"Together to make A Family"

"Together to make A Family"

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Rebel_Writer65 By Rebel_Writer65 Updated Feb 07, 2018

Danny was exposed to ectoplasmic radiation when his mother was pregnant. This, of course, made him a half-ghost! When his family found out about his 'condition' when he was 3 they didn't hate or neglect him. They were still the happy Fenton Family!

... Until the GIW found out...

They killed the Fentons and captured Danny to turn him into a weapon. For 2 years poor Danny has been abused, tortured, and starved for his powers. But one day, they move 'Weapon Phantom' to none other than Gotham City! When Batman finds out about the situation he takes Danny in. Can Batman and co. help heal old and new wounds?

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