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Different by Itz_Danger
Differentby Itz_Danger
Don't you hate it when you get bullied for you're appearance and the way you are?
  • different
  • sad
  • funny
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The Consuming Darkness, A Short Story by completelynormal
The Consuming Darkness, A Short completelynormal
A Short Tale
  • disappearing
  • valley
  • shadows
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Consumed (Completed) by MuseofEpIcPoEtRy
Consumed (Completed)by MuseofEpIcPoEtRy
Darkened, and depressing times expressed through a lone woman. A world against her. Trigger Warning: While there is no self-harm, or violent themes mentioned in this boo...
  • broken
  • depressed
  • gloomy
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Assassin (A Prequel in the Valiant Series) by jesusfreak202
Assassin (A Prequel in the jesusfreak202
Sold into slavery by his own parents at the age of seven, Aidan has spent his life enduring torture and training. Now, as a fully grown man, he is an Assassin. He kills...
  • assassin
  • sold
  • torture
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Your Eyes Hide The Truth by SilentCriesAndLulaby
Your Eyes Hide The Truthby SilentCriesAndLulaby
Just some stories/ poems I wrote.
  • mind
  • darkness
  • consuming
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I Fucked Up.... by ToxicWaste638
I Fucked Tatiana
I have mommy issues, my moms a prostitute. And as school starts I meet Christmas boy, a guy who thinks the best way to give me a gift is to break into my house and leav...
  • wierd
  • time
  • girl
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Poems by nellie_salvatore
Poemsby Lindsey S.
A book of poetry that I hold dear to my heart. All by me.
  • love
  • lifelessons
  • consuming
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Afterlife Saga by CraveDrave
Afterlife Sagaby Crave Drave
  • sylvia
  • vampire
  • love
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-Rants- by AmberSoccer28
-Rants-by Amber
Okay so Hey guys I'm going to write you an adventure. I can rant for minutes to almost hours on end and I love writing them because they get so much off your chest sooo...
  • music
  • friends
  • weird
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Drowning in Darkness by CaseyLoo
Drowning in Darknessby Casey
She's running. As far away from him as she can get. He's looking for her, hunting her down, and when he catches her, there'll only be darkness to consume them both.
  • satan
  • consuming
  • chastity
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Inside my head.  by ReddingtonR
Inside my head. by Reddington
  • feelings
  • owning
  • rather
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Dust in the Wind: The Undoing of Malachi King by KingMalachi1
Dust in the Wind: The Undoing of King Malachi
My name is Malachi King and this is my story. This isn't a story about lost love. This isn't a story about new beginnings or wedlock children. This is a story about the...
  • basedonatruestory
  • fiction
  • teen
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consuming love by storyblast
consuming loveby storyblast
soulmate -a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. do you believe in that ? well that definition its just technically, im Alice and im...
  • subway
  • frienship
  • drama
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In Between Myself And Lost by Beau_Lotus
In Between Myself And Lostby Flowerchild🌺
I'm unsure of where I should start. Perhaps the beginning or possibly the ending.. Maybe the parts that are burned the deepest in my mind; I know where to start, my begi...
  • hate
  • boss
  • hotel
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Consumed by Darkness by reyesjoseph105
Consumed by Darknessby Joseph Reyes
This short story is about a boy who suffers through emotional pain and starts to lose his sanity because of it.
  • depressing
  • breakdown
  • insanity
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Layers of Falling Love by WilliamDrevicky
Layers of Falling Loveby _my_own_weapon_
The thoughts of a high school guy going through heartbreak and happiness all the time. Confused with himself and trying to find his true self as he had thought he knew w...
  • findingtruelove
  • consuming
  • selfdestruction
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The Black Inside of Me by JohnManfredo2018
The Black Inside of Meby JM2018
A new work of my poetry. Going into an explaination of my depression and how i feel.
  • freewrite
  • pain
  • nothing
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