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A beat that matched mine ! A MaNan FF- Completed by sippu14
A beat that matched mine ! A sippu14
A love story well tuned with perfect Music. #1 on 31st July 2016 ❤️ Cover credits: @shivu_05
  • mukbhi
  • wattys2017
  • manan
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Arika ( Plus size Romance)-Completed by crazybbwwriter
Arika ( Plus size Romance) crazybbwwriter
What happens when plus size arika gets married to her hot childhood crush ( who loathes her).Read the story to find out
  • marriage
  • size
  • dev
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Tanpura Love Don... by strangerincity
Tanpura Love strangerincity
Short story about two different person's, came from different background, meet again & again, fallen love.... Recreate the things for love
  • wattys2018
  • tripura
  • ktbm
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short story: kuch iss tarah by overthinking019
short story: kuch iss tarahby krishna
"I'm sorry, I can't marry with you, tumne mujhe time diya tha, tumhe haan bolne ke liye, aur maine tumhe haan kaha tha, tab mujhe nahi pata tha, last moment par muj...
  • pia
  • hurt
  • arika
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TS on AriKa: Anniversary... one day of life by strangerincity
TS on AriKa: Anniversary... one strangerincity
We both are couple for whole world, 2 years done to our marriage, our marriage was arrange, it's properly arrange by relatives & parents!!!! In bedroom we both are stran...
  • karrletubhimohhabat
  • arika
  • ktbm
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Tipsy Topsy marriage! by pabhi29
Tipsy Topsy marriage!by Abhishek Panchal
"am your drunk wedded wife!" Her words fell like an boulder on his reality . . . . . . "you are my HERO! You saved me!" A tipsy topsy marriage of tw...
  • wattys2019
  • romance
  • bhi
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Kuch Pal by sleeping_soul07
Kuch Palby scarsOFlove
"A dreamy ride into RAYA loveland...." Ram is a buisness tycoon and priya is a simple teacher...both of them had lost their hope to find their soulmate,but who...
  • ramkapoor
  • love
  • destiny
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AriKa OS - You are my favorite mistake! by Savage_Tipsy
AriKa OS - You are my favorite Tiripu & Kung Fu
This is a flawed story....of two imperfect souls...reconciling their mistakes in their own flawed way!
  • karrletubhimohabbats3
  • tipsy
  • pandapandu
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RaYa: We are just friends by RaShiForever
RaYa: We are just friendsby RaShiForever
She- He is not my boyfriend but I do love his smile, his laugh, his hugs and being with him. I love him but I am not in love with him. He- She is one person with whom I...
  • balh
  • arika
  • badeacchelagtehain
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Youngblood by trailblazer172
Youngbloodby Navyia Nagpal
'I don't need a perfect you, all I need is you.' A few lines can change the situation. A few lines can change your feelings towards a person in particular. What happens...
  • bestfriends
  • jealousy
  • arika
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The Compromise by aastha2509
The Compromiseby Aastha
"Mr.Kapoor stop..." , Priya said "What should I stop Priya? Specify please?" Ram said with a lopsided smile playing on his lips Priya hesitated to a...
  • balh
  • indian
  • raya
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One Shot Collection's by strangerincity
One Shot Collection'sby strangerincity
One shot's on RaYa & AriKa
  • priyasharma
  • karan
  • peehu
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The International Days by pabhi29
The International Daysby Abhishek Panchal
The Valentine's week is ever famous among the world the couples around look forward to give surprise to their better half similar is this story A story of two different...
  • acche
  • priya
  • bhi
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OS: And they lived happily ever after!!! by crazyhuman10
OS: And they lived happily ever crazyhuman10
Take on Tipsy-Karan on how Palash should have been handled lol
  • arika
  • ramsakshi
Warada - Ketika waktu menjawab segalanya by kadredyan
Warada - Ketika waktu menjawab kadredyan
Pagi itu, adalah hari pertama Reza Nugraha resmi mengenakan seragam putih abu abu, hari dimana dirinya dipertemukan oleh bus jemputan sekolah dengan Arika. Murid baru ya...
  • highschool
  • sma
  • romance
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Lifeline: the Second Story  by dtylan23
Lifeline: the Second Story by Dtylan23
(This is based off the game lifeline 2) In this story we follow Arika lanphear (this does not come after my other book)
  • lifeline
  • lifeline2
  • arika
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The Jeweled Box by PlumMoonbeamDelight
The Jeweled Boxby Wouldn't you like to know. St...
Arika lost almost everything at the age of four, and has been living with her parents' closest friends ever since. Now fifteen, she discovers what her most prized posse...
  • allergy
  • cia
  • beaver-lee
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Last  Hope [1/1] by Lyla_ss
Last Hope [1/1]by N.W.S.S
Harapan terakhir untuk tahun yang akan berakhir, Sebuah permohonan sederhana dari napas yang akan terhenti. This is my hope, my last hope 14 Juli 2018 Stella
  • friend
  • smacakrawala
  • durma
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AriKa OS: Bas Itni Khata Hai... by crazyhuman10
AriKa OS: Bas Itni Khata crazyhuman10
Karan and Tipsy sorting out their issues.
  • arika
  • ktbm
  • ramsakshi