LOST AND FOUND ↠ Clarke Griffin by klarkgriffin
❝ I left everyone I knew behind, but managed to find everything I've always wanted ❞ When Clarke left everyone behind after mount weather, she expected and hoped to...
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Alycia Debnam-Carey Gif Imagines  by bravesalycia
Alycia Debnam-Carey Gif Imagines by skinny moon
Gifs imagines with Alycia and her characters. Enjoy.
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Hablarán De Ti Y De Mi [CLEXA AU] by PalmeraVanti
Hablarán De Ti Y De Mi [CLEXA AU]by Palmera Vanti
Clarke Griffin esta finalizando la carrera de secretariado ejecutivo y consigue la mejor oportunidad laboral de su vida en la compañía de seguros más importante de todo...
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Sucederá (CLEXA AU) by PalmeraVanti
Sucederá (CLEXA AU)by Palmera Vanti
Clarke Griffin cree haber tomado la mejor decisión de su vida al inscribirse en la carrera de Psicología ya que gracias a eso conoció a la que se convertiría en la mujer...
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Dorm 100 // The 100 AU by pladicus
Dorm 100 // The 100 AUby AJ
College is the new beginning for recent high school grads. Follow roommates Lexa and Clarke and their friends as they max out the college experience. EDITING 09 Mar 2016...
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Home by Winchestersaid
Homeby Winchester
home həʊm/ noun 1. The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. 2. A place that is still unknown to Nessa kom Trikru
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"they were just two lost souls,
young and desperate,
but they found each other,
and someway, somehow;
they helped guide each other's way." [THE 100] [SEASON ON...
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We Are One || Bellamy Blake [1] by kellymesweetz
We Are One || Bellamy Blake [1]by Kelly
❝Maybe you are not that good of a Queen to your people, Clarissa kom Skai Kru.❞ She is Clarke's sister, as close to a sister as it is allowed on the Ark. [BELLAMY BLAKE...
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Frozen In Time | a Lexa/You Fanfiction by unbrokenreflection
Frozen In Time | a Lexa/You Fanfic...by *\(^o^)/*
Born in 2020. Frozen in time in 2038. Nuclear Apocalypse in 2052... wait, what? - I wasn't supposed to wake up this early. I had another 15 years left yet. But that d...
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Gentle Hearts --Commander Lexa-- by rosapocapoca
Gentle Hearts --Commander Lexa--by rosapocapoca
A gentle heart is tied with an easy string--George Herbert The Commander was seen as hard, strong and untouchable by her people. She was seen as a cruel leader of savage...
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All Over Again • a Lexa/You Fanfiction by unbrokenreflection
All Over Again • a Lexa/You Fanfic...by *\(^o^)/*
『sequel to Frozen In Time』 After defeating Ice Nation and its queen, Y/N and Lexa truly believed that they could finally have their happily ever after. They were wrong...
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Another Love | Clexa (Completed)  by thestarryeyedreader
Another Love | Clexa (Completed) by Charlie
Clarke is getting married to Lexa, who is in love with Costia. Sometimes it takes a lot more than love, to make love work. Clarke Griffin, daughter of the Arkadian Chanc...
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Death for Blodreina (Octavia/You) by iijaureguii
Death for Blodreina (Octavia/You)by Daddy
"You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru! Choose!" The Red Queen says to me with the blood of my people splattered on her face.
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Like a boat (Lexa/You) by iijaureguii
Like a boat (Lexa/You)by Daddy
I suck at descriptions so you'll just have to read.
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Love is Weakness - Clexa AU by clexafan
Love is Weakness - Clexa AUby mia
Present day Clexa AU: Clarke Griffin is enrolled in a new school, Triground High. She's a junior, and she's only ever had 1 boyfriend, but she had to leave him when she...
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UnderStanding (Clexa) by Kashymcgraa
UnderStanding (Clexa)by Lesbian Corp
After the fall of the mountain, Clarke must decide how she wants to continue with her life. Who she is, who she has become and who she wants to be. She knows there is on...
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Heathens // Bellamy Blake // The 100 by AESTHETIC-ILY
Heathens // Bellamy Blake // The 1...by Lucy❤️
They loved each other from the age of 15. They had their daughter at 16. They got married at 18. Andrea believed that their love was forever but when he left her and the...
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You Complete Me || Commander Lexa  by un_known101
You Complete Me || Commander Lexa by un_known101
               ┑ ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘɪᴇᴄᴇ ɪ ᴡᴀs ᴍɪssɪɴɢ. ┕ ∴ The Ark never meant anything to me, nor did it's people. I was imprisoned since I was ten year...
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Warpaint | Clexa (Completed)  by thestarryeyedreader
Warpaint | Clexa (Completed) by Charlie
Grounders and Arkadians are warring clans living in the same vicinity. What happens when Clarke, a young prisoner is sent to Trigeda to kill the rival Commander, and en...
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Clexa - Belts & Buckles by HedaGriffenWoods
Clexa - Belts & Bucklesby HedaZzz
-Warning Lexa has a sex addiction -Lexa means well. -Clarke just wants to help. -(You can't help who you fall for) Lexa kept quiet back in Highschool, for reasons t...
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