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Distance  by OnerLand
Distance by Fin : Crescent
Another story about Eren and Mikasa. ............................................................ "It's okay, Eren.", I hold his shoulder. "How can you sa...
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It All Started Like This... (Eren X Mikasa) by MikorinForAnime
It All Started Like This... ( Mikorin Mikoshiba
Titans have gone extinct creating peace for humanity. Later on, Mikasa and Eren were born and lived normal lives. They had never met and they never became friends... Unt...
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Weak Without Love book 2(an Eremkia fanfic) by Kuchiki_sakura
Weak Without Love book 2(an Kawarana Rou
Its been 2 years scince Eren has left. Mikasa has become the steongest soilder of humanity... or the weakest? You see love is something that can change people. In this c...
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Switched (Eremika) by Kittyyuey
Switched (Eremika)by Kittyyuey
Eren, a delinquent and Mikasa, a model student, go to the same high school. What happens when they suddenly switch bodies? Will they survive in each other's shoes? Read...
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Eren x Mikasa Love Story by laselluznc
Eren x Mikasa Love Storyby laselluznc
Dangerous time and date to fall in love with someone. But, Eren starts questioning his feelings for his dear childhood friend Mikasa. What would happen to them if their...
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Titan's Wrath by Falloutmaster34
Titan's Wrathby Falloutmaster34
The gang are in high school, and Mikasa AND Krista are in love with Eren. Who will win his heart? The dark haired mystery girl? Or the sweet hearted blonde girl?
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Monster❤Eremika❤  by Nikky_Sonico
Monster❤Eremika❤ by Nikky
(COMPLETED) Being a titan wasn't on Eren's list and he hated thinking he was a monster or when people called him one. He would cuddle in a corner by himself and would cr...
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Warrior Within The Walls by ArtemisMorgen
Warrior Within The Wallsby ArtemisMorgen
There she goes, a dignified fairy, trapped inside a paradise that is covered and sheltered by walls. Not even knowing why she have been in that place, Erza Scarlet joine...
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Unlike The Rest {Eremika} Completed by AckerGlare
Unlike The Rest {Eremika} Completedby wAssUp
Eren Jaeger decided to switch schools, which he didnt know was in Japan, but when he got there he met someone unlike the rest....
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Is He The Right One? (Eremika Story) [REWRITTEN] by uwu-derp
Is He The Right One? (Eremika • X_X •
Mikasa was never the biggest fan of her life. In fact, she loathed her life. Her peers always showed no interest in befriending her by doing the complete opposite, bully...
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A New Beginning (ErenxMikasa) Book 1 (Completed) by -Gumby-
A New Beginning (ErenxMikasa) -Gumby-
Eren Jaeger along side his best friend Armin Arlert are beginning their junior year at Shiganshina high. The two are considered the losers of shiganshina high. Little di...
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20 days (Eremika) by Nikky_Sonico
20 days (Eremika)by Nikky
Completed! Eren volunteers at a medical hospital for helping teenagers and ends up falling in love with a paralyzed girl. But after getting her out the hospital she's b...
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Jealousy and Betrayal by 19af-boy
Jealousy and Betrayalby Dragon lord skater 69 xx xy x...
Eren, Annie, Mikasa and Armin have been friends for a long time and it is finally time for them to go to high school. After Mikasa and Annie learning about each other's...
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Time tells by Coddee0902
Time tellsby Coddee0902
What happens when Eren meets his daughters from the future? This is my first fanfic of attack on Titan And I mean first time by writing a story in wattpad Please go easy...
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Fate (Eremika) by Kittyyuey
Fate (Eremika)by Kittyyuey
A story about Eren and Mikasa and how they ended up together. I'm not very good with descriptions, so I hope that the story will be better. If, somehow, the story is eve...
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TITAN [BNHA and Attack On Titan crossover] by hiba_moktar123
TITAN [BNHA and Attack On Titan (´。= w=。`) ♡
If Eren was born into the world of my hero academia and joined Class 1A. Inspired by pictures on tumblr of Eren being in UA as a student. Ships that are featured in this...
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The Rest of Eternity (EreMika) by ReuahcsKire
The Rest of Eternity (EreMika)by Erik Schauer
After Eren and Mikasa get in a fight, Eren disappears for two years. Once he gets back, he's changed, and he realizes his feelings for Mikasa. DISCLAIMER!!: I do NOT own...
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Hajime High school 2 by Eremika4life1
Hajime High school 2by Crackhead
Eren and Mikasa, best couples in Hajime High. But when Annie and Jean try to go out with them, how will EreMika happen? Everything is breaking apart in their relationshi...
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Pursuing •Eremika by ALittleTwinkie
Pursuing •Eremikaby Leena Yeager
The Survey Corps had sent Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman to embark on a perilous undercover mission to unveil the concealed truth behind the Coordinate, those who held...
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Shingeki High by Depression_Fratello
Shingeki Highby Depression_Fratello
Dark undertones. A possible lime. A story about a young Eren through his years of high school and how the Gang known as the Titans effect the world around him.
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