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Sex, Secrets and Submission by IslandSenorita
Sex, Secrets and Submissionby Tonii
An anthology of short erotic stories.
He's CRAZY & SELFISH. by slillyboysgrfg
This story is about how a female finds her self going to a party with her friend who sets her up with another guy who seems to be a leader...of what doe? He get anythin...
Sex adict/pt.1 by thebaddesbitchhh
Sex adict/pt.1by Analia Cazares
TW/sex:)/ This is about a couple and all the places they have had sex
The Devil of Pleasure  by ElizabethHarmony
The Devil of Pleasure by Elizabeth Harmony
A young woman finds herself in a fatal encounter that just so happens to be a devil, however he is a devil of love and pleasure. She must make her way through the journe...
The Devil Is My Baby daddy..... shit by Daydreams_nightmare
The Devil Is My Baby daddy..... Suzanna Hope
If you read most of my books you know where this is going I don't own these people these are real people who own themselves but the story line is all mine Welcome into...
The Truth of The Dare by blueberrrryyyy
The Truth of The Dareby blueberrrryyyy
His warm hand stroked the back of my neck, making shivers dance up my spine. I look into his deep eyes. Who knew that a dare could turn into something so serious, so ama...
One email away by levdenisseee23
One email awayby levdenisseee23
It all started from an anonymous email
Colby's Sex Slave (A Colby Brock Smut)  by colbysfuckingkinks
Colby's Sex Slave (A Colby Brock CoLbY iS a DaDdY
(THIS STORY IS FINISHED) Your 20 years old and you just moved to L.A. You were in a abusive relationship before. You moved to start over and get away from that life. Yo...
He's mine by xxqueenwritesxx
He's mineby Queen
As Harry and his friends go into their finally year, Draco can't stand the sight of Harry and Ginny dating. Draco loves Harry and after being enemies for so long he just...
My Little slave  by riyah12321
My Little slave by Dirtymind
Dipper saves his family by making a deal with bill but had no clue what he got into for the rest of his life. This is my first writing so...
The true Love by Shakira988140
The true Loveby NatashaMaximoff1234
⚠️ spicy ⚠️ Y/n, Wanda and Natasha accidentally fall in love with each other. But who will they all choose to stay with? What will happen in the future.... with the...
Fifty Shades Of Grey by whotfiselle-
Fifty Shades Of Greyby no
a doah recreation of the popular film "Fifty Shades Of Grey." i watched this a while ago and i loved it. so i thought you know what, i'm gonna remake this. si...
Levi X Even 2 by Yaoi_Craver
Levi X Even 2by Yaoi craverrrrrr
please read the first book one this before you read this one thanks you. But please enjoy dis This is also completely made up, this is nothing like the real TV show, it'...
Mattia's Mafia by wtfnjboys
Mattia's Mafiaby wtfnjboys
y/n is 17 and is sold for moneys by her dad lets see what happens KEEP READING TO FIND OUT
50 Shades Of Lyon. by Karasaekano
50 Shades Of ༒༒𝕆ℝ𝕀𝔾𝕀ℕ༒༒
Cookie/lucious fanfic Lucious dwayne lyon is a ceo of lyon industries, very civilized and likes things a certain way. A woman named Cookoe goes into his office to survey...
Be Mine [ Completed ] by Jeon_Ayesha_
Be Mine [ Completed ]by Jk Queen
+18 JK ff ඔන්න මේක ඉල්ලපු හැමෝගෙම ඉල්ලීම ඉෂ්ටකරා. ඉස්සලාම කියන්න ඕන මේක මම ලියපු එකක් නෙවෙයි. never mind කියවපු අය දන්නවා ඇති Park Cha Nu කියලා කෙනෙක් හිටියා ඒකෙ. ඉතින්...
Oh baby// Noah Centineo  by TragicallyInsane-
Oh baby// Noah Centineo by M I R A N D A
"Hey sexy, this is 1-800-HoeTime, How can I help you," I purr into the phone. "Hmm... I'm sure theres a lot of things you could help me with," a hus...
GxG One Shot Story by Samantha_Yen
GxG One Shot Storyby Samantha Yen
📎Not suitable for young readers 📎Read at your own risk 📎R18+ 📎Plagiarism is a crime 📎The names, events, and settings of the story are just from the author's imagina...