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Witchcraft 101: Magick & The Basics by City_Of_Lies
Witchcraft 101: Magick & The Basicsby Sage Ivera
A collection of information, spells, and other essential topics you need to know before diving into the life of a Witch. This is a serious book only intended for those...
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Witchcraft 101 | All You Need To Know by _ElizabethNicole_
Witchcraft 101 | All You Need To _ElizabethNicole_
In this book holds many things and facts you need to know to start your journey. While writing this book, I will be learning along with you. Things included in th...
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Final Night by dragonstar123
Final Nightby Amanda Marie
Morgan Steel is your average american twenty something, until one night changes everything. She catches the interest of an evil king from another dimension, and his enem...
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Vortex (The Mark Series Book 1) by Foster_Fran
Vortex (The Mark Series Book 1)by Fran Foster
Thera is different. She has the strength of ten grown men and is capable of out-running a speeding bullet. But when Thera finds there are others of her kind who call the...
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Descendant of Merlin Book 2: Darkness and Desire (Severus Snape) by bealadantra95
Descendant of Merlin Book 2: Jamie
Book 2 of the Descendant of Merlin series. Summer before seventh year is well underway, and Isabella is learning there is much more to the potions master than she reali...
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The Demon and the Elf by ChocolateAndT
The Demon and the Elfby Choco
[mlm] The lonely Elf had waited many years to meet his bonded mate, but reality is harsher than he would like when he finds out his mate is not only a Demon, but the Dem...
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Snowbaz by charlietaylor101
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Hannah
Eight weeks into their Eighth year, Baz finally arrives at school, ready to stun Snow with his arrival and then hopefully spend the rest of his school year hanging on to...
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✨Summer | Mythical Journal 3 ✨ by pinkxstarlight
✨Summer | Mythical Journal 3 ✨by 👑Karina👑
"Do you really think that magic real?" "The answer is yes. I believe it is." ◇Third book of the mythical journal of Karina Aryne ◇Nonfiction
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Shadow of the Beast (Twisted Dark #2) by AMLKoski
Shadow of the Beast (Twisted Anna Koski
~~~ Twisted Dark, Book II ~~~ Violet has never belonged to herself. She has been under the thumb of a cruel Elder Witch named Irma since before she could remem...
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The Art Of Magick  by mangos10118
The Art Of Magick by Мσσи Cнιℓd
➰CONTAINS REAL WITCHCRAFT AND MAGICK➰ So you want to be a witch huh? {sort of my own digital Book Of Shadows}
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Introduction To WitchCraft by WitchCraft-Cali
Introduction To WitchCraftby ~The Hedge Witch~
Many people don't know the difference between magic and magick. Before you begin to read my introduction to witchcraft, please allow me to tell you the difference betwee...
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Star Wars: The Prodigal Son by cc-riley
Star Wars: The Prodigal Sonby --
29 years ago, a year after the birth of Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker had a son with an unknown female who went on to die after the boy's birth. Atlas Skywalker adored his fa...
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Shadows (The Mark Series Book 2) by Foster_Fran
Shadows (The Mark Series Book 2)by Fran Foster
With Leo on the run, it's up to Thera and her friends to find him. A mysterious book and a trail of missing kids seems to point the way to Leo's plans, but what happens...
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The Unseen ✔(Completed) by DarkMagicalBeauty
The Unseen ✔(Completed)by DarkMagicalBeauty
[Highest Rank #64] When she was 8 years old Ivory's father was murdered. That's when her world ended. 10 years later, just when she was on the brink of graduating and le...
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Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Dark #3) by AMLKoski
Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Anna Koski
Lacey wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was...
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The Half Blood Wolf (Lupus Antiqua Series Book #1) by AnnaGustic
The Half Blood Wolf (Lupus AnnaGustic
Moving out of the city was not her idea. Moving to the middle of nowhere in a foreign country was definitely not her idea, and leaving everything she knows and loves beh...
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Witchcraft Pt 2  by cosmoswitchyvibes
Witchcraft Pt 2 by cosmoswitchyvibes
A continuation of my first witchcraft book called "Witchcraft". [I WILL NOT BE TAKING REQUESTS FOR CHAPTERS IN THIS BOOK. IF YOU ASK FOR A CHAPTER I WILL IGNO...
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Magick Basics by timegirl6176
Magick Basicsby stacey emory
Everything you would want to know and learn all in one book.
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A Guide to Witchcraft by soybeannns
A Guide to Witchcraftby Zamora Decésare
This guide covers the basics of witchcraft: practices, rituals, beliefs, magic, items. It is mostly directed toward beginners but anyone can benefit from it. Everything...
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Wiccan Witch Spells Only by BumbleBeeBabies16
Wiccan Witch Spells Onlyby Missy May
I've read so many books on spells, witchcraft, black/ white witchcraft..etc. I know it can be annoying when the time comes, and you really need that certain spell of you...
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