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Trust ¦| [KAIHUN]✓[COMPLETED] by shxnwu
Trust ¦| [KAIHUN]✓[COMPLETED]by world ♡
[OH SEHUN] A full-time photographer which has a peaceful and calm life just by doing what he loves. But things change completely when he suddenly bumps into a mysteriou...
Sehun Fluffs by CherylStylesss
Sehun Fluffsby CherylK
100% original so please don't steal unless given permission ^
Desideratum ❦ Sehun  by ButterflyGirl__
Desideratum ❦ Sehun by ^ω^
❝ Continue smiling by my side just like this moment, Longer than tomorrow, farther than eternity, I love you. ❞ [Previously known as 'One Last Night'] (ArrangedMarriage...
Oppa by Blu3_moon
Oppaby Blu3_moon
short stories of our favorite Oppas.😘
Fate ¦| [KAIHUN] by shxnwu
Fate ¦| [KAIHUN]by world ♡
[SEHUN] ▶A single parent who raises his own son all by himself. Nothing is important more than his son and he has been going through a lot, for him. Meeting him is just...
My English Teacher (END)  by gloryouskkam
My English Teacher (END) by Gloryous Kkam
just about my English teacher
Notes || Taekook [completed] by itsmxv9
Notes || Taekook [completed]by itsmxv9
Taehyung grabbed the younger by the wrist stopping him from running away for the second time. "Just answer me...is it really you?" Taehyung asked the younger w...
EXO {book of smuts} by exooats
EXO {book of smuts}by _ody
18+ book of smuts for Kai, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Xiumin, Suho, Chen, Kyungsoo and Lay. requests are open!
My Husband (END)  by gloryouskkam
My Husband (END) by Gloryous Kkam
perjuangan dan kisah cinta oh sehun dan Kim jongin
Sekai (One-Shots) by Prisxnini
Sekai (One-Shots)by prisxnini
A collection of Sekai/Kaihun one-shots because I miss them. (Every chapter is written by myself) Requests are open!📬❤️
Mafia in Love by Prisxnini
Mafia in Loveby prisxnini
Kai the mafia fall in love with an ordinary college boy at first sight. 15.10.2020 ~ 5.11.2020 - #1 on Sekai 🥺
OH SEHUN : The bold. The fierce. The youngest of his team. One of the famous detective of Seoul. People say he's cold hearted and emotionless. But is he really??? Y/N :...
In love with the jerk?! // Sehun by Monikeu
In love with the jerk?! // Sehunby Monique
There is your best friend, there is the jerk and ... there is the dare. The dare. What if it overturns? But, before that could happen, you will have to be ... In l...
One Pure Heart...  by FightersWriters
One Pure Heart... by Fighterswriters
I was on the verge of death, before I met him..... A beautiful fictional Vampire love story where a pure heart meets her match in this world full of evil. #love #vampi...
WHAT IF by MegMendez
When the lights are softly gleaming I'm finally yours and yours alone And I see the way you see me Like no one's ever seen me before Is it just because they were too com...
Collision - That I Don't Mind {A Chanhun Novel} by insane_for_exo
Collision - That I Don't Mind {A C...by phoenix
This story is truly MY imagination. Cover credit to creator , I just downloaded through google . Use of vulgar language. Story happens where there were four categories i...
Cʟᴏsᴇᴅ Lᴏᴏᴘ ( Completed ✔) by xxsmallbyungxx
Cʟᴏsᴇᴅ Lᴏᴏᴘ ( Completed ✔)by Small Byung
You: And I hate you for making my life difficult. Sehun: Love and hate are divided by a thin line. You won't even realize when did you cross it already ~~~~~~\\\\\\\\~~~...
[Sehun-Exo] "Trouble" (18+) by popsoel
[Sehun-Exo] "Trouble" (18+)by EM 🦋
Sehun is your boyfriend, but him having a vacation from work has him paying less attention to you. Things change when Taeyong (nct) comes back into your life. -Hope you...
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Sehun my husband by xograysondolan
Sehun my husbandby grayson loverrrr
Life with Sehun as your husband.You suffered alittle at the beginning.What happens in the end? Staring You,Sehun,Taeyeon and Sungyeol❤ HAVE FUN READING!Please vote
B.L.I.N.D | O.S.H+ P.C.R (Malay Fanfic) (COMPLETE) by OhJihunnie
B.L.I.N.D | O.S.H+ P.C.R (Malay Fa...by OhJihunnie
Cast: APink Chorong Exo Sehun Akibat kemalangan yang tidak diingini, satu keupayaan untuk Chorong hilang dalam sekelip mata. Hidupnya dilalui dengan kegela...