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Archeologist Deku by The_Nocturnal_Raven
Archeologist Dekuby Noctis Corvus
Barred from being a hero, he decides to do the next best thing: Rediscover knowledge from the past, lost during the War of Quirks. However, his first investigation leads...
The Last Survivor: Neir: Automata X reader by GASTLY42957
The Last Survivor: Neir: Automata...by Rhogar
*static before a prerecorded message start* "Is this thing on?" *background noises* "Alright. My name is Y/n L/n, the last human left alive...I think. The...
Never by thatlroblem
Neverby thatlroblem
This is my first story I would love feedback and anything that I could fix Jace was young when his parents were killed, only 6 years old. He was put into an orphanage w...
Depths Of Silver - A Subnautica AU by Cyan_Your_Narrator
Depths Of Silver - A Subnautica AUby Cyan Your Narrator
4 Alterra explorers, Ryley Robinson, Robin Ayou, Paul Kelso and Braylin Fields are travelling to 4546B on a research mission, but things may not go to plan... This conta...
The Guardians' Fate: Book One (On Hold) by neomem
The Guardians' Fate: Book One (On...by Neomem
When Kyle realises his nightmare was actually a memory, he is thrown into a hidden world where a millennia old war between creatures of magic and humans threatens the su...
Essences: Rise of Providence by ShadowHex99
Essences: Rise of Providenceby Noah
Braylin and Noah are just normal kids living their lives, until one day when they find an escaped reality-control experiment named Providence, who bestows them with incr...
Below 20 Fathoms by MotherMonster310
Below 20 Fathomsby M D
From the dying days of WW II, an incomprehensibly horrific nightmare is unleashed into the world which will test the fate, courage and resilience of two lost souls to t...
Quantum #ABA2018 #LN by Aventadoodlez
Quantum #ABA2018 #LNby Aventa | Art Commissions OPEN!
". . . it is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both . . ." That was what Machiavelli said in his book 600 years ago. My doctor always told me...
Bread Basket by JJMarmite
Bread Basketby JJMarmite
War for fun! War for profit! War for the tangible benefits and flexible pay scheme! Given the limited career options available to me back in the people-choked hellhole t...