Dota O Ako?  by chbbychksss
Dota O Ako? by kris_tala
Kung papipiliin ka, sinong pipiliin mo? Dota, o ako?
  • love
  • sidestory
  • highschool
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Enigma | Jaeno/Nomin by hazeeraaa
Enigma | Jaeno/Nominby MOON TAEIL❤
ɪˈnɪɡmə noun | a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand, in which Lee Jeno was an enigma to Na Jaemin Inspired by; Freezing/Date a Live
  • nomin
  • jeno
  • datealive
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My Boyfriend Is A Dota Player by DaBrkenHrted-
My Boyfriend Is A Dota Playerby Eysi-
Keifer Drake Hildred Ramos transfered to Hildred University along side with Seid Santos and Joshniel Santos. They meet Keanna Delos Reyes a certified IT girl from the c...
  • teens
  • teenfiction
  • fictitious
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Type Kita... by booboostories
Type booboostories
"Crush talaga kita, noon pa. Hindi mo naman napapansin kasi sino ba naman ako kapag nandyan siya? Para lang akong isang hangin sa isang hardin. Nararamdaman mo, p...
  • dota
  • type
  • highschool
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Ms. Nobody Meets Dota Player Master by TheHeartbrokenQueen
Ms. Nobody Meets Dota Player Masterby Abigail Mavis
Naranasan mo na bang ma inlove sa isang dota player?
  • basketballvarsity
  • badboy
  • dota
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Dota 2 - Story Of The Sole Survivor by HoekawaTrash
Dota 2 - Story Of The Sole Survivorby Oyaoya007
"To be honest I hated you because you were kind of an asshole at first." "Same here.. Asshole." (I LOVE ANTIMAGEXINVOKER *SCREM*)
  • adventure
  • dota2
  • dota
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Be Strong by dotaningtias
Be Strongby dotaningtias33
Seorang anak perempuan yang bahkan tidak pernah membayangkan bahwa akan ada yang menyukainya. sangat pintar namun tidak terlihat
  • dota
  • geta
  • sweetcouple
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alfheim crossover by ClimaxF7
alfheim crossoverby ClimaxF7
A bunch of anime and non - anime characters mashup in one universe. Yuuki Konno is the protagonist in this story, she wants a great adventure in real life instead in vir...
  • crossover
  • misakamikoto
  • raijiinthunderkeg
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How They Fell. (On Hold) by Midnightalready
How They Fell. (On Hold)by Midnightalready
In which a girl with no importance or story finds a reason to her being. This story is based on life events and real emotions. The only thing completely made up is the l...
  • lol
  • romance
  • lots
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DOTA O AKO [Watty's 2017][Ongoing] by raveneng_jj
DOTA O AKO [Watty's 2017][Ongoing]by Jungkook's Wife
ITO POAY STORY NG DALWANG MAGKASINTAHAN NA MAGKAKAAWAYAN DAHIL LANG SA DOTA... Defense Of The Ancients o mas Kilala sa tawag na DOTA. Papayag ka ba na ang larong ito ang...
  • kilig
  • drama
  • humor
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Land of Dawn (Mobile Legend FanFiction) by SilverRequiem
Land of Dawn (Mobile Legend Johnny Joestar
Land of dawn is a many place where magical thing happens. but our of.many magic, there's one magic that kept hidden there for Million of year. Now Heroes from every dim...
  • zilongxmiya
  • aov
  • heroesevolved
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The Untold by Masked_Man98
The Untoldby Soroush Saghafi
Once the knells rang, The end begun. After several years full of blood, pain, glory and sacrifice, the Radiant and the Dire heroes come for the final battle. Once it end...
  • sad
  • untold
  • sacrifice
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ALLEN'S POINT by Lex_bolt
"Play all night, 'til you lose your sight." Because of that fucking red mark on Marvin's report card, he ended up yelling at his mother. He is depressed. He wa...
  • science
  • game
  • internet
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Dota o ako? by BryllBryanPon
Dota o ako?by Bryllsepter101
This story is about 2 bestfriends who are in love and plays dota ;P
  • girlfriend
  • boyfriend
  • pinay
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Dota Player Meet Wattpad Reader[Part 1](short story)ONE SHOT by jamaicaveral
Dota Player Meet Wattpad Reader[ ms.terious gurl
Unang sumasagi sa ating isip na kapag nagtagpo ang player at reader ay mawawalan agad sila ng time for each other. RIGHT? Pero paano kung magkita or nagkita na si player...
  • part1
  • dota
  • shortstory
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John Carter Woods by JohnCarterWoods
John Carter Woodsby Jeeves Christian Josol
John Carter Woods, who has a grade average of 77 passes the the entrance exam for the 1st year junior high at UM. He is an average guy or so thought by everybody. Not m...
  • sportsman
  • highschool
  • dota
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Diary of the Defenders by Tansy_Sid
Diary of the Defendersby Tansy_Sid
Ever wondered how the Dota 2 heroes would describe their life in a journal? We all love to read the lores. Why not just look at the lore from their point of view? Will a...
  • lore
  • dota2lore
  • dotalore
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Dota o Ako X One Shot by KittyMeowZxZz
Dota o Ako X One Shotby ParkJennie
Mahal kita. Di mo lang alam, di mo lang dinadamdam, busy ka ehh. Busy ka sa DOTA. Nanligaw ka nga pero lagi ka nalang DOTA DOTA DOTA! Nag sorry ka tinanggap ko naman P...
  • teenfic
  • dota
  • oneshot
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The Tournament by KawaiiKurwa
The Tournamentby KawaiiKurwa
Battle of Azathoth--a multiplayer battle that has found popularity all over the world. With the general public's improved acceptance of esports, high school student Vikt...
  • highschool
  • moba
  • school
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