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President Daddy Super Awesome  by LiondeLeo
President Daddy Super Awesome by Leonardo Leo
In order to take away her father's shares, her husband colluded with her bestfriend to set her up. A divorce was thrown at her face and she was forced out of the house...
Five Villian Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me by _aria_6_7
Five Villian Daddies Are Aria
Ye Sang's daddies were all villians wicked beyond redemption who were doing bad things in the world. Eventually they were all killed by male lead! And so, she had to hug...
The Sickly Youngest Member of the Villainous Family악당 가문의 병약한 막내님 by AshleynicoleDionisio
The Sickly Youngest Member of Ashley nicole Dionisio
Description I was reincarnated as "Sasha Winchester," the youngest daughter of the Empire's greatest villain family. "Sasha" is a presenceless extra...
The villain's daughter plans to run away/ 악역의 딸은 가출을 계획합니다 by AshleynicoleDionisio
The villain's daughter plans to Ashley nicole Dionisio
A*Villain's daughter-. Just read it.. , i may not translated it well.. But at the very least.. Its still readable, Just use your common sense..
A Heart's Wonder by therealpathoflife
A Heart's Wonderby Tina
Sivoné has always focused her mind on her family and her career but never felt what romance could do for her. James has always watched but never done. He knew she was t...
The Light that Guides Me by SlytherpuffMichael
The Light that Guides Meby Haunted Dreamer
Mike's 15th birthday was the day before he found this child in an ally way in Skipton. The child looks hungry, dirty and has a scar on his right wrist. Something happene...
Dirty Laundry by Xleo_personX
Dirty Laundryby Xleo_personX
Two boys meet at the laundromat That's literally it- well- they fall in love eventually ig🤷 Also, this isn't the Dirty Laundry that most people will know, I won't star...
Destiny play  by rita8824
Destiny play by rita8824
story of a two independent identities who came together for a cute child Kim Namjoon also known as RM member of world's most famous k-pop group BTS and a loving father...
Secret's In You by Unknownly-Yours
Secret's In Youby C-K-M
Rebirth In The Future?! Could that be called an adventure? ------ "Honey your suit is ready" Lexi teased him "Oh Dear could you please put it on me?&quo...
Yu Qingluo is a transmigrator previously known in the modern world for her marvelous medical skills and eccentric disposition. One day she transmigrates into the body of...
A Baby Raising a Villain 악당을 조련하는 아기님 by AshleynicoleDionisio
A Baby Raising a Villain 악당을 조련하는 Ashley nicole Dionisio
Somehow, I was adopted by the world's strongest villain. If there's a problem, its that i'm facing the death flag all the time? "Is this a way of you asking me to e...
Four and a Half Years Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers by Zhuyuri
Four and a Half Years Old Hoshino Zhuyuri
Nott My Storyyy!!!!!!! Nor My TRanslation!!! Qin's youngest daughter was frail and sick since she was a child, and was sent to Taoist temple when she was six months old...
Black killer whale baby 흑막 범고래 아기님 by AshleynicoleDionisio
Black killer whale baby 흑막 범고래 아기님by Ashley nicole Dionisio
Hi!... Shhhhhhshh im bored so.. Go read THIS. Well better be use your common sense. This might be a little confusing... RAWR! .. * One day, a little kiddo appeared be...