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~More Than Friends~ (Fantube-High School AU)  by AverageOscFan
~More Than Friends~ ( TVBOSFAN
Two smart best friends start high school, and they didn't know anyone there besides each other, the more they hanged out, the more Fan Started falling for her, but Test...
Case 34 by tazaroni_
Case 34by tazaroni
How far would you go to do it for Science? This story contains Violence, Gore, Offensive Langauge, and other themes that may contain sensitive content. Book cover artwor...
ii chatfic by Season3ofii
ii chatficby Waffledoge
Just your average Inanimate Insanity chatfic with a bit of Payjay, Silvercandle, Lightbrush and whatever Pickle x Knife is called :)
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush Fanfiction by XxCrystal_SkyxX
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush XxCrystal_SkyxX
TW// This fic includes topics of Gender Dysphoria and Depression. Reader discretion is advised Paintbrush is a 16 year old dropout music artist with a dream to become ma...
Inanimate Insanity Ronpa! by pastatownlinguine
Inanimate Insanity Ronpa!by pastatownlinguine
Paintbrush wakes up in a strange place with 15 other students, and is told that they are participating in a killing game. Will Paintbrush be able to find the mastermind...
Totally NOT In love. (Comedy gold/Tropheesy) by leolovesbugbo
Totally NOT In love. (Comedy dead /j
Trophy. The hot-headed jock of inanimate insanity. He doesn't care for anybody but himself. It can get a little lonely being the most arrogant contestant in inanimate in...
Charge between us (FANTUBE YEAHAHHA) by numspac3d
Charge between us (FANTUBE Num
A fantube book? YESSIRR Fan and test tube work together whether it's testy's experiments or fans social work. As test tube tries to wrap her head around how a person emo...
fantube book!! ♡ by agnygrl
fantube book!! ♡by alice
hehehe i looooovvvveee fantube!! MOSTLY SMUT LOLLL
Oneshot Per Day by _The_Nikkie_
Oneshot Per Dayby _The_Nikkie_
A one shot a day keeps writers block away! This book will be filled with weird shit and fluff and angst and pure CrAcK. Some of your favorite ships and others that you d...
Mischievous Function by Silverlyte
Mischievous Functionby Silverlyte
B.F.D. High and I. High decide to take a winter vacation together at a resort near Yoyle Mountain. What kinds of chaos and mischief will they get up to at this social fu...
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Story) by Totalanimefangirl100
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Aleah_Bfb
(Photo credit to B1rdBra1ned) With lightbulb back, Painty's been having some strange feelings. And apparently, so is lightbulb. Is something wrong with her? She been so...
BFDI AND II ONESHOT BOOK! by MultiFandomWriter775
A series of Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island Oneshot ships! Some of those including... - Flower x Lollipop - 4X - Leafy x Firey - Coiny x Pin - Golfball...
~Nuclear Family~ by Test_Tube_Kinnie
~Nuclear Family~by ~ Jacob Matthew ~
Test Tube and Fan are now married. So, they're legally the parents of Bot and the Shimmer Egg they adopted. That's all you need to know.
~A Nerdy Couple~ by Test_Tube_Kinnie
~A Nerdy Couple~by ~ Jacob Matthew ~
Takes place after they had a sleepover night
Just some inanimate insanity oneshots :) More info on the first chp Requests Open!! ✨ :D
Hotel OJ: Behind The Scenes by Namiii2x3
Hotel OJ: Behind The Scenesby Nami 🦋👾🎟️
Hotel OJ, OJ's hotel. Usually it'd just be the usual chaos, 'messes in the kitchen' and such. It's not that different with the new faces around from season two. Although...
Camp Murder (Inanimate Insanity) by historypigeon
Camp Murder (Inanimate Insanity)by Gen
Fan is ecstatic to join the new season of Inanimate Insanity. He's intrigued and a little starstruck, to say the least. Just as things begin to settle and friendships (...
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Fic by siamranav
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Ficby 🐝vee the bee🐝
"your laugh, a motif in my soundtrack of life for even a chuckle has my heart in joyous strife" Microphone is trying to write a story for a friend, a little in...
Chemistry Lessons ~  A Fantube Fanfic ♡ by bossybotlosers
Chemistry Lessons ~ A Fantube BossyBotLosers 😎
Recently after the events of Inanimate Insanity, everyone has been living their best life at Hotel OJ. Though recently things have been changing up for Fan and Test Tube...
Inanimate Insanity Oneshots by pridefuldusty_
Inanimate Insanity Oneshotsby Moxxie
You all can comment ship recommendations in the comments! Note: for all of the oneshots that feature paintbrush, paintbrush's pronouns will be they/them, due to them bei...