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Everything Wrong With StarlightNArmy's FFs by coconutlookinseashit
Everything Wrong With only dylan wang
Everything Wrong With StarlightNArmy's FFs
  • truefacts
  • nohate
  • starlightnarmy
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Scorpios by GottaLoveRossLynch
Scorpiosby Tea 💯
All about scorpios,the most powerful zodiac sign. P.S. I'm a scorpio as well Hope you enjoy! #GottaLoveRossLynch
  • skorpion
  • facts
  • scorpio
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The Life Of An INFJ by IThinkInBlack
The Life Of An INFJby Anu
"Life is fucking hard when you're half child, half ancient"
  • infj
  • hatemornings
  • introvert
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Random Facts You Want to Tell Immediately 🚨 by _kurochan
Random Facts You Want to Tell `KURO•
Random facts that I bet you don't even know. Updated daily. Highest Ranking : 118 in Non-Fiction (p/s) : None of these facts are mine. I just read it on the internet and...
  • factsoftheday
  • interestingfacts
  • scientificfacts
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Why Severus Snape Is Not A Hero by thehalfbloodbitch
Why Severus Snape Is Not A Heroby NOT A HERO
❧ in which we explain that severus snape is not a hero
  • hatesnape
  • snapesucks
  • truefacts
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VOICE YOUR WORDS | ✔ by OneIndianWriter
【U N E D I T E D】 "INDIA", the country rich in culture, best example of unity in diversity, one of the developing countries.... While all these things are righ...
  • wattpadindia
  • india
  • truth
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PHILOSOPHY by soundedlikecrap
PHILOSOPHYby ~d a l a i r~
~Philosophy~ The topic which is so deep that its difficult for most of us to understand it. - This book does the work for all of you. - Simple paragraphs to define vario...
  • general
  • wttys
  • philosophyofworld
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The Life of Johnny Depp by NoOneSpecial16
The Life of Johnny Deppby Juliana Becnel
I just wanted to acknowledge my favorite actor ever: Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp played in so many of your favorite movies and you probably don't even know it. If you love...
  • truefacts
  • depp
  • johnnydeppislife
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Random Road | Completed ✔ by TheNerdicorn_07
Random Road | Completed ✔by Janna Dela Torre
Published: 06//12//2017 June 12, 2017 (Read author's note for info) Highest Ranking: #551 in Random 09//09//2017 September 9, 2017
  • randomroad
  • truefacts
  • teenagerposts
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||Gruesome          Facts|| by BlessedAsf
||Gruesome Facts||by Aisha...
Hiyya, It's Meee! This Book Will Be Full Of Creepy? Unusual! Gruesome Facts! I Suck At Descriptions lol! These facts are NOT Mine! Please Give It A Try! Thank You!
  • yuck
  • ghoulish
  • blessedasf
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Creepy but True Facts by GlitchsInsanity
Creepy but True Factsby GlitchsInsanity
these are true facts but are creepy so enjoy
  • horror
  • scary
  • creepytruefacts
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Supernatural True Facts by awesomeSPNfan
Supernatural True Factsby Supernatural_fan213
An OCD driven book that categorizes and alphabetizes all the true facts from @thesamwinchester on Instagram.
  • supernatural
  • truefacts
Random Facts I Found by sidney_triestodraw
Random Facts I Foundby OneMemeyBoi_21
Just facts #4 in cool facts
  • true
  • science
  • truefacts
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The codes of fangirling/boying by KikyoIhate
The codes of fangirling/boyingby KikyoIhate
This book contains tip, tricks, codes, and a small pledge I may or may not of made up on the fly.
  • fangirl
  • fanboy
  • truefacts
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A poem for society. by roxie_nixie_zombie
A poem for roxie_nixie_zombie
A poem I wrote for today's society. It conveys the dark emotions I felt once upon a time.
  • truefacts
  • society
  • darkness
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Fun Facts by LemondropBooks
Fun Factsby Padmé Amidala
Things that EVERYONE should know~
  • random
  • awesomethings
  • truefacts
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All about Me  by MrsAnime_FanGirl
All about Me by MrsAnime_FanGirl
My Name is Alyssa Vivian Patterson and this is a book of facts about me
  • truefacts
  • real
  • biobook
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Panophobia by Pho3nix2006
Panophobiaby Pho3nix2006
Xenophobia, Welcome To Wonderland, Monophobia and Capgras Syndrome can be found here, along with new additional stories. *Note*Stories will gradually be added
  • mentalillness
  • trustissues
  • family
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Diary of a Hated Wattpader by Greedlerbot
Diary of a Hated Wattpaderby Kim
true things about me
  • truefacts
Incredible Facts About Legos by HarryTheTriceratops
Incredible Facts About Legosby Harry the Triceratops
True facts about eating legos
  • truefacts
  • legoeater
  • eatinglegos
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