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National Crisis: World of Warcraft x OC Nation Crossover by Mengersh
National Crisis: World of Mengersh Barrancas
The Empire of the Shield has been, via a major time-space accident in a secret research facility. The majority of the Empire is transported to Azeroth, and is placed on...
A Different Path by Bnemesis
A Different Pathby Rynn
The events at the Broken Isles did not end as foretold. The course was changed when the Champion of the Horde turned Outcast. Instead of fleeing when the Warchief was st...
Frozen: Wrath of the Lich King (Elsa / Arthas - Frozen / World of Warcraft) by darklordi
Frozen: Wrath of the Lich King ( Mathias_darklordi_Poupinais
In the kingdom of Arendelle. 3 years after the death of her parents, Princess Elsa is old enough to succeed her father. When her little sister Anna announces her intenti...
Of Fond Memories [Skyrim and WoW one shots] (Requests Closed) by TheDragonBreath
Of Fond Memories [Skyrim and WoW ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[Various x Reader] "Skyrim and Warcraft, both are a world of strife and ripped apart by war. There is little to no room for true love... or is it?". These are...
The One Who Sits Upon The Frozen Throne  by Snowbrawl
The One Who Sits Upon The Frozen Trippin
I am not good with descriptions so I will keep it short. Izuku Midoriya was betrayed by all of his classmates and teachers. Now what happens when he goes missing during...
The Legion's Catalyst -  Book 1 by NightElflady
The Legion's Catalyst - Book 1by A.J. Wright
** DOUBLE AWARD WINNER IN THE PROSE FICTION AWARDS 2017** Imagine finding yourself in Azeroth for real, a parallel universe of the game World of Warcraft and knowing of...
Karma & Gakushuu x Reader |♡| Oneshots by filhers
Karma & Gakushuu x Reader |♡| filhers
Gotta love the best boys. Quite slow updates, at least one new oneshot a week! Unless there's an overload of requests that is -3- Check out my more regularly updated Ka...
Andraste's Chevalier by Grand_Paladin
Andraste's Chevalierby Gallekryde
An Alliance Paladin on patrol in the Badlands travels by gateway to Thedas years before the chaos of the Fifth Blight. While trying to find his way home he is embroiled...
Angry Astartes Gamer X Multiverse by tfstories07
Angry Astartes Gamer X Multiverseby will hayes
A new guy with the gamer power, piloting the body of a space marine enters the field!!!! He's a Salamander, He's big, He's angry, and he's ready to tackle the new and ol...
I Know You. I'm Here For You (Khadgar X Reader) by bvmbled
I Know You. I'm Here For You ( d e v y
Khadgar X reader #8 in #warcraft #11 in #khadgar #288 in #wow
Akame Ga Kill X Male Lich King Reader by mj_90000
Akame Ga Kill X Male Lich King mj_90000
Hallo travelers come in and read about your self yes your self geting sent to the world of akame ga kill as the lich king.
Wrynn Windrunner by Leomills354
Wrynn Windrunnerby l4d hunter .
This is the story of my World of Warcraft Character Wrynn Windrunner
World of Warcraft:     Your Not Ready Little One (AU) [Story idea Adoption] by Donuocat
World of Warcraft: Your Not donutcat
Half Worgen & Half Dragon Male Child Reader/Hellenc X (Alive/or\Dead) Sylvanas Windrunner Adoptive Mother or Trainer/Guardian. Both Worgen blood, Death knight blood & Dr...
A Story of Redemption by Gabriel-Knight
A Story of Redemptionby Gabriel-Knight
My name is Thorbadin Fireheart. I was born in the city of Stratholme, and joined the paladin order while very young. Even if my life spun around the most important event...
Damage Done To The Soul by bluemoonwolfwarrior
Damage Done To The Soulby Bluemoonwolfwarrior
Kealhdrel, a rather bitter and angry Sindorei is separated from her mother Sylvanas Windrunner who is murdered by Arthas and becomes the queen of the undead. Keal does a...
World of Lovecraft by saria1983
World of Lovecraftby Saria!
i took two things i love and made it into a story involving world of warcraft and andy biersack For those of you that don't play i will include a thing of what the abbre...
Traversing the Maw (World of Warcraft Fanfiction) by VioletPending
Traversing the Maw (World of VioletPending
Welcome back to Azeroth, champion! Yet, perhaps a different Azeroth than the one you know. I joined World of Warcraft back in Legion and fell in love with the world I a...
Warcraft Sequel:The Next Chapter by tia0002
Warcraft Sequel:The Next Chapterby tia0002
| HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Warcraft | 17 years after the death of King Llane, Commander Anduin Lothar is still sworn to protect Azeroth from orc invasions and supporting t...
Funny Memes! by NatalieMowery
Funny Memes!by RaptorQueen&MemeGod
Funny memes I found on the Internet.
The Song of Lady Sylvanas by F0xtrain
The Song of Lady Sylvanasby Fox
Jukyenta, a young one of the Alliance, is sent to attempt to assasinate Lady Sylvanas, leader of the Forsaken. The young night elf finds herself instead immersed in the...