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Book of Spells  by moonlightangelxx
Book of Spells by 💖Ophelia💖
This book will be filled with tons of real and accurate spells that I've found, been given, or wrote myself. I only share spells that actually work, so no need to worry...
  • magic
  • werewolves
  • paranormal
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Witches' Grimoire  by wolfbit1232
Witches' Grimoire by wolfbit1232
This will have basics spells, etc. on what ever beginning witch needs to know. The information within this book is collage from books to websites that explain the best o...
  • runes
  • witch
  • fairy
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The Cat That Reincarnated Into A Villainess (discontinued) by CatOnBlueMoon
The Cat That Reincarnated Into A CatOnBlueMoon
She is a cat. She does not have a name, and she is the boss of her territory. Life was fine, until a certain truck~san ruined it. She reincarnated into an otome game, wh...
  • magic
  • neko
  • reincarnated
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Vortex (The Mark Series Book 1) by ArtsyB
Vortex (The Mark Series Book 1)by ArtsyB
Thera is different. She has the strength of ten grown men and is capable of out-running a speeding bullet. But when Thera finds there are others of her kind who call the...
  • adventure
  • superpowers
  • supernatural
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Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Dark #3) by AMLKoski
Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Anna Koski
Lacey wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was...
  • novella
  • betrayal
  • witches
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Opia by onederstruck-
Opiaby Sara
• FEATURED BY WATTPAD • • #1 IN VAMPIRE TWICE • • WILL BE REMOVED MAY 22 • Opia (n). the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneo...
  • hybrid
  • witches
  • romance
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Shadow of the Beast (Twisted Dark #2) by AMLKoski
Shadow of the Beast (Twisted Anna Koski
~~~ Twisted Dark, Book II ~~~ Violet has never belonged to herself. She has been under the thumb of a cruel Elder Witch named Irma since before she could remem...
  • supernatural
  • amlkoski
  • witch
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King Arthur (2017 Legend of the Sword OC Fanfic)  by SurvivingBeingaTeen
King Arthur (2017 Legend of the Surviving
The new King has been crowned and is now peacefully running the kingdom. The city of Camelot is thriving under the new rule and many are beginning to wonder when the Kin...
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • magick
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Witchcraft 101 | All You Need To Know by _ElizabethNicole_
Witchcraft 101 | All You Need To _ElizabethNicole_
In this book holds many things and facts you need to know to start your journey. While writing this book, I will be learning along with you. Things included in th...
  • pagan
  • wiccan
  • magic
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Book Of Shadows by _angel_krystal
Book Of Shadowsby Krystal
My book of shadows. This is in no way complete as I am always learning new things about myself and about those around me.
  • magick
  • non-fiction
  • witch
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Witchcraft  by cosmoswitchyvibes
Witchcraft by Ash
Welcome witches! 🔮 ✨ This is basically an online book of shadows. It has a lot of stuff for witches. Like ideas for supplies, ingredients, elements represented, tips...
  • cosmoswitchyvibes
  • witch
  • wiccan
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Descendant of Merlin Book 2: Darkness and Desire (Severus Snape) by bealadantra95
Descendant of Merlin Book 2: Jamie
Book 2 of the Descendant of Merlin series. Summer before seventh year is well underway, and Isabella is learning there is much more to the potions master than she reali...
  • romance
  • magic
  • harry
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BOOK OF SPELLS (Traditional Witchcraft)  by 00zen00
BOOK OF SPELLS (Traditional zen
Magick comes from all over the globe. There is not a culture or people that did not at one time possess a magickal tradition. And many cultures still have an active...
  • spells
  • magick
  • occult
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Hell's Glitch (initial draft) by BelartWright
Hell's Glitch (initial draft)by BelartWright
A NaNoWriMo LitRPG starring a videogame QA tester named Sam Nagai. Sam thought testing videogames would be a dream job until he got saddled with a ton of...
  • vr
  • litrpg
  • virtual
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Shadows (The Mark Series Book 2) by ArtsyB
Shadows (The Mark Series Book 2)by ArtsyB
With Leo on the run, it's up to Thera and her friends to find him. A mysterious book and a trail of missing kids seems to point the way to Leo's plans, but what happens...
  • shadows
  • thera
  • supernatural
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Magic For A Vampire [One Shot] [Boyxboy] by vampirepixiexx
Magic For A Vampire [One Shot] [ Kyrah
**Based on one of Instagram posts/pictures that gave me some inspiration.** Vincentius has only been coming to Tristan's tattoo shop for a few weeks but ever since he's...
  • blood
  • erotic
  • maturethemes
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Book of Spells by MidnightShadows333
Book of Spellsby MidnightShadows333
Book of spells. This IS real. If you don't believe in this stuff then don't read this book. We will try to update every week
  • magick
  • random
  • wiccan
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The Demon in My Room by trapmulan
The Demon in My Roomby trapmulan
I didn't believe in or understand my grandmother and her spiritual magical bullshit... until I upset one demon in particular.
  • magic
  • lilpump
  • fiction
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Mermaid Spell Book by thatlittlefish
Mermaid Spell Bookby thatlittlefish
So you want to become a mermaid? Keep on reading! In this book are mermaid spells! Hopefully they work for you. Spells are like chants and they can include powerful mag...
  • spells
  • spell
  • fish
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Beginner's Guide To Witchcraft  by cosmoswitchyvibes
Beginner's Guide To Witchcraft by Ash
Welcome Beginner Witches ✨ This book is all about starting off with witchcraft. It's a guide designed to help you on your path. If your starting to get interested in wi...
  • bookofshadows
  • wicca
  • craft
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