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My Ghost Boyfriend (Completed)✔ by jajaroyalty
My Ghost Boyfriend (Completed)✔by ♡ AS ♡
♡Highest ranking #3 in paranormal | 6/12/18 Highest ranking #92 in romance | 03/27/18 Naniniwala kaba sa ghostly love?, paano kaya kung may boyfriend ka na Mahal na Maha...
  • combined
  • love
  • romance
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My Boyfriend Is A Ghost [COMPLETED]  by Sorrowful_Writer
My Boyfriend Is A Ghost [ Calieste
Si Adriana ay isang simpleng babae. Hindi siya galing sa mayamang pamilya, pero hindi naman siya mahirap. Mayroon siyang simpleng buhay. Mabait, maunawain, matulungin, a...
  • crying
  • strong
  • disappearance
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Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly Thomas Sharpe love story ❦ by EarthAngelGirl30
Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly Earth Angel Girl
Allerdale Hall and it's surrounding grounds has been purchased by the National Trust and undergone a massive regeneration project in order to restore and maintain it's h...
  • horror-thiller
  • crimson
  • romancefanfiction
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Cutie Cutie Ghost Show by kfxinfinity
Cutie Cutie Ghost Showby kfan
In a city where everyone's a social media celebrity, twin sisters Qannen & Qynka find it increasingly hard to stand out. There's always someone younger and hotter willin...
  • science-fantasy
  • paranormal
  • scifi
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FADED by Konicindaeyo
FADEDby Konicindaeyo
"You faded together with the afternoon light as soon as the darkness came." Kim Jinhwan Grew up in an Orphanage with his bestfriend Koo Junhoe.
  • donghyuk
  • imagination
  • ikon
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Spirit-Sensitive | BxB by valethra
Spirit-Sensitive | BxBby call me val
Michael Cross has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember, and he uses this gift to help ghosts move from this world to the next. Sometimes, people don't...
  • thelgbtawards2018
  • romance
  • cmc2019
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Sergei by IoannaKoliofoti
Sergeiby Spark D' Ark
Once Upon A Time there were legends who lived among us. Some of them died young and some of them dissapeared without anyone ever learning what happened to them. A clocha...
  • music
  • thriller
  • ghostlylove
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The Friendly Ghost by peanut-butter-mouse
The Friendly Ghostby peanut-butter-mouse
A ghost and a troubled boy talk.
  • ghosts
  • lgbtq
  • ghostlylove
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The man and the doll (septiplier) (gay love) (boy x ghost boy) by JemmyLove101
The man and the doll (septiplier) a person who ships
Hello! Welcome to this story about two youtubers but ones a ghost that's haunting the others house! What will happen in it? Love? Hate? Etc? Who knows?? You'll have to r...
  • ghostlylove
  • septiplier
Gatsby's Second Chance by MagicForever
Gatsby's Second Chanceby MagicForever
Amelia always liked the '20s America, she dresses like a flapper, avoids modern technology as much as possible, and listens to old music on a record player. More mature...
  • ghostlylove
  • roarin20s
  • ghost
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Phantom Shadows by Horror-Child
Phantom Shadowsby Another Person At The Moment
It's been nearly a century since the Garnier Opera House has burned down and now it's the start of another year for Paris, France. But something else lurks in the shado...
  • fanfiction
  • ghostlylove
  • garineroperahouse
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The Haunting Of Braidwood Manor by Freshman0998
The Haunting Of Braidwood Manorby Aezhier Tenazas
Do you dare spend the night at Braidwood Manor?
  • ghostlylove
  • horror
  • tragic
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Is It Scary? (Michael Jackson) *ON HOLD FOR NOW* by MeddowsMaylor
Is It Scary? (Michael Jackson) * MeddowMaylor
"There's only one thing I'm scared of," "What's that, Faye?" "My father," ------------- Faye Crawford, the daughter of the to...
  • 2bad
  • paranormal
  • harm
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I Am So Alone by Banshee-Bitch
I Am So Aloneby 【Q】【U】【E】【E】【N】
Ghost! Jason Dean X Reader ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A legend that has existed back to 1990s, the Westerburg High school is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a boy who commit...
  • murder
  • ghostwhisperer
  • ghostadventures
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A Ghost Lover( Pretkalyanam) by HarleenJosey
A Ghost Lover( Pretkalyanam)by Harleen Josey
Think, what hapeens if a ghost wants to marry a girl?
  • lovelife
  • wattpadfanfiction
  • wattpadauthors
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Ghostly Love by chanxiaoliu
Ghostly Loveby Gay ⚠
Len is just an average- no popular student in a certain academy. Life is always boring for him until one day. he heard the rumors that there's a ghost in his school. Len...
  • vocaloid
  • vocalove
  • oliver
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Dark Moon- half ghostly (Luigi X Ghost!Reader) by Princessmarie48
Dark Moon- half ghostly (Luigi X Princessmarie48
-DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS- (except maybe the reader...) you were playing Luigi's mansion dark moon one night. suddenly you hear a voice in your head "you want to be...
  • ghost
  • videogames
  • readerxcharacter
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Killer Party by JoshSaltzman
Killer Partyby Josh Saltzman
A group of seniors are gruesomely picked off at the biggest house party of the year, after they attempt a séance to find out what happened to Ingrid Peltman, the most h...
  • romance
  • monster
  • party
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Soulfully Yours. by BooksandCoffins
Soulfully ParanormalKisses
The sunset glowed throughout the strands of her hair, making it look on fire. She reached out to something and pulled it off. It was the picture of me that my mom left. ...
  • iloveher
  • mystery
  • kiss
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The Ghost Of The Odd Servant ||COMPLETED||  by alien9998
The Ghost Of The Odd Servant || Sarah
Patrick finds himself a ghost after he got murdered by his employer and seeks revenge. Will his love for the daughter of the killer stop him? #23th in servant Date of s...
  • rich
  • byebye
  • revenge
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