DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction)

DiNozzo's Kid (NCIS fanfiction)

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Caler Jo Hyden By caler_jo_hyden Completed

"Wait, what? She really is my kid who's five years old?" Anthony DiNozzo asked shocked as he stared at the screen with the DNA results of his and a kid who showed up at NCIS not to long ago. 

Rowan Price isn't your average five year old girl. She's a kid genius. She can already hack into computers and fix machines and even do good in forensics. She skipped a few grade levels compared to her other classmates. 

She shows up at NCIS one day with her mother missing and maybe Rowan's the only one who knows what happened to her. 

What happens when her father,  whom she has never met, wants to be in her life? Will he step up to the plate? Find out in this book. 

All rights go the creators of NCIS. Only thing that belongs to me is my characters and the plot of my version.


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