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Love Letters - eremin by odttuli
Love Letters - ereminby odttuli
Since the first day of his senior year of highschool, Eren opened his locker every morning to a letter with a heart on the front of it. Inside always contained a cheesy...
Creating Me - Eremin by psychojuuzou
Creating Me - Ereminby actual suzuya juuzou
Armin Arlert hasn't led the easiest of lives, most of the difficulties that have arisen, however, orbit around one fact- he's transgender. When a new boy appears in his...
Odd Text (Eremin) by ackermannx
Odd Text (Eremin)by ackermannx
Eren texts the wrong number and what was supposed to be just a small uneventful mistake, turns out to be the best mistake Eren's ever made. An eremin texting au featurin...
mmmm hiya fellow hoomans. here is some amazing aot shit that just. OH THEY JUST MAKE MY DAY. THEY BUTTER MY CROSSIANT. THEY TICKLE. MY. PICKLE. you're welcome :)
Loyal To Me (T-eremin) by Fruitfortress
Loyal To Me (T-eremin)by Cringey Dreamland
Young prince Armin is given a pet for his 5th birthday. But unlike other humans Armin is kind, sweet, and has a loving heart. When Eren is chosen as the little boy's pla...
Library by Paige4224
Libraryby ireallyhateshoto
"Eren, it's been long enough. . .I've waited for you to tell me, but you just can't figure it out." Eren looked wide eyed at his best friend, hating the way t...
Falling (SEQUEL TO 'THE SECRETS WITHIN') by Biffleinator_xx
Falling (SEQUEL TO 'THE SECRETS Caitlin Bifulco
{Sequel to 'The Secrets Within'} Also more depressing, bloody, triggering stuff in this so if you don't like it I suggest you don't read it. --- Eren and Armin, now happ...
we met in a café by wise_em0
we met in a caféby wise_em0
"If it wasn't for Mikasa, we wouldn't of met but now that your here I'll treasure you forever."
the fake boyfriend experience [eremin | shingeki no kyojin] by kamisero
the fake boyfriend experience [ inactive.
eren jaeger forces his blonde headed friend, armin arlert to pretend to be his boyfriend only to make his crush, levi ackerman jealous but is the relationship really wh...
❛ PAIN . ❜ ( eremin ) by creamxsoda
❛ PAIN . ❜ ( eremin )by not so grump
Armin was in a relationship he shouldn't have been in.
Morning sex is for lovers (Eremin one-shot) by Therantsofateen
Morning sex is for lovers ( Therantsofateen
Based on Emily Kinney's song "morning sex is for lovers"
What I'd Thrown Away (Eremin) by Armin28Arlert
What I'd Thrown Away (Eremin)by Chosha-Senpai
Armin was in high school and sorta of in a gang or at least, the henchman of the gang. He always did errands for them and they protected his cute wimpy ass from his bull...
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//Our love is now history// A Eremin fanfic. by Manly_rat_man_
//Our love is now history// A Manly rat man
I HAVE VILLAINIZED MIKASA. DO NOT COME AT ME. -angst -BoyxBoy -ships -fluff -the shit you have been living for😏 -Rape -Abuse Au, they are both 18.
Like the Sea {{Eremin/Jearmin SNK}} by kibummies
Like the Sea {{Eremin/Jearmin SNK}}by gabbab
Did you know that mermaids don't believe in love? Well, all except for one.
As He grows Up (Snk fanfic) AU by silverdarts
As He grows Up (Snk fanfic) AUby silverdarts
After his wife's death Levi fulfilled their dream to be a family-thus adopting a smart 4 year old Eren, then on his fatherly adventures What ups and downs are they goi...
Anime Characters Reacts To Ships by Misa_Amane-2020
Anime Characters Reacts To Shipsby •ArtOfSoul•
Basically the characters in animes are reacting to the ships in the show. Animes: ·Attack On Titan ·Naruto ·Assassination Classroom I do not own any of th...
Titan, My Beloved by NagisaShiota11
Titan, My Belovedby Shiota Stardust
On the day, Wall Maria fell, seven year old Armin Arlert was saved by an unlikely hero. A Titan. For some reason, this Titan wasn't like the rest of it's kind. It was sm...
Cheater  by puppyarmin
Cheater by emma
Eren is Armin's best friend. They've both been telling themselves this lie for awhile now.
aot gay smut by jearminswhore
aot gay smutby 💞
just gay sex of these aot men