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Monsters x Reader by SuckerPunchMyGuts
Monsters x Readerby Deactivated
The MothMan Encounter by Schizts
The MothMan Encounterby T. Anthony M.
It is the 1960's in Point Pleasant West Virginia. Twelve year old Anthony Grizzle hears talk of a man sized creature around town. He goes searching for it but doesn't ex...
Siren head x Reader 😳👉👈 by Siren_head_is_daddy
Siren head x Reader 😳👉👈by Siren head bbg
Siren head is a creature that Trevor Henderson made and posted on his instagram and twitter by the usernames @trevorhenderson for Instagram and @slimyswampghost for Twit...
Scary Stories and Urban Legends by femenoodles
Scary Stories and Urban Legendsby femenoodles
A collection of the creepiest short stories! Some are my own and some I have found across the internet.
A Visit from Long Horse by elfordalley
A Visit from Long Horseby elfordalley
A small child receives an unexpected visit from a strange friend. This is my first fan fiction story. I loved the art of Trevor Henderson and like so many, Long Horse is...
🐙 || Art and Whatnot by theinkmarina
🐙 || Art and Whatnotby theinkmarina
I cannot draw hands. Or anything good, really. Enjoy the haiku.
TAZ Amnesty reader inserts by CrabbyHellfire
TAZ Amnesty reader insertsby Briefcase
These are all going to be oneshots unless otherwise specified! Requests and prompts would be lovely! I'm highly unmotivated in my writing but someone's gotta churn out...
Mythical Creatures [ON HOLD] by darkwatersabove
Mythical Creatures [ON HOLD]by Ky Farren
[CLOSED FOR REQUESTS] Welcome the the world of Mythical Creatures! Here you will encounter creatures from myth and legend. Some are kind and helpful while others would g...
Weird, unsolved mysteries of the world by CheetahGirl29
Weird, unsolved mysteries of the Saadiyah★
In this book you will find the most weirdest, unsolved mysteries of the world. Some baffled scientists for years but there isn't an answer to all these mysteries even af...
Skurdulka the Cryptid by FlyBiEnby
Skurdulka the Cryptidby AJ
(A Nonbinary Scary Story) My best friend is an idiot crushing on a jerk. Instead of eating peanut butter cups at his house on Halloween, I'm throwing rocks at Skurdulka'...
~Monster Hunters~ Book 1- The Bloody Hike: A Siren Head Story by fandomlover_21
~Monster Hunters~ Book 1- The Evee_;3_43
(Y/N) goes on a hike one day with their three other friends, Dave, Julie, and Mason. Once they go home and come back the next day, they noticed the dead body of Dave. Af...
Paper Cranes || Drarry by Treadmillofanxiety
Paper Cranes || Drarryby Treadin'
Draco had sent a paper crane to Harry during class. It was intended for Harry to open and see a crude doodle of himself inside, but Harry reacts differently than expecte...
After Dark | Spec Ops x Reader by DeathByAnarchy
After Dark | Spec Ops x Readerby 🃏 Garbagio 🃏
"My shift ends around five, if you'd like to know why this quiet town is anything but quiet, go ahead and stop by once I get home. Until then, try not to answer the...
Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of The World by CheetahGirl29
Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Of Saadiyah★
Seeing is believing. In this book you will find the most weirdest, unsolved mysteries of the world. Some baffled scientists for years but there isn't an answer or explan...
Cryptid x Reader One Shots by mothmanismybf
Cryptid x Reader One Shotsby mothmanismybf
a collection of one shots of some lit cryptids. request if you want I guess
CRYPTIDby E.C. Warren
Life in an RV is a life uninhibited by the dull monotony of routine. It sounds like an impossible dream for many young wanderers. For Jules, it's simply impossible to es...
You Better Kill Me First by KJskyx
You Better Kill Me Firstby James Wilson
Aisha couldn't let him die....right? In the year 2130, the veil between the human realm and the ethereal cracked. Tears have formed allowing humans to cross over and ent...
Skurdulka's House by FlyBiEnby
Skurdulka's Houseby AJ
The kids that nobody wants? We go to Skurdulka's House. The cryptid might now be "Ari"--and basically my goddamn helicopter parent--but they're still a cryptid...
Heart Of Ice (Wendigo x Reader) by Natsu_Deku
Heart Of Ice (Wendigo x Reader)by Natsu_Deku
Hi, this is a Wendigo x Reader story. You go to wendigo territory to see if they are real or not and have an unexpected experience with one of them.