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Odd Text (Eremin) by ackermannx
Odd Text (Eremin)by ackermannx
Eren texts the wrong number and what was supposed to be just a small uneventful mistake, turns out to be the best mistake Eren's ever made. An eremin texting au featurin...
Highschool Eremins by Maddyrose1105
Highschool Ereminsby Maddyrose1105
Armin's a little genius that doesn't stand out in a crowd. Eren, along with a group of other boys including Jean, Reiner and Berthold have been bullying him from a youn...
Tuesdays by ereministhebest
Tuesdaysby Fluffy Neko
A high school AU Eren needs help in math or he'll fail Armin decides to help him. There's also smutty smut.
...I think I love you by Otaku_luvv3
...I think I love youby Pichu-chan
Armin Arlert and Eren Jaeger have been friends for so long. But soon they both realize they are completely in love with each other. Can they keep this a secret from ever...
Pathway [Eremin AU] by pitchblacksoul03
Pathway [Eremin AU]by T
path·way ˈpaTHˌwā/ noun a way that constitutes or serves as a path. a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action. (contains: abuse, underage drinking, cursi...
AOT Oneshots by Madzzzzie_the_frog
AOT Oneshotsby Madzzzzie_the_frog
This is a collection of AOT short stories. There's gonna be lots of headcanons in here, just to warn you. I'll be taking requests, but no smut, and no cursed or illegal...
Eremin Junior High (boyxboy, one shots) by goldkawaiikitten
Eremin Junior High (boyxboy, one goldkawaiikitten
I love armin and Eremin is my otp. I recently watched AOTJH so I wanted to do this. WARNING: boyxboy
In my Memories [Eremin] by ashadowr
In my Memories [Eremin]by ez
Eren spends most of his time indoors doing nothing but sleeping until one day his mother suggest he goes on a walk. He meets a sweet boy and they hit it off from there...
Eremin Oneshots  by ereminaddict
Eremin Oneshots by cardboardbox
Just a bunch of terrible stories I write in my free time
Love Letters - eremin by odttuli
Love Letters - ereminby odttuli
Since the first day of his senior year of highschool, Eren opened his locker every morning to a letter with a heart on the front of it. Inside always contained a cheesy...
thank you. [eremin] by ashadowr
thank you. [eremin]by ez
Armin and Eren are classmates that rarely ever interact until one day Armin needs to help Eren study. Neither of them are very fond of each other until they come to real...
Creating Me - Eremin by psychojuuzou
Creating Me - Ereminby actual suzuya juuzou
Armin Arlert hasn't led the easiest of lives, most of the difficulties that have arisen, however, orbit around one fact- he's transgender. When a new boy appears in his...
Unity (EreMin) (Transgender) (BoyxBoy) by pikachu_ketchup13
Unity (EreMin) (Transgender) ( OTTO DIX
My name is Armin Arlert. My life's start wasn't so uplifting... and it has never evened out. Reasons? Well, I'm an orphan that lives with my abusive grandfather. He was...
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Why do you act this way? Eren x Armin by Puppup43
Why do you act this way? Eren x Paige
This is to my friend... Eren and Armin are two best friends who are roommates with a girl named Mikasa. The three of them have been best friends for as long as they can...
Sasha Brauss x fem reader by sleeponlillies
Sasha Brauss x fem readerby sleepyflowers
This is an aot modern au possible s4 spoilers
EREMIN SMUT STORIES by NothanksLolNotSorry
You saw the title you clicked this IT IS WHAT IT SAYS.
Hospital Friend (Eremin) by Maybe-Area-51-Alien
Hospital Friend (Eremin)by Definitely not from Area 51
As punishment for Eren getting into yet another school fight, resulting in a week suspension from school, Eren's father, Docter Yeager, takes his son to the hospital he...
Don't Change (Eremin Fanfic) by TheWeirdOne666
Don't Change (Eremin Fanfic)by Apple
Armin's POV I stood there in shock. 'That titan.... was Eren?' I thought. I couldn't grasp the idea. I grabbed eren's hand and intertwined our fingers, I thought I'd los...
//Our love is now history// A Eremin fanfic. by Manly_rat_man_
//Our love is now history// A Manly rat man
I HAVE VILLAINIZED MIKASA. DO NOT COME AT ME. -angst -BoyxBoy -ships -fluff -the shit you have been living for😏 -Rape -Abuse Au, they are both 18.
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Eremin Pictures by KittyCattly
Eremin Picturesby Armin Arlert
Pictures of my favorite ship/otp from Attack on Titan.