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She's Different by GothNebula
She's Differentby GothNebula
Shadow used to be popular in high school but he's changed and has friends that are always nice to one another. But that all changes when a new student comes in and she w...
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Traveling hearts (shadow x reader) Complete by X-DeanWinchester-X
Traveling hearts (shadow x reader) Dean Winchester
It's been five years sense you and your sister (Mia aka me) saw your brother Sonic. You girls decided to move near him. You girls visit him and his friends, and have a v...
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Sonic Crew on Facebook by LostInYesteryear
Sonic Crew on Facebookby LostInYesteryear
What if the Sonic gang had Facebook? Relationships, friendships, posts around every corner, even Eggman doing what he does best. What goes on in the life of Sonic and hi...
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Kingdom of Rules (KOR) Book 1 ✔ by Anime-Sensei-Chan
Kingdom of Rules (KOR) Book 1 ✔by AnimeShooter29
In the world called Earth. In the land called mobious. It is free to make a decision but there are rules that forbid to all citizens and they must follow it. And that r...
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ShadAmy Chapter 1- One Night by Shadowspuppy
ShadAmy Chapter 1- One Nightby Shadow'sPuppy
Sega company hosts a ball at their head quarters! All the characters gather for a fun time, music and food, and friends from all over! But two hedgehogs are looking for...
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The Legend of the Merhog by HeartOfGold1223
The Legend of the Merhogby HeartOfGold1223
This story is written by @HeartOfGold1223 and @OPT_CleOne aka @Sapphirethehedgecat DISCLAIMER: We do not own the cover art, the art in the story unless We say so, or an...
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Jayde the Hedgehog • By Your Side [3] by LostInYesteryear
Jayde the Hedgehog • By Your LostInYesteryear
COMPLETED Book 1: Jayde and the Seven Shards Book 2: Rising Adversity Book 3: By Your Side [A/N: definitely recommended to read the first two books to understand this st...
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A new born by skyline1205
A new bornby Akatsuki Haru
Few days after sonic dead, tails left the gang and live hidden somewhere else. Three years passed, one day tails is walking down the street. When he walking past the dar...
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Ratings • Sonic Ships by LostInYesteryear
Ratings • Sonic Shipsby LostInYesteryear
Just my opinions on Sonic Ships, don't be offended because they are MY thoughts and feelings about them... some I have never even heard of! :D Sonic and friends belong t...
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Love  won't  end (sonamy story) by Angelica_Maes
Love won't end (sonamy story)by Angelica_Maes
This is just another sonamy story
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Jayde the Hedgehog • Negative Rebound [4] by LostInYesteryear
Jayde the Hedgehog • Negative LostInYesteryear
Book 1: Jayde and the Seven Shards Book 2: Rising Adversity Book 3: By Your Side Book 4: Negative Rebound [A/N recommended you read the first three books to understa...
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Human SonAmy: Werewolf Curse by GothNebula
Human SonAmy: Werewolf Curseby GothNebula
Amy Rose and her parents move to a new house in Station Square to start a new life. She meets a blue-haired teenage boy at high school but notices that he's been acting...
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SonAmy: Creature of the Forest by GothNebula
SonAmy: Creature of the Forestby GothNebula
Amy the pink gypsy is being forced by King Scourge to marry him but she runs away and is saved by a blue mysterious non-mobian wolf that is actually a shape-shifter, kno...
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Sonic ships- one shots and stories by 1bunnylover
Sonic ships- one shots and storiesby 1bunnylover
In this book will be my collection of old sonic related ships. There are plenty of typos and some are pretty ruff, but hey I just started writing when I made them, so ju...
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Sonic Truth or Dare by zfinn123
Sonic Truth or Dareby zfinn123
What happens when the sonic gang plays truth or dare... A lot of craziness that's what Shippings include: sonamy taiream silvaze ...
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Sonic & Friends Fanart by Multi-FandomWriter
Sonic & Friends Fanartby Master & Padawan
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, And more! I DON'T OWN ANY ART IN HERE! Big thanks to @SmashBrosChamp for the cover!
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Shadamy : Life Is Amazing {COMEPLETE} {UNDER EDIT} by RandomWriterO_o
Shadamy : Life Is Amazing { ~Toxic_Bakugou~
This story is about how Amy and Shadow started (after highschool) P.S. Don't judge the couples in this story (Sally is in this story, but she's not going out with nobody...
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Chaos Rose by SonAmyGuy
Chaos Roseby Taylor Bass
Sequel to "Sunshine Rose" The Chaos Emeralds have been scattered yet again and Sonic and the Group must beat Eggman to the punch, but it's not as easy as it se...
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One Shots • Jayde by LostInYesteryear
One Shots • Jaydeby LostInYesteryear
Just a place where I'll write some one shots based on my OC, or bonus chapters, or original chapters that have been excluded from my books! Enjoy! --- ••• Copyright •••...
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Anna The Hedgehog: Season of the Witch by LoriTheKiller10-16
Anna The Hedgehog: Season of the LoriTheKiller10-16
On a planet called, "Earth-A16", which is an alternate dimension in the Sonic The Hedgehog universe, in the year 1991, a hedgehog that was born on the night of...
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