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INCUBUS KING *Editing* by Angelglory1
INCUBUS KING *Editing*by Lolita
I looked out of the window and instantly felt nervous. Mostly because he was blocking my view of the rain. I looked at him adjusting my vision of him. I took another bi...
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Closet Dweller *EDITING* by _UNCHAINED_
The Book of Shadows of a Broom Fraeya
Tips & Tricks to Survive the Broom Closet: Those who hide their true magickal identities from friends & family are known as dwellers in "the broom closet". Man...
Moonstone                 Cortez Blackwell by Ambrosi-isunderwater
Moonstone Cortez Ambrosi
The story begins with a young boy whose just transferred to the private school that's known as Moonstone. The boy has to blend in, and not get caught with finding inform...
Walking the Path Together by The_Unseen1
Walking the Path Togetherby The Unseen
The mysterious stranger, a ominous being in a blue hooded cloak and the Seeker are walking together on a forest path. As they embark on a journey, that is magical, spirt...
WTF (Unedited Manuscript Version)  by imanibang
WTF (Unedited Manuscript Version) by Imani Danzy
Warning: this entire book is going to be unedited with creative concepts in it. I just had trouble with Google docs. This is the only way I can write this thing out. Be...
Esoteric Connections (OS) by Sonali61
Esoteric Connections (OS)by Dr. Sonali Kale
He believed in true love, so did she. His life was perfect, hers was no different. Fates collided and they met each other on a random winter night in California. Hearts...
Tales from the Black Goat: Paranormal One Shots by Di_Rossi
Tales from the Black Goat: Berengaria di Rossi
Short tales dealing with all manner of paranormal, esoteric and unexplained phenomenon. Not all the stories are creepy. In fact, a few are humorous.
Based on an extensive research and close companionship with a number of Yogis and Mystics, this book is a rare collection of mystical experiential dimensions, and throws...
13/33/1 by WordsofanAesthete
13/33/1by WordsofanAesthete
A growing Poetry collection for those esoterically inclined. Mystical Poetry for the Erotic/Romantic Mind. *EROS* The Black Bukowski
Dot Dash by cyberpanda8
Dot Dashby Imani Danzy
I am one of ten humans in a tech ruled world. Where we wear television masks to fit in and we only know our past from what "they" tell us. I am Najee, they cal...
Esoteric Saiyan Guide by CassonAdkins
Esoteric Saiyan Guideby Casson Adkins
A brief breakdown and understanding of chi and spirituality. In this book you will learn and understand the in depth knowledge of what exactly chi is and also how to use...
Quotes by Mathieu8498
Quotesby Mathieu8498
KNOW THYSELF. Rudeness is merely the expression of fear. People fear they won't get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved and...
Sacred Sex by luvgodamen
Sacred Sexby LuvGod
Eternal life. Loving God and each other. Tree of Life. Alchemy. Philosopher's Stone. Elixir of Life. Sexuality. Fountain of Youth (God). Naturist. Sacred Sex.
Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians by GreatTide
Spirit Whirled: The Deaf GreatTide
The Vault of Heaven This is a full chapter from Spirit Whirled: The Deaf Phoenicians that explores ancient and controversial subjects, among which is mind-control and ho...
Esoteric  by Ananyaspeaks
Esoteric by Ana
It's okay to be weird, it's okay to love the things which most do not. She is esoteric, she is not out and out but she is madness and madness is a beautiful irony where...
Afterlife: Incubi of Gaia by cyberpanda8
Afterlife: Incubi of Gaiaby Imani Danzy
True Romantic Short story collection of all the incubi met on my quantum leaping throughout mother Gaia... including The Incubus of Arcadia - "My dreamland was a l...