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instagram || next generation by lxmos_nox
instagram || next generationby Maddie 💕✨
when the children of Harry Potter get Instagram I ONLY OWN BELLE AND GEORGIE
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Instagram- Harry Potter Next Generation by x_reign_x
Instagram- Harry Potter Next annie
The instagram feeds of the next generation Weasley/Potter clan, one Malfoy, and two scamanders + my oc's.
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Harry Potter Next Generation Instagram by bluefire500001
Harry Potter Next Generation kraken
The next generation on instagram. I mean the title was pretty self-explanatory. disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine if it was cursed child would have never existed...
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Her. A Wayhaught Story by ProcrastiNATION007
Her. A Wayhaught Storyby Angeli007
What happens after the camera leaves Waverly and Nicole? This is everything the TV 📺 doesn't show them doing. How they really feel and their steamy sex life. May the br...
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The Broken Time Turner  by Always_bookworm_
The Broken Time Turner by loser
The Next Generation travel to Harry Potter's 6th year!!!
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A story of the next generation of Harry Potter! Read to see what happened to the kids of our beloved characters! A must read for all potterheads! NOTE: This is a fanfict...
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Dominique by MidnightHerondale
Dominiqueby Midnight
There came a new Shadowhunter to the New York Institute: Dominique. But... she is quite shy. She has a secret, but... secrets are meant to be told, aren't they? *by the...
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Harry Potter Next Generation Instagram by Rosie_Flames
Harry Potter Next Generation ☆ Rose ☆
PART 2 OUT NOW!!! Well, the next generation from Harry Potter gets instagram. • You can always ask for a few things to write, but don't get disappointed or mad if I don'...
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teen spirit • social media by geek_22
teen spirit • social mediaby s y d n e y
harry potter next generation instagram watching our favorite characters kids experience life through social media all rights, except my ocs, go to JK Rowling **NO SMUT**
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Dragon of Legend: Deception (BK3) by voif1d
Dragon of Legend: Deception (BK3)by voif1d
500 years in the future, out of the ashes of her ancestor, a new black dragon has risen. Once again the Rider of Legend is called on upon to help and defeat this evil. Y...
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Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) SAMPLE by voif1d
Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) voif1d
A new challenge appears, a new battle begins. Once again the Rider of Legend must fight to save the lands, only this time she finds herself five hundred years in the fut...
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Just Another Weasley||Dominique by ArianaGJordan
Just Another Weasley||Dominiqueby Scar
Dom Weasley. No Delacour nonsense just a Weasley through and Through.
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Harry Potter Next Generation Headcannons by bookobsessed13
Harry Potter Next Generation Olivia
Just a bunch of next generation headcannons. All my own ideas on what I think about the next generation, hope you like it.
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Carl Gallagher imagine  by carl_gallagherr
Carl Gallagher imagine by carl_gallagherr
The title says it all also there might be some smut.
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Dazzle ◬A Harry Potter Next Generation Story◬ by Scarlet_widow1103
Dazzle ◬A Harry Potter Next 】Agent fangirl 【
❝Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it.❞ With the end of Voldemort, began a new era. A fresh start. A new and happy beginning. the era of the next genera...
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K-Radio | Kn by GarlicChowder_
K-Radio | Knby Seya
Si DJ Langit. Ang babaeng sumikat nang dahil sa radyo. Ang babaeng walang ibang ginawa kun'di ang manlait ng kapwa. Pero 'wag ka. Gustong gusto siya ng madla, dahil laha...
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Très Belle [James Potter II] by ali_book_reader
Très Belle [James Potter II]by Alice
Harry Potter Next Gen fanfic! Arabella is a cute little first year, excited to be going to Hogwarts, when her hopes are crushed by continual bullying from James Potter...
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James Sirius Potter I will kill you by TheForkQueen
James Sirius Potter I will kill youby The Fork Queen
James Sirius Potter, a time turner, a startled cousin, and angry girls are not a good mix. What happens when they do?
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Skin Without Freckles by Lexylibs
Skin Without Frecklesby Hypocritical Pot
Dominique Weasley had very few traits that would link her to the Weasley family. Inheriting the silvery hair of her mother, some may see that as a glorious colour, yet...
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Harry Potter Next Generation Headcanons   by AllINeedAreMyBooks
Harry Potter Next Generation AllINeedAreMyBooks
Headcanons, conversations between them and short stories for the next generation. Everything belongs to J.K Rowling, some headcanons are inspired from Next Generation Co...
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