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name of love || SNK-AU by XxRipiscxX
name of love || SNK-AUby (•~•)
Romance, rumours and scandals. Presenting you modern age SNK cast as: [main ship- EREN x MIKASA] Eren Jeager(22), an A-list celebrity Mikasa Ackerman(22),writer Armin...
In an Alternate Reality- An Attack on Titan Fan-Fic by somedoodwriting1
In an Alternate Reality- An somedoodwriting1
This story will follow the main continuity of Attack on Titan where the Curse of Ymir doesn't exist. This story will have plenty of changes from the main continuity. (I...
In an Alternate Reality IV by somedoodwriting1
In an Alternate Reality IVby somedoodwriting1
Four years have passed. War has now been declared. The Great Nation of Marley wishes to exterminate the entire Eldia race, but will they achieve? Eren Jaeger has grown m...
Eremika week 2014 - TheBiscuitQueen by TheBiscuitQueen
Eremika week 2014 - TheBiscuitQueenby Sofie
Just some oneshots to each prompt of the Eremika week 2014! You can read it on too!
(Eren x Mikasa)The Hunger Games: Catching Titans by FreedomKing4568
(Eren x Mikasa)The Hunger Games: K D
The games are more than just unity and remembrance but fear to the districts. As their children are forced to participate in a game of murder and savagery. I Eren Jeager...
Eren x Mikasa Family Life by Doctor1661
Eren x Mikasa Family Lifeby Connor Matthews
AU where Eren and Mikasa are married and nothing hurts (too much)
Relearning How To Love (Eremika)  by chrisxas365
Relearning How To Love (Eremika) by chrisxas365
When two teens happen to move in the same area, next-door to be exact, their lives are destined to change. One, is a boy named Eren and carries a dark past full of pain...
our children   Eremika (Discontinued)  by lonely_bitch_16
our children Eremika ( Presley Smith
Mikasa some how ends up getting pregnant with erens kids Hanji and Armin are the only ones who knows she pregnant what happens next will Eren find out . . .you must re...
||Our final goodbye|| An EreMika Fanfiction||  by Load_Disk
||Our final goodbye|| An EreMika Load_Disk
Eren has only been given two months to live. What does he choose to do with his time? ___________________________________________ ~ A modern Attack On Titan AU ~
Attack On Titan - Short After Story "New Dawn" (Spoiler Alert!!) by Eleceed01
Attack On Titan - Short After Eleceed
WARNING!! Spoiler Alert !! (Story continues after the end of the manga, so read with caution) ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- It has now been 3 years since the "Battl...
I'm Sorry by DaianaLiseth
I'm Sorryby Daiana
The war has ended and Paridis has obtained freedom. Eren apologies to the Scouting Legion, but there's one person who still won't look him in the eye, or even talk to hi...
20 days (Eremika) by Nikky_Sonico
20 days (Eremika)by Nikky
Completed! Eren volunteers at a medical hospital for helping teenagers and ends up falling in love with a paralyzed girl. But after getting her out the hospital she's b...
Blood by SabrinaXSapphire
Bloodby Sabrina Sapphire Shannon
Mikasa has come to accept that she loves the bad way Eren treats her most of the time, she always wants more and more of his intoxicating poison.
Lost time (eremika au) by __Alejandra0
Lost time (eremika au)by __Alejandra0
Mikasa and Eren were unmatched, they were the duo. They could not be torn apart but when unfortunate events happen they're friendship is nothing but memories. After lea...
I Pledge My Life [Eremika] by renegaderacer
I Pledge My Life [Eremika]by 🌈
Cover Art by lolakasa on tumblr (she has amazing art 11/10 recommend checking her account out) Eremika one-shots ranging from fluffy duffy to my attempt at angst. Will b...
Are we still friends? by manii005
Are we still friends?by Erenjaegersarm
Mikasa moves back to Japan in her last year of high-school hoping to still have her lover waiting for her, But has eren already fell inlove with another? Content 18+ 🔞
Promise's by CptBaconNipple
Promise'sby Johan Johanson
Eren and Mikasa's modern day highschool experience. Where Eren and Mikasa go through daily troubles of getting through highschool and the terrible evil forces of life. W...
Eremika one-shot by LeAnimeEnthusiasm
Eremika one-shotby hey
After exterminating the titans , Eren realizes his feelings for Mikasa , but Jean beats him to it and asks Mikasa out.However , Eren has a plan ahead of him.
Her Scarf (EreMika's Fanfiction) by Xzeopp
Her Scarf (EreMika's Fanfiction)by Xzeopp
Just a story when Mikasa forgot her scarf and Eren got super jelly. Eremika love life in AOT World. Pic:Credit to Yasai Getsu.
To you, 2000 years from now. | Eremika by sugar_sweet_lies
To you, 2000 years from now. | She told sweet lies
"Mikasa, I've always hated you." "No, no you haven't." [In which a girl longed for love, only to realise she no longer sought for it, but had it all...