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Who Moved My Mountain?! by BloomingTranslation
Who Moved My Mountain?!by BloomingTranslation
Yun Rong, the mountain demon, had slept for 2,000 years. She could only be awakened by the offering and prayers from the common people. However, one day she was rudely a...
Dark Devotion  by herinkedtales
Dark Devotion by Jasper
⚠️ 18+ [ This is Indian dark mafia romance] He want to kill her when he get to know who is she. Then he really got to know who she really his and everything changed. No...
𝔽𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 |𝐓𝐊| ✓ by autKDnim
𝔽𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖 |𝐓𝐊| ✓by loveVKoo
'I Love you Kookie' 'Love u too hyungii' ________________ 'U ARE LEAVING!' ________________ 'I don't love u anymore' 'But i still have u in my heart kookie, please give...
Fated Love || Moonsun by MissKellyZyx
Fated Love || Moonsunby Sorim
Moonbyul built feelings towards Yongsun, she confessed before her flight abroad. Ps: This story is g!p. HIGHEST RANK: #1 - ldrlove #2 - moomoo #3 - byul #3 - fatedlove ...
Oneshots x Reader  by Ishika_476
Oneshots x Reader by Archi
A collection of our Beyblade burst characters x Reader... Accept requests as well as my imagination...
The Experimental Mate (Work in progress/unedited) by TessMarie05
The Experimental Mate (Work in pro...by Tess Thomason
Tori Thomason grew up in a secretive facility in the Fertile Moon Pack. This pack has all the strongest warriors, betas, deltas, and pups in the world. They are only sec...
Never Again by Allioune24
Never Againby Allioune24
He was an enigma, an alpha of his caliber, cursed to live a lonely life until his death, and felt warmed by a child he met in the middle of the war. Cursed to lose every...
CEO's  Substitute  Bride by Delanterone
CEO's Substitute Brideby the wanted one
Due to family pressure, Paige, a seemingly dumb and unattractive girl, was forced to marry a cripple and impotent man. Her own mother pushed her into the trap of a devil...
Yakshagni - An odyssey of unbroken devotion - II by VijiStories
Yakshagni - An odyssey of unbroken...by Viji
A love that is an odyssey through Time is destined by the Moon, written on the stars, and blessed by the lands of inexplicable powers. The journey of the soul-mates tak...
The Dragon king's Mate by 0kpa001
The Dragon king's Mateby Blessing_O
Hazel Accidentally finds a portal that leads to another world and steps through without looking back hoping that life in another realm will be better than what she had i...
Lover Fated by Anhthegreat
Lover Fatedby Anhthegreat
Freya lives in a place where vampires rule. Girls are separated from their parents and kept in orphanages until they are 18 and then they are sold as slaves. She has no...
My Fated Love [KongArthit] by BlackRose024845
My Fated Love [KongArthit]by Black Rose
Kong and Arthit found their mates at the age of 4 and 6, they were made for each other. They had everything they could ask for; the brains, money , supportive parents an...
The Last Moonwolf by kiara_vr
The Last Moonwolfby Kiara_vr
A wolf that had no wolf and did not know she was a wolf lived in a wolf pack, oblivious to the wolves around her. Growing up all Ashley knew about werewolves was from th...
ARES by illicitable
Every God and Goddess was given a fated love to cherish forever and ever. Once they found them they would love them and never let them go. Ares, the God of War, gave up...
Free Will (GXG) (Lesbian story) (fantasy) by Adedi_14
Free Will (GXG) (Lesbian story) (f...by Adedi 14
"You're leaving?...", Lorelei says. "'You want me to stay the night?... Because I really want to" "Don't leave me here, there's enough room for...
captivating | pcy. by glossranda
captivating | pcy.by glossranda
❝you look like an angel.❞ ❝and what if i actually am one?❞ what happens when kim yejun enters the dreadful life of park chaeyoung, who has long lost someone she consid...
INEVITABLE [Destined With You, Kdrama Short Story Book] by sumi96
INEVITABLE [Destined With You, Kdr...by Sumi:)
A collection of short stories, OS, of our beloved Love Spell Couple.
The Journey Forward | ONC 2023 Version by DCVbookfan
The Journey Forward | ONC 2023 Ver...by DCV
Waking up in a different body was just the beginning. Dr. Baiyu Tang didn't expect to die, but Xiang Bai sought it. Somehow, their soul's crossed, and Dr. Tang woke up...
Hope, What a Fucking Bitch! by Lucifille_Grey_123
Hope, What a Fucking Bitch!by Rose Love
Upon moving to a school in a seemingly remote city, Anne or so she is called becomes friends, or is practically forced to be friends with, the school's popular "gro...
1*8=love by hobbywriter017
1*8=loveby hobbywriter017
I am in college right now so this will be in hiatus for the foreseeable future. Sorry Lilly I went from a nobody to the center of their worlds. We are connected by fate...