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The Successors {Dark fall} by BlazeyWriter
The Successors {Dark fall}by BlazeyWriter
What if they succeeded on making Leon pregnant? what would happen to the kids? would they encounter such unpleasant life? When you get twins its normal to have a favorit...
Where have you been? (Dark Fall x Tcf) by Kafkuuu
Where have you been? (Dark Fall Kafkuuu
!¡ My AU ¡! Cale and his harem is Leon's parents, but due to a mistake that GoD (😒) made, Leon got transferred to the Dark Fall world. Now, Cale rescues Leon and teache...
Darkfall sheeshy ship by SaneyyyZusu
Darkfall sheeshy shipby Sane
More random and weird okay Sheeshy smut🤧🤧🤧🤧
My Angel ( Dark Fall) by rpmart
My Angel ( Dark Fall)by Princes Midnight
Mephisto and Berly found some thing intresting, which will changed Mephistos life forever.
MY THREE MAFIA'S HUSAND'S  by Vladislavle06
The tree mafia's is so obsessed and possessive with me and they started the battle to win my heart, if who will win, the champion of the battle, is To Choose who will b...
Dark Fall React To Leon Boyfriend as Cale Henituse by yuunikurin
Dark Fall React To Leon Y/N_Reader_OC_Yuuni_Kurin
Explaining : leon was at roan kingdom, he just keep seeing a beautiful place as he keep exploiring everywhere until leon meet a man his hair colour red and eyes grey he...
[SPOILER] Para inicio de conversa, a ideia da obra ICONOGRAFIA DA PORNOGRAFIA começou no final do ano de 2019. Ressaltando que, acoplado a ideia ou, melhor dizendo, a id...
Code Adam Oneshots (Webtoon) by Scarthora1280
Code Adam Oneshots (Webtoon)by Scarthora1280
I have been wanting to do this for soooooo long... ok so this is by far my fav Webtoon ever! I'm really excited about it and I hope y'alls Like it! ALL RIGHTS TO ATTERO...
Less Then Human by AnimeEagleScout
Less Then Humanby Joeseph Moore
Izuku is a cop in America when the world's augmented humans go crazy. Izuku's work visa is nulled since the new augmented laws go into effect and has to go home. back in...
Os Anjos Também Sofrem by Mimoria936
Os Anjos Também Sofremby Gelson Mimoria
Como pode uma criança de início de vida surpreendente, até para si mesmo, mergulhar em uma vida de sofrimentos indescritiveis? . É pra você fazer seu julgamento. Mas tod...
Conversation Enlightening by LCB_Wolfie
Conversation Enlighteningby LCB_Wolfie
Quando você está confuso sobre algo, o que você faz? Isso mesmo, você pede ajuda a alguém que entende mais sobre o assunto. No caso de Castiel não é diferente, mas o anj...
Random Code Adam Webtoon Stuff (ON HOLD) by DrConas44th
Random Code Adam Webtoon Stuff ( DrConas44th
I've decided I'm contributing to this Webtoon because I love it and I haven't seen that much works about it yet. So if you haven't read the Webtoon, then what the heck...
The Seraphim: A Cyberpunk Novel by dbpatrick11
The Seraphim: A Cyberpunk Novelby D.B. Patrick
A cyber-engineer with countless national secrets and a Ministry treasurer go missing. A globally-wanted terrorist launches the greatest spree of attacks since the Succes...
peça (A NOIVA ADORMECIDA) by MatheusBarreto043
peça (A NOIVA ADORMECIDA)by Matheus Barreto
The boy without a home by AniSkywalker613
The boy without a homeby Noctis
Das Leben war hart, besonders in dieser Zeit in der wir lebten. Prag glich nicht mehr der schönen Modernen Stadt wie früher. In jeder ecke herrschte Krieg, sinnloser Kri...
Apocalipse by LeonardoFeitosa3
Apocalipseby Leonardo Feitosa
" O Céu esta um Caos, Trombetas soando porem Deus Havia desaparecido, os muros do infernos estão caindo e Lúcifer esta preste a ser solto sobre a terra, Será que M...
The adventures of Adam Jensen by Jawesomegamer1
The adventures of Adam Jensenby Jawesomegamer1
This is going to be a continuous collection of stories that I make up about Adam Jensen. If you have not played Deus ex: Mankind Divided then you will not be able to enj...
deus ex oc x rwby by altra-spartan-13
deus ex oc x rwbyby
only three beings cared about him and yet they tried their hardest to keep him safe but in the end the rest of the family didn't care when he disappeared all they cared...