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Erma x OP!Child!Male Reader by NexusGanon
Erma x OP!Child!Male Readerby Jake Smith
Erma, the ghost child of the girl from The Ring and another guy (I don't know their names so if y'all can tell me I'll update this), goes to a normal school like every o...
GOODNIGHT. where sad souls belong together . . . ❛ welcome to ghost town lover boy. ❜ ❪ s. stilinski 𝒙 fem!oc ❫ ╱ 2021. ❪ fem!oc, brandi miller ❫
Little sister ( Chole Patterson) by sunny_bab3
Little sister ( Chole Patterson)by Alex Mercer
Luke Patterson has a young sister she four years young then Luke. She love to sing and jam out with her brother band but her parents didn't want her to hang out wit...
Spirit-Sensitive | BxB by valethra
Spirit-Sensitive | BxBby ⋆☾lesbian overlord☽⋆
Michael Cross has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember, and he uses this gift to help ghosts move from this world to the next. Sometimes, people don't...
Mansion del Torres (SLOW UPDATE) by Donya_Liz
Mansion del Torres (SLOW UPDATE)by Maria Elizia
Mansion del Torres Isang lugar na binabalot ng kababalaghan sa loob ng maraming taon. Sa pagdating ni Samantha sa Pueblo Rosaros lahat ay magbabago at ang mga sikretong...
Little Afterlife by Motherfuckers_inc
Little Afterlifeby Ibuki and Zim
Little Afterlife was originally a comic made by Ibuki and Zim, but has later been modified and transferred to Wattpad as a story. All the writing and story plots in this...
A Promise by Sassy_Nightangle
A Promiseby Miss Aru
"Welcome Miss Singhania, nice to see you again. How are you doing ?" "Well it's nice to see you too." "Well why are you here Miss Singhania ?&qu...
Thea Beautiful Ghost by OraxLiv
Thea Beautiful Ghostby girllyyy shawty
Sometimes a normal day can turn into the most horrible day of your life, and that's what happened to Felicity. A normal day with her friends turns into a day they will l...
Ghosts aren't real by Meuwo_chan
Ghosts aren't realby salt
Year is 2120 Ethan is a 16 year old boy who loves music, but is too shy to show his work to people. Ethan has a special case and he hears and sees 3 ghosts, Exy, Lucy a...
Is It Scary? (Michael Jackson) *ON HOLD FOR NOW* by MeddowsMaylor
Is It Scary? (Michael Jackson) * MeddowMaylor
"There's only one thing I'm scared of," "What's that, Faye?" "My father," ------------- Faye Crawford, the daughter of the to...
Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly Thomas Sharpe love story ❦ by EarthAngelGirl20
Crimson Promise ❦ a ghostly A l I C e AnGeL
Allerdale Hall and it's surrounding grounds has been purchased by the National Trust and undergone a massive regeneration project in order to restore and maintain it's h...
Will Aaron ever find love again by gacdarkangel
Will Aaron ever find love againby gacdarkangel
will aaron ever be able to fall in love again
Phantom Shadows by Horror-Child
Phantom Shadowsby Another Person At The Moment
It's been nearly a century since the Garnier Opera House has burned down and now it's the start of another year for Paris, France. But something else lurks in the shado...
The Friendly Ghost by peanut-butter-mouse
The Friendly Ghostby peanut-butter-mouse
A ghost and a troubled boy talk.
Cutie Cutie Ghost Show by kfxinfinity
Cutie Cutie Ghost Showby kfan
Season 1 : Complete Season 2: Happening now CUTIE CUTIE GHOST SHOW is a near future dystopia about social media celebrities being turned into ghosts. In a corporate-ow...
The man and the doll (septiplier) (gay love) (boy x ghost boy) by JemmyLove101
The man and the doll (septiplier) a person who ships
Hello! Welcome to this story about two youtubers but ones a ghost that's haunting the others house! What will happen in it? Love? Hate? Etc? Who knows?? You'll have to r...
If You Have Ghosts (Papa Emeritus III) by NamelessAether
If You Have Ghosts (Papa NamelessAether
>> Just to make something clear. This book is a parody, full of black humour. The goal is not to be considered offensive (for example, word 'fag' may sound offensi...
The Haunting Of Braidwood Manor by azcerise998
The Haunting Of Braidwood Manorby AZ Cerise
Do you dare spend the night at Braidwood Manor?
Ghostly Love by chanxiaoliu
Ghostly Loveby Gay ⚠
Len is just an average- no popular student in a certain academy. Life is always boring for him until one day. he heard the rumors that there's a ghost in his school. Len...