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Broken Glass by NeverEnoughPayne
Broken Glassby Falice
{Completed} Now adults the original core four find their friendship group back at works after their departure from high school years ago. They are all pulled together b...
Just Friends  by Celine_CooperJones
Just Friends by Celine_CooperJones
Summer of 1991; a time full of laughter, memories, and love. Nights filled with parties, sex, and pivotal summer experiences. A time when two best friends realize that m...
Bughead: supernatural  by bugheadisthebest197
Bughead: supernatural by bugheadisthebest197
Riverdale is crawling with supernatural creatures. Toni and jughead are upset because they haven't met their mate what happens when their mates come to town. Will the ca...
Lips  by angelmadchen
Lips by Hannah Morales
A 3 part story between Skeet Ulrich and Mädchen Amick - ALSO OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K VIEWS ♥️
Falice forever  by Falice_stories
Falice forever by Gaby
Alice leaves Hal for FP and everything seems to be perfect. Or is it just an illusion ?
I'm never gonna give up on you. by SerpentAlice
I'm never gonna give up on you.by SerpentAlice
Alice's return from the Farm wasn't easy for her and FP. Several things about their past should have been discussed a long time ago. Both FP and Alice were afraid they m...
falice oneshots by mollylouise3820
falice oneshotsby falicesangel
a few falice oneshots - comment some ideas that you'd like to read 💕
The Forgotten Blossom | A Riverdale Story by ch3rylbl0ss0m
The Forgotten Blossom | A Riverdal...by ch3rylbl0ss0m
Cheryl finds out more dark secrets about her family when her little sister Claire Blossom returns to Riverdale. Hermione and Fred revisit past feelings, Fp helps Alice r...
A Touch Deep Inside by SerpentsOfJones
A Touch Deep Insideby Alice & FP Jones 🐍
Alice seeks refuge from the Serpent King himself after an ugly ending to her marriage of twenty-five years.
Trapped in time by rhea_fearing
Trapped in timeby rhea_fearing
Harry knew he could loose him not yet. With out thinking he quickly made eye contact with Draco. Draco knew as soon as he caught Harry's eye what was about to happen. He...
Falice One Shots 2 by falice4good
Falice One Shots 2by falice4good
I just made this other book as a continuation for the last one because it reached the maximum number of chapters. Hope you like it!💞
DESPERADO | SWEET PEA [2] by arios2004
Izzy Blake had gone through it all; She lost her whole family at eight years old on her birthday, she was forced into foster care, got shot twice, she was placed in jail...
Two Pink Lines  by Celine_CooperJones
Two Pink Lines by Celine_CooperJones
When she found out she was pregnant again, Alice vowed that this time, FP would know about their baby and be there for it all. The kids however? They don't need to know...
barchie: the next chapter by gabbypresIey
barchie: the next chapterby barchiesfreddie
betty & archie's long journey together as adults. (takes place right after 5x08)
Falice 2 by NeverEnoughPayne
Falice 2by Falice
| Falice Oneshots | This is a continuation of my other oneshot book. Feel free to comment your thoughts or any requests.
Living Next Door To Alice by falicewins
Living Next Door To Aliceby nouk
After her divorce, Alice moves to a small town called Riverdale. She meet her neighbors Fred Andrews and FP Jones and will come to learn that she would make friends for...
Falice One Shots by StrangerWithAPen
Falice One Shotsby StrangerWithAPen
One Shots about Alice Cooper/ Smith and FP Jones because they are just perfect ♥ And my heart can't handle this, they are so cute, I'm going to die! Hope you enjoy this...
The Serpent of Love by Rivernugget
The Serpent of Loveby 🍀rivernugget🍀
On their 15th summer, Betty and Jughead decide to take the 'best friend' status to another level. The two fall in love and Betty is forced to move to the other end of th...
diffrent falice stories because I can