Seph. Twenty-two. College student.

Reader. Writer. Vidder.

Brown hair. Brown eyes. Complicated.
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one million invisible lines

Social data: 4.6K reads. 168 votes. 3 comments.

Description: maybe happy homicidal maniacs can get the girl too - a Kol/Caroline collection.

Mature 97 Parts - Completed

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In the nearby future, you can take a pill and feel whatever emotion you desire. Kai Flores and Henry San...

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Power & Control

Power & Control

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Curiosity killed the cat. Kol/Caroline. AU. Halloween fic.



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Two bookworms are at the bookstore and they want the same book. There's one copy left. Oh no.



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Twelve years after Emma Chase's Tangled, Mackenzie Reinhart is sixteen and reigning over St. Mary's Prep...

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Story Reading List

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