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I Love You, My Handsome Prof! by tengcee
I Love You, My Handsome Prof!by tengcee
"I Love You, My Handsome Prof" is the second series in My "I Love You Series" collections. And it will be my first time to write in the first person...
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Story (Filipino Version) by eli_there17
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Story ( Eli_there
Hi! Ako si Marlon. Taong 1997, bente singko anyos ako noon empleyado ako sa isang malaking Telecommunications Company. Wala ako'ng ibang inatupag kun'di trabaho, bahay...
Something Stupid by C_deguzman
Something Stupidby Carla de Guzman
Music producer Teddy's always been told that he's "lucky sa work, malas sa love." So when he accidentally asks Andi, the girl of his dreams, out for a dinner d...
THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU (Book #1 APSeries) by amessiworld
THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU (Book #1 mjmbiton
#1 Kilig. #1 Apostolic. Born as an illegitimate, Leviona, known as Levi, spends most of her time at courts and clubs. A lost soul finding someone to play. Until she met...
Lost because of Love by Orayt_Girl
Lost because of Loveby Jamjam
Lorraine is the most famous woman in town, she got money, face, body, people and all we can say is she is fortunate. Madaming babae ang gustong maging siya. But one day...
Omnipresent Love  by jochval
Omnipresent Love by Servant Writer
A story of a man and woman who just met only through chat and calls but they fell in love with each other. To add to that, they live very far and had a long-distance rel...
Accidentally Married A Nerd by aldrinjdelacruz
Accidentally Married A Nerdby J.
true love is selfless, it's honest, it's bold. when a couple experience true love one will sacrifice for the others gain. Both of them accept challenges with the knowled...
That Unexpected Feeling by scribbledjunkie
That Unexpected Feelingby scribbledjunkie
As friends, the history between them runs deep... Justin and Alessa have been friends since they were teenagers. But when the appearance of a former flame forces them t...
Breathe  by panthalassaph
Breathe by panthalassaph
Isa lang naman ang gusto kong mangayari e. Ang Mabuhay ng matiwasay hanggang sa kunin na ako ni Lord.
Close To You by galyoon
Close To Youby gal yoon
When Denise was allowed by her father to live a normal College Life, she started to see the life she wished to have. But the happiness she felt was short-lived, when dur...
To my Dawn in Elyu by me_topak
To my Dawn in Elyuby aphrodite
Nadi meets the city boy whom she has ghosted back in mid-2020 in Elyu at a sunrise where she found him in a drunken state as their eyes met, for he knew she looked oddly...
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Story by eli_there17
LOVE HACKS: A Retro Love Storyby Eli_there
Hi I'm Marlon. In the year 1997, I was 25 years old back then, everything seems so dull and ordinary. I was an employee of a telecommunication company that time. My lif...
The Secrets We Keep (Completed) by KNBliss
The Secrets We Keep (Completed)by ✨KN Bliss✨
Jendra's Menphis mission maybe dangerous, but her job was simple enough. Bilang si JC ay kailangan niyang makipaglapit, protektahan at iligtas mula sa lalo pang kapaham...
Is this love? by LadyYanderMay
Is this love?by Ayumi?
A group of friends that was very indidly happy but was ruin by there new friend.. they din't even notice it first.. as time goes by they still have't notice it yet until...
WORLDS COLLIDE: Dreams&Love (Mayward FanFiction) #Wattys2017 #MAYWARD by XianChrisSuarez
WORLDS COLLIDE: Dreams&Love ( XianChrisSuarez
Following the story of Edward and Maymay from "Worlds Apart". Maymay is settled in New York already attending her acting classes in Julliard. Slowly her dreams...
Against such things, there is no law  by jochval
Against such things, there is no Servant Writer
A story of a couple who came from different worlds. They do not have the same social status, ethnicity, and upbringing. It is nearly impossible for two people to fall...