"You stole my heart." - Levi Ackerman || X Reader || by TheQueenReaders
"You stole my heart." - Levi Acker...by 👑Author-chan👑
[ HARDCORE EDITING ] "L-Levi! Please!" I tried to calm Levi down, but he didn't listen to me as he continue to wreck some things and glares at me. Then he star...
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"Who are you?" |Reader Insert| by Red__Ruby
"Who are you?" |Reader Insert|by Ruby Akuma👑
"Who are you?" "Who the hell are you?!" "You better tell me who you are!!!" "I'll shoot!!! I will! Who are you, dammit?!" &qu...
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Enmity- A Levi Ackerman x Reader by ThisIsRoseB
Enmity- A Levi Ackerman x Readerby Rose B
You were small, petite, even breakable as some might say but that didn't stop you. You were going to show them what they had coming without even so much as a word. Thoug...
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POWER {Levi x Reader} by XxLynnelXx
POWER {Levi x Reader}by Lynnel
"She's a strange one, isn't she?" Throughout time, there's been a certain.. tradition, if you will, that occurred to everyone from a famous dynasty. It passes...
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Mask-An Attack on Titan Fan Fiction by StarlightKween
Mask-An Attack on Titan Fan Fictionby StarlightKween
The one thing Ilsa wanted was to escape. She wanted freedom from her current oppression, and that was what she got. The military accepted her, and she trained hard, tryi...
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I Couldn't Protect You (Levi x Reader) by abratasas_
I Couldn't Protect You (Levi x Rea...by GALAXY
She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. (#otakubattle2017) Cover...
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Squad Leader | Levi X Reader ✓ [WILL EDIT IN FUTURE] by attack_on_suga
Squad Leader | Levi X Reader ✓ [WI...by Yoongisdick
-DISCLAIMER-All Attack On Titan characters belong to Isayama. -WARNING-If you get easily triggered by dark concepts such as depression and anxiety I suggest you don't re...
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Diamond In The Rough, Levi X Reader (COMPLETED) by AlpineBreadStick
Diamond In The Rough, Levi X Reade...by AlpineBreadStick
(F/n) lived in the underground with her parents when she was younger. She and her mother would get abused by her father occasionally. She had three friends, Isabel, Farl...
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Light em' up // Eren x reader  by llcalumll
Light em' up // Eren x reader by aawkwardash
{COMPLETED} Levi has never been one to show emotions, not even to his closest friends and comrades. But when it comes to his baby sister (y/n), things are different. He'...
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Humanitys' Strongest Weapon (Shingeki no Kyojin fanfic) by AuchiBoo
Humanitys' Strongest Weapon (Shing...by ms.tery
Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Xyra Grantaine Wissen. She's the infamous unknown force behind the Survey Corps that can defeat a horde of titans in a matter of seconds like a tor...
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Levi x Reader Oneshots  by SpaciousWriter
Levi x Reader Oneshots by Angelica Michelle Urizar
Request open
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Saving (Levi Ackerman x Reader) by betweenthelinees
Saving (Levi Ackerman x Reader)by jules
A Levi Ackerman X Reader Fanfiction Published on 10 August 2016 Completed on 6 September 2016 Heavy Editing on 22 January 2017 Heavy Editing Completed on 28 January 2017...
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His Royal Guard | Royalty Levi X Guard Reader ✓ by sushikitty
His Royal Guard | Royalty Levi X G...by ˗ˏˋ sushi ™ ˎˊ˗
My village was tragically lost to a fire known as 'The Great Chi Fire' almost eight years ago. I frantically fled to an extremely far away Kingdom in hopes of rebuilding...
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Something About You [ Levi Ackerman X Reader ] by mochapineapple
Something About You [ Levi Ackerma...by 39
"Yes," he said in his usual deadpan voice, "now make yourself useful and follow me." (Levi chooses to hide behind his image of authority, and the gle...
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Levi x Reader One Shots by ThisIsRoseB
Levi x Reader One Shotsby Rose B
Levi and reader AKA you one shots. (Taking ideas/requests) Book cover background photo credit goes to xxsada-chanxx.deviantart.com (fan art) (not mine) I do not own an...
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Levi ↠ My Decision by Clyree
Levi ↠ My Decisionby cee
Reader-chan fell for her superior, eh? What about the Corporal? *dedications are still open, simply pm! ✓ c o m p l e t e d: 032016 ✓ e d i t e d: 102017 [highest rank:...
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[AOT] Attack on Titan Various x Reader-High School Life (Modern! AU) by emopastelgirl
[AOT] Attack on Titan Various x Re...by emopastelgirl
(Y/n) (L/n) is not your average girl. She is the daughter of a famous fashion designer (a.k.a her mom) and a popular, best-selling author (a.k.a her dad). And...
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Is it Love by MinimiLove01
Is it Loveby Mini :3
Big brother Levi x Little Sister Reader (This is an incest book originaly suppose to be a one shot but my bestie aka SavvyMlynn convenienced me to make it into a book s...
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Promises  by Wow-anime
Promises by Hello
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You're My Bitch by Misteria-Love
You're My Bitchby Misteria-Love
Just a story about Eren giving Levi a blow job in the middle of the mess hall. Dinner time and everyone is there. Interesting... Did I already mention the lap dance Eren...
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