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Things Not Subject To Gravity by MichaelShivaSurya
Things Not Subject To Gravityby Michael Shiva Surya
Is it possible to change a life by knowing the future or is everything already decided? Is it true that there are countless invisible things like the ones not subject to...
  • mystical
  • secret
  • darkromance
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Therians - Protectors of the Earth by _Aridan_
Therians - Protectors of the Earthby _Aridan_
Greetings my name is Jakub and I would like to introduce to you a new book about Theriantropia and other occult fields related to it. It deals with the origin, understan...
  • motherearth
  • mind
  • help
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Virtuosity by JuliaLundstrom
Virtuosityby Julia
A "The Meaning Of Eternity" prequel book containing short stories about Damien's life up to the point of the TMOE series.
  • family
  • fantasy
  • romance
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-thoughts in the form of little rivulets that part from the undulating river of my cryptic mind in a poetic jumble of words- ~ e s o t e r i c p h i l o s o p h i e...
  • feelings
  • cryptic
  • teenage
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venus, nocturnal by httpsghostboy
venus, nocturnalby August
(vaguely nsfw) poems about romance. emotions are complicated.
  • lovers
  • soft
  • lgbt
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Esoteric by suhaniishah
Esotericby Suhani shah
Random stories, you might like.
  • poem
  • esoteric
  • sad
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Quotes by Mathieu8498
Quotesby Mathieu8498
KNOW THYSELF. Rudeness is merely the expression of fear. People fear they won't get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved and...
  • poetry
  • self-help
  • spirituality
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Pandora Awakens: Reincarnation Series Book One by aberyjane
Pandora Awakens: Reincarnation aberyjane
Set in the aftermath of the Second American Civil War Avarie is a genetically manipulated human who flees a New World Order facility. Avarie must find her way around a...
  • immortal
  • fantasy
  • ceo
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Philotry by MissHeatherness
Philotryby Miss Heather Williams
Poetry that is either deep or makes no sense at all...depending on what planet you are on. Scavenged from the journal I kept in first year college in 2005.
  • poetry
  • philosophical
  • bizarre
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CORVIDALIEN: Finding Purpose in Life Through Experiences and Synchronicities by RashidaBlackfeather
CORVIDALIEN: Finding Purpose in Rashida Blackfeather
Dreams, insights, ideas, and memories of a woman out of place. A tangled memoir of her life, her experiences, and her spirituality.
  • religious
  • esoteric
  • witch
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Sacred Sex by luvgodamen
Sacred Sexby LuvGod
Eternal life. Loving God and each other. Tree of Life. Alchemy. Philosopher's Stone. Elixir of Life. Sexuality. Fountain of Youth (God). Naturist. Sacred Sex.
  • magic
  • lgbt
  • god
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Zodiac Signs by blorettag
Zodiac Signsby blorettag
Hi guys, This is my first writing so I am pretty nervous although these scenarios, writings are NOT belong to me. I found them on the internet. Of course, if I can I wil...
  • leo
  • aries
  • virgo
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Lacrimis by KyniePaperack
Lacrimisby Kynie Paperack
A collection of various stories bound together by little more than a thread: low fantasy, reality fiction, romance, death, houses, sail boats with roofs, and folded pape...
  • colour
  • failure
  • romance
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Book of Enoch chaps 1-34 by ferret88
Book of Enoch chaps 1-34by ferret88
  • biblical
  • esoteric
  • reference
Blinding the Third Eye by DoctorBenway
Blinding the Third Eyeby DoctorBenway
A spin off to Songs of Saints and Sinners, focused on some of the more obscure and darker themes discovered during the writing of the first collection. THIS WORK HAS NO...
  • pagan
  • poetry
  • occult
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The Middle Way or a Silent Rebelition by AlterTenj
The Middle Way or a Silent TrupoKabra
There is a plenty of things you don't agree with, There is a numerous bad things you can't change, There is a lot of human you can't help, There are some people who make...
  • doom
  • truelove
  • kind
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How are you there, Alive? by AlexZonne
How are you there, Alive?by Alex Sonne
An article about how to not being dead while you have your life problems.
  • philosophy
  • harry
  • world
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Esoteric Affinity by hea197
Esoteric Affinityby Heather
  • love
  • forbidden
  • esoteric
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Hell's Angel by ARFoxwell
Hell's Angelby Alexander Foxwell
The Angel is rising. The Awakening is imminent. Fire and Darkness is closing in. Benson Rodimere, a sixteen year old orphan will come face to face with Darkness ... an...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • battle
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Pressure by JPTelesford
Pressureby J.P Telesford
  • religious
  • motivation
  • real
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