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Konosuba dragon born malereader by Pevusbass
Konosuba dragon born malereaderby Needles
(Y/N) is an average guy that one day got cancer and was hospitalized. There he was given a Nintendo switch by one of his friends with a game called Skyrim. Unfortunately...
A Dragonborn in the dungeon (Danmachi x reader) by AthleticWeeb
A Dragonborn in the dungeon (Danma...by AthleticWeeb
You lost. Alduin succeeded in destroying Tamriel. But you awaken in a new world where gods walk among mortals and mortals with a god's blessing known as Falna. How will...
Skyrim One-Shots by TheSarcasticRed
Skyrim One-Shotsby Ms. Inbetween
You know why you're here. (I am trying to update daily, and the one-shots are a minimum of 1000 words) No promise of lemons, but fluff will make multiple appearances. T...
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of the Dovahkin by McKellroy
Dragon Age Inquisition: Legend of...by McKellroy
As the Inquisition begins to gain strength all across Southern Thedas, an aging Dragonborn finds himself in the middle of a world so similar yet so different from his ow...
DNF's Daughter Y/N by X--J--V
DNF's Daughter Y/Nby XJV
You Make Your Own Luck Y/N is the daughter from Dream and GeorgeNotFound. She always was kept away from the others from the SMP, but when her dad (George, if Y/N mention...
Fairy Tail's Dragonborn by TheBlueKnight12812
Fairy Tail's Dragonbornby TheBlueKnight12812
In the story. I don't own fairy tail or Skyrim. I do own this book, and any OCS in it.
[AoT Levi x Dragonborn! Reader] Dovahkiin Is The New Cadet?! [COMPLETED/EDITED] by Espeones
[AoT Levi x Dragonborn! Reader] Do...by Espeones
[OLD BOOK | READ WITH CAUTION] (Y/n) (L/n)... Very cocky personality, but that doesn't mean she's isn't fearless and brave in battle... Known as Dovahkiin to many, other...
Bloodline {On Hold} by SuzzleH
Bloodline {On Hold}by SuzzleH
"I adopted Stefan, therefore I'm adopting you. You have no choice in the matter, just accept it." Damon narrowed his eyes at the girl. "So you're only...
Dragongirl by verinaeliz
Dragongirlby verinaeliz
Lyra a Mage of the Inquisition and one of the Inquisitor's Inner Circle has no recollection of her past . When a letter are found by an Inquisition scout questions on...
I am the Dark and Light (SAO Harem x Revan/Starkiller Male Reader) by JPPoole
I am the Dark and Light (SAO Harem...by JPPoole
You are in the world of SAO. I do not own SAO
Elder Souls: Nine Worlds (AU) (Story Dump) by Seal-Warden
Elder Souls: Nine Worlds (AU) (Sto...by Mickie Price
The idea scratch board for my Skyrim x Dark Souls x Norse mythology AU crossover. I'll just be posting short story material and world building ideas here, along with cha...
Skyrim : book 1 - the dragonborn found (continues in my next book)  by thedarklord86
Skyrim : book 1 - the dragonborn f...by Darklord86
My skyrim books series (or the first one) its a selana x male reader but our vampire will only appear in my fourth or third book
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences  [Requests Open!] by memeslovepoptarts
Skyrim Imagines and Preferences [...by memeslovepoptarts
Certain scenarios that feature Skyrim's finest! Imagines/Oneshots/Preferences of Skyrim characters. I'm pretty sure I didn't do these right, please don't crucify me. Unl...
❝Monsters don't get happy endings.❞ Rennen of Skellige was a sword-for-hire. A cold-blooded killer, a merciless assassin. She liked to think that a life of blood and bru...
The Darksield Chronicles, Book 1: Legend of Spyro by DragonLord39
The Darksield Chronicles, Book 1:...by DragonLord39
Coming from a destroyed world, Wraith Dragonborn has always been a unique boy. When a portal opens, and he is sucked into the world of Legend of Spyro, how will he survi...
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader) by CicerosListener
To Love A Fool~ (Cicero x Reader)by 🍒 & 🥵
Is it possible to love a mad fool? please for the love of god stop asking me to update i don't want to remember that i wrote this -🍒
Claimed: A Thieves Guild Fanfiction [Revised&Edited] by Herenya_Writes
Claimed: A Thieves Guild Fanfictio...by Herenya
Arsha is a thief, always has been and always will be, but once she was something more. She's gone to Riften to try and start a new life for herself, but she may get more...
Skyrim Randomness by element-of-laughter
Skyrim Randomnessby Emira! 😍
I need to make names for these... Just random things whenever I play Skyrim. I don't own the characters or whatever.