnets from a silent heartby A Traveller...
A collection of sonnets. From lines about love to verses about muses and other subjects, these sonnets were penned as practice - as well as a means of expression and con...
Maybe Someday: A STEPRIL FAN FICTION by CarolineDioneCD
Maybe Someday: A STEPRIL FAN CarolineDioneCD
Sterling has two things to deal with: A lie that April chose to live, and the other one is the truth that her real mom, is Dana. Blair is helping but she's still not ove...
The Prince Is My Butler [Completed] by DonnaMae
The Prince Is My Butler [Completed]by Loca Donna
She is a respected Princess and he is the well-known town villager. She thought of him as her best friend but does he thought of her the same? she treasures him because...
The Night After Tomorrow by ShainaRoses
The Night After Tomorrowby Shaina Roses
Nakaranas na ba kayo ng feeling na nasa mismong lugar kayo pero feel nyo nangyari na dati? Ang pakiramdam na ito ay unti-unting magpapabago sa buhay ko. Isang kakaibang...
Cambiar Las Mareas: The Beginning by mjboooks
Cambiar Las Mareas: The Beginningby mj 📚
If you were given the chance to save your ancestors from ruin, will you accept it? - Jimena Baltazar, a 21st-century woman with modern ideals and values, was sent back t...
C'est La Vie by Apricity_GL
C'est La Vieby Apricity G.L
Uno and Pamela have been best friends since they were kids. Pero isang araw ay bigla na lamang naging madalang ang kanilang pagkikita. Uno found out Pamela had been hang...
Growth Pains. by thegrassandsea
Growth 🧸⃤
A compilation of words.
Absolutely Crazy by kegabriel
Absolutely Crazyby Gabriel
Completed. Jean Harris is a seventeen-year old girl who wants to make her best friend, Ronald Stark, fall in love with her. She's been in love with him for five years an...
That Girl That Summer by speckyprince
That Girl That Summerby RossEureka
"No. I'm not normal. I don't want to be normal. Normal is boring." -Brianna Villanueva That Girl, That Summer *** Kyle was looking for a place where he c...
The Old Mansion by Jayzarr
The Old Mansionby Jay Tanalgo ✧
McKenzie Brussel's parents get divorced. She and her sister McKenna was with their mom and decided to move to their grandmother's old house in South Carolina. There was...
Heiress In Disguise by hell0stranger_
Heiress In Disguiseby Lady Cat
It's Bella's 18th birthday and she just found out that she's the heiress to Soleil Group, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Her parents, Elena and John Spenc...
Our War Of Sorts by themarunator
Our War Of Sortsby Frans Maru Mendoza
Landslide by Fleetwood Mac is her favourite song. I caught her humming the song. "I took my love, I took it down Climbed a mountain and I turned around And I saw my...
Victor and the Sun Orb by BooksofAmy
Victor and the Sun Orbby Amy Nielsen
Book 1 of Victor's Adventure - 1st Place (Fantasy) - The Wildwood Awards 2020. In the magical land of Solandia, sun fairy prince, Victor, receives a curse of mortality...
Angel's Book Club (CLOSED) by Miss_Krizzy_Angel
Angel's Book Club (CLOSED)by Miss_Krizzy_Angel
() Open ( ✔ ) Close Do you want to earn more reads, votes, followers, and friends? Well, you're in the right place. Angel's Book Club is willing to help you. What are...
Silhouettes by siriusorionis
Silhouettesby Zhar
deep inside you are words unspoken