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Antitopian Rising! (Yugioh Zexal x male reader) by Dominus_Achontas
Antitopian Rising! (Yugioh Zexal x...by Dominus_Achontas
You are the adopted brother of Yuma and Kari Tsukumo. And after two years of searching for your parents you return to Heartland City, to find Yuma and all the friends he...
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millennium by AmunetKv
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millenniumby KimV
The prophecy was told that the great Pharoah would return to defeat the great evil that would lurk again 5000 years later. But the prophecy had a hidden secret, it tol...
Yugioh(A long lost friend)  by arianna5590
Yugioh(A long lost friend) by Blyss Arianna Marte
Four years before the millennium puzzle was completed, Yugi had a childhood friend who was always by his side till she had to move away to america where she had a traged...
The King's Maze (Yami x Reader) by PinkCrystal_Rose
The King's Maze (Yami x Reader)by PinkCrystal_Rose
*All images are paid commissions created by the artist Less_End. Please do not copy or use in your own work* A turn here. A turn there. No wait! Don't go there! Now you'...
A Spirit's Heart by PinkCrystal_Rose
A Spirit's Heartby PinkCrystal_Rose
"I'm not sure so sure we can trust her. I get a weird feeling whenever she's around." "Could it be that you like her?" Yugi and the gang are off to...
The Psychic Duelist by LeftTurnHere
The Psychic Duelistby It’s Fine
Grey Adams has been teased for playing Yu-gi-oh!. However, when he's thrust into the world of dueling, Grey must overcome challenges using the skills he's been ridiculed...
Pegasus's daughter by Kumi0908
Pegasus's daughterby Ren
Maximillion Pegasus had a daughter Via, he doesn't really let her leave his side. Because he is paranoid of her getting hurt but when she starts to get more and more cur...
[Discontinued] Aira Judai Yuki Adventures by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[Discontinued] Aira Judai Yuki Adv...by εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
❌DISCONTINUED BEING REWRITTEN ❌ Meet Aira Judai Yuki, who is a new Slifer Red student at Duel Academy and the holder of two powerful decks that she created. Aira is a gi...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains - Shadow of the Vrains [Slow Updates] by JackRyan658
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains - Shadow of the V...by Jack Ryan
Playmaker is no longer the only one hunting down the Knights of Hanoi. A strange new duelist, named "Shadow Breaker", is hunting down the Knights of Hanoi as w...
The Rebellion Of Raptors (Yugioh Zexal x Male OC) by Thatboihee
The Rebellion Of Raptors (Yugioh Z...by Thatboihee
Ren is an adopted sibling of Yuma taken in by his family. On a trip they were on they found him all alone. Not wanting him there by himself, they took him in and raised...
Yu-Gi-Oh: It's Time To Duel!!! (OC Story) by MrEhero-Ultimate
Yu-Gi-Oh: It's Time To Duel!!! (OC...by MrEhero
Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, the Egyptian Kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games erupted into a war that threatened to...
Fury of Red Eyes! : Yu-Gi-Oh GX Fanfic (M!Reader Insert)  by LukeBraniff
Fury of Red Eyes! : Yu-Gi-Oh GX Fa...by LukeTheDuke465
Duel Academy has once again started accepting new students hoping to be the best like those before them. There is one duelist in particular that his skills in dueling ca...
The Gladiators' Empress (Yugioh GX x FeMC) (ON HOLD!) by HTDcheck
The Gladiators' Empress (Yugioh GX...by HTD
Y/n. A girl whose past is a tragic one. Both her parents passed away due to an accident. Since then, she only depends on herself and lives a lonely life, which leads to...
Yu-Gi-Oh GX X Male Reader: Monarch Of The Academy by RapidJuggler
Yu-Gi-Oh GX X Male Reader: Monarch...by Juggler
Many Duelists apply to Duel Academy, but unfortunately, not all make it! You were part of a group of street rats in Domino City! Three of the five of you applied but unf...
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes White Dragon? (Seto Kaiba x Female! Reshiram OC ) by BlazetheReshiram
A Dragon similar to Blue eyes Whit...by Blaze the Reshiram
Yugioh/ slight Pokemon cross over!One day during a duel between Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto a strange white stone falls from the sky and into the duel arena. To the young C...
Into The World Of Yu-Gi-Oh [Book 1] by SpartanB137
Into The World Of Yu-Gi-Oh [Book 1]by SpartanB137
Icarus Shadows is a normal teen girl that loves playing duel monsters. But one day gets to explore the world in Domino City. But for what reason was she brought into the...
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male OC Reader ) by Thatboihee
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male...by Thatboihee
(Discontinued for now) Dante Stryker a boy with cards given to him by his father wants people to see the power of them. But when people first see them they don't think m...
Galaxy Duelist ( M! Reader X Yugioh GX X OC's ) by LukeBraniff
Galaxy Duelist ( M! Reader X Yugio...by LukeTheDuke465
Y/n Tenjo, also know as " The Galaxy Duelsist", joins his girlfriends in the Entrance Exam to Duel Academy. During his time at the academy, he encounters tough...
issei the supreme king by nejirexdeku580
issei the supreme kingby green chicken storm
issei a lonely boy because he had nothing special like his siblings the only happines he had was a deck of card of creatures he could see that others can't and it was th...