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My Love Is A Ghost by ms_daydreaming
My Love Is A Ghostby ᴀꜱᴛᴇʀɪᴀ_ᴀᴡʙ_
I'm just a simple girl, whose idolizing/fangirling, that some of girls does. But what if, i met a man, that have a kind of strange on him? What if i knew He's secrets? S...
COLD LIPS [JIMIN] by thelivingarrow
park jimin can see dead people. ©thelivingarrow, 2020 cc: kimsl- ♡
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How To Love A Dead Boy by katezee1997
How To Love A Dead Boyby katherine
[editing-slowly] Despite doing everything she can, Lucy Ainsworth can't forget the night that she held the hand of the dying stranger, Ryden Mitchells. However; when s...
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Spirit-Sensitive | BxB by valethra
Spirit-Sensitive | BxBby ⋆☾lesbian overlord☽⋆
Michael Cross has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember, and he uses this gift to help ghosts move from this world to the next. Sometimes, people don't...
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Bond Of Souls by kkrshnaa
Bond Of Soulsby みぞれ
I think the bond between us is something that I need to cut off, simply because I am only a lost soul.
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Cutie Cutie Ghost Show by kfxinfinity
Cutie Cutie Ghost Showby kfan
Season 1 : Complete Season 2: Happening now CUTIE CUTIE GHOST SHOW is a near future dystopia about social media celebrities being turned into ghosts. In a corporate-ow...
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Mansion del Torres by Donya_Liz
Mansion del Torresby Maria Elizia
Mansion del Torres Isang lugar na binabalot ng kababalaghan sa loob ng maraming taon. Sa pagdating ni Samantha sa Pueblo Rosaros lahat ay magbabago at ang mga sikretong...
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Ghostly by FloraRiver
Ghostlyby Flora
When the rumored witch and local goth Lodie Vasquez attends the funeral of her longtime nemesis Santy Núñez, her plans for senior year get buried deep in the cold hard g...
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crazy for you  by HorrorQueen4
crazy for you by varnika Srivastava
Jannie is an ordinary girl . she's turning 18 this year . she's average looking girl .... Jannie is curious to know more about ghost . Her life has change after meetin...
Kiss the Darkness by PearlWhiteBlackWax
Kiss the Darknessby Pearl White & Black Wax
A spine-tingling, modern day, Gothic love story. Wax and I are lovers, pure and simple. Whether we are real or not remains to be seen. We are, of course, opposites, but...
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If You Have Ghosts (Papa Emeritus III) by NamelessAether
If You Have Ghosts (Papa NamelessAether
>> Just to make something clear. This book is a parody, full of black humour. The goal is not to be considered offensive (for example, word 'fag' may sound offensi...
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Her Dearly Loved Ghost by TAJoseph
Her Dearly Loved Ghostby Tracey
Seventeen-year-old Habibah Strum is living a blessed life, content with her family's most recent godsend after the passing of an estranged aunt, a new home in a sleepy t...
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Ghost Hunting (A Sanders Sides Ghostly Love Story) by Nevada_The_Logan
Ghost Hunting (A Sanders Sides Logan/Nevada
Virgil is a ghost hunter and usually does his ghost hunting with Roman. He really enjoys doing it, but one day he meets a spirit who's name is Roman.
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The man and the doll (septiplier) (gay love) (boy x ghost boy) by JemmyLove101
The man and the doll (septiplier) a person who ships
Hello! Welcome to this story about two youtubers but ones a ghost that's haunting the others house! What will happen in it? Love? Hate? Etc? Who knows?? You'll have to r...
When the Night falls  by BabyyDoryy
When the Night falls by BabyyDoryy
have to read to find out ....😉
FADED by Konicindaeyo
FADEDby Konicindaeyo
"You faded together with the afternoon light as soon as the darkness came." Kim Jinhwan Grew up in an Orphanage with his bestfriend Koo June
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GhostBlossom (DISCONTINUED) by TheHipsterNugget
GhostBlossom (DISCONTINUED)by The_Hipster_Nugget
How Cagney and Specter met? And fell in love? Yes please? No one asked for this but your getting it anyway!
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What Ghost? (Complete) by justjen61
What Ghost? (Complete)by Jennifer Redmile
Fifteen-year-old Billy Pellens is horrified when his parents tell him he has to go to boarding school for a year. It means leaving all his friends and having to adjust t...
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Dark Moon- half ghostly (Luigi X Ghost!Reader) by Princessmarie48
Dark Moon- half ghostly (Luigi X Princessmarie48
-DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS- (except maybe the reader...) you were playing Luigi's mansion dark moon one night. suddenly you hear a voice in your head "you want to be...
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The Ghostly Kiss|TAEGI| by Park_Seok_Jin
The Ghostly Kiss|TAEGI|by Riku Chan
in which Taehyung loves Yoongi but Tae can see ghosts and helps them move on to a better place. but what happens if all of bts dies apart from Tae? Key: Young Blood: hel...
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