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Life Isn't What it Seems  by AnalisaRodriguez5
Life Isn't What it Seems by Analisa
Reality is hard for Georgia. At first she was a normal teen then a mutant turtle. Her life becomes of roller coaster with ups and downs. Follow her as you go through the...
  • raph
  • mikey
  • leo
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TMNT: Friends in the Shadows by L724345
TMNT: Friends in the Shadowsby L724345
Averi been through toughest things in life to handle for her to deal with by herself ever since that accident. But, one night her life changes after finding a injured mu...
  • donnie
  • 2012
  • mute
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Watch me Break  by Depressed_Talonye
Watch me Break by Bonnie Blue
I don't own the pictures---- This is my first story so no hate~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Mikey is slowing changing and his bros don't even realize it. He doesn't eat as much anymore...
  • depressed
  • leo
  • mikey
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TMNT x Lector (One-Shots) by giangarcia0706
TMNT x Lector (One-Shots)by GianGarcía
¡Hola! Aquí podrás encontrar one-shots de Las Tortugas Ninja, tanto creaciones mías como solicitudes tuyas. ¡Solicitudes abiertas! Lo único que tienes que hacer es dejar...
  • tmnt2012
  • donnie
  • michelangelo
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Tmn T truth or dare by IrridescantGrace
Tmn T truth or dareby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
U can join No smut or lemons
  • leo
  • truth
  • dare
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What If The TMNT Had Sisters?  by SimplyMartyna
What If The TMNT Had Sisters? by SimplyMartyna
This story tells a tale of the turtles, except now they have little sisters cheering them on, however Splinter did not know where did the girls come from, he figured the...
  • lemmon
  • love
  • tmnt
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What a Catch by DeadRussianWolf
What a Catchby DeadRussianWolf
Some people see the cup half full but Donnie and Grayson see it half empty.
  • suicide
  • hurley
  • donnie
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You don't make me feel like a wasted space... by sydatello
You don't make me feel like a Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Donatello is in a terrible foster home. abused, punched, kicked, and even stabbed. his foster parents Amide, and Takeshi wenry, buy him nice things making it look like h...
  • mikey
  • miwa
  • leotello
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In The Shadows by DemonPredaqueen
In The Shadowsby DemonPredaqueen
A kunoichi, running from her past, from her father. She finds safety in New York City with her new friend April O-Neil, but how long will that be? Will fate continue bei...
  • donatello
  • raphael
  • footclan
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The New Girl (Original ROTTMNT 2018 FANFIC) by PlaggNoir88
The New Girl (Original ROTTMNT PlaggNoir88
In the shadows of New York City.... The four ninja brothers and April are training hard for the rising mutant attacks of New York City. Soon however a new resident of NY...
  • leo
  • donnie
  • apriloneil
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Leo and Donnie's love stories (one shots) by sydatello
Leo and Donnie's love stories ( Leotello b!tches🤪💘
oneshots of Leo and Donnie's love story I take requests so leave some plz! Story by: Sydniebryant06 Cover by: @CuteLeoxDon Co-writter: @CuteLeoxDon
  • leo
  • oneshots
  • leotello
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Tmnt Swag/Punk Ask (#Wattys2018) by -doublefourandaplum-
Tmnt Swag/Punk Ask (#Wattys2018)by Ily 3000
Just comment questions and dares. :)
  • mikey
  • donnie
  • wattys2018
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Imaginary Friend (Three times) by VeronicaS189
Imaginary Friend (Three times)by Ronnie
Three times Leo is there for Mikey and one time he returns the favor. Imaginary friend Leo AU. Fluff and angst in equal measures.
  • tmnt2012
  • raph
  • ghost
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Tmnt12 human Au: The Ninja who loved me  by Gotham007
Tmnt12 human Au: The Ninja who Gotham007
Ever wonder if the turtles where secret Agents going on international missions and fighting bad guys ? Raphael was once a great secret Agent working for S.H.E.L.L...
  • leo
  • tmnt12
  • secretagents
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A whole new wold by GalaxyGiiirll
A whole new woldby GalaxyGiiirll
Mikey and his brother find themselves in a different strange dimension. They soon find out that this is their future. What will happen when they meet the war going in be...
  • raph
  • donnie
  • timetravel
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TMNT IMAGINES by aminottheking
Second times the charm!~ I wrote one of these really long ago, hated it and ended it. But, I love TMNT so much and I decided to make this book. So please enjoy, love you...
  • donnie
  • nin
  • readerinsert
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Unknown Ancestors | TMNT 2012 by illustrated
Unknown Ancestors | TMNT 2012by Kiera
Tabitha Kibo is the niece of Hamato Yoshi, and though the two know of each other's existence, they've never met face to face. Aika Kibo (previously Aika Shen), Tabitha'...
  • michelangelo
  • hamatoclan
  • donatellohamato
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raph x leo by ISAB2ELLY
raph x leoby Isabelly Gonçalves souza
  • raphnardo
  • leo
  • raphxleo
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tmnt royal by IrridescantGrace
tmnt royalby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
tmnt au where the turtles are royal splinter: king loyal caring protective of his sons leo: oldest prince in royal guard loyal to his father age:13 raph second oldest c...
  • mikey
  • splinter
  • leo
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TMNT RPby 🐯Tiger🐯🐢TMNT 🐢
The title says it all
  • tmnt
  • pizza
  • donnie
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