Star Wars: One Shots by Jedi_Exile
Star Wars: One Shotsby Just_Some_Jedi
Hello, this is my first attempt at a story so if you have any advice, please tell. I will be always open to requests, but I usually prefer to do xReader. I will do short...
  • carth
  • romance
  • luke
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CEO : I WANT YOU by yoursibling
CEO : I WANT YOUby elzaajst
18+++ CEO : I WANT YOU *** REVAN HADIRA MAHENDRA MOST WANTED CEO. KAYA. TAMPAN. MUDA. siapa yang tidak mau. Setiap suara yang keluar dari bibirnya membuat kaum hawa mau...
  • alysca
  • love
  • ceo
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Star Wars The Clone Wars:Revan's legacy by bloodraven47
Star Wars The Clone Wars:Revan's Carmine
The clone wars has just begun. A Jedi with an unexpected destiny. A band of Misfit clone troopers being a symbol of hope. A Padawan with a struggle between the light and...
  • starwars
  • bastila
  • padawan
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The Unexpected Jedi #Watts2018 by Rumlowissexy
The Unexpected Jedi #Watts2018by Misha Skyler
Darkness is spreading throughout Middle-Earth and an ancient force that had laid dormant for 2325 years. Now the ageless one named Tallia has awakened, just in time to a...
  • bilbobaggins
  • kili
  • revan
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Rwby x Neglected sith Revan/Starkiller x sword art online by Reaperexe
Rwby x Neglected sith Revan/ Reaperexe
This not by me it was be Undead-Hunter so cheek him out he makes great stories. So you are neglected by Rose/Branwen/and Xiao Long. But I being nice so you hate atlas be...
  • neglected
  • adventure
  • swordartonline
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One Shots by ShinigamiKnox
One Shotsby ShinigamiKnox
My Random One Shots from Marvel and Star Wars.
  • vader
  • mandalorian
  • theforceawakens
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The Wish of One Affected the Other by Hawkebat
The Wish of One Affected the Otherby Sara Hawke
A Star Wars Alternate Universe T'aa Onasi had been robbed of her very manhood by the choices of her parents. Timothy Olsen always felt he should have been a her. This fo...
  • jedi
  • revan
  • genderswitch
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KOTOR/ SWTOR Moments by MasterSateleShan
KOTOR/ SWTOR Momentsby Satele Shan
Just the ups and downs and funnies of playing KOTOR and SWTOR!
  • theexile
  • meetrasurik
  • sithlords
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STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic by Revan_Reborn
STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Joey Perez
Four thousand years before Anakin Skywalker was born, the Jedi thrived as the guardians of peace in the galaxy. The Republic, weakened by a costly war with the Mandalori...
  • knightsoftheoldrepublic
  • jedi
  • workinprogress
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Wraith: Heir of a Darth by Ashabellanar4life
Wraith: Heir of a Darthby Victoria
My father, do not get me started on that man. He was the Revanchist, the Prodigal Knight, hero of the Republic. Someone any of their citizens would be proud of. But I...
  • clan
  • revenge
  • marr
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Rwby x neglected revan starkiller prototype by Reaperexe
Rwby x neglected revan Reaperexe
It like first story I made but you are a prototype and u be leia luke and han but team jnpr dorm cause they ran out out rooms.
  • rwby
  • starkiller
  • jnpr
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Star Wars: War For The Galaxy by SteponahenDay
Star Wars: War For The Galaxyby Galvatream
Another au of star wars rebels taking place just as Bo Katan arrives at the imperial outpost on Mandalore, then moves on to tell the story of the star wars Galaxy with t...
  • ezbine
  • starwars
  • owncharacters
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Star Wars the XReader Wars by TinyFics
Star Wars the XReader Warsby Chipmunk Fox
For those who want all the Star Wars juicyness on Wattpad.
  • anakin
  • obiwan
  • revan
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My Life Friend by raravaz
My Life Friendby Rahma
Perjodohan yang tak disangka sangka ternyata Arina manasikana dijodohkan dengan orang tuanya , awalnya Arin menolak tapi setelah melihat siapa calon suaminya itu, ternya...
  • teen
  • remaja
  • perjodohan
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KOTOR: Fleeting Moments by Starborngirl
KOTOR: Fleeting Momentsby Hidden Heart
This a collection of moments from KOTOR I, some with in-game dialogue, others just spawned from my imagination. Oneshots that are linked together, really. A collection o...
  • bastilashan
  • jolee
  • canderous
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The Desolation of a Jedi # Watts2018 by Rumlowissexy
The Desolation of a Jedi # Misha Skyler
Tallia Ren and Kili's Journey continues in this story that takes place during the Desolation of Smaug and leads past the Battle of The Five Armies. The veil of the dark...
  • starwars
  • fanfiction
  • fili
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The Fall of Revan by Ashabellanar4life
The Fall of Revanby Victoria
Before his fall Jedi Knight Revan was renowned for his skill and the hero of the Republic in the Mandalorian wars. Then for some reason he went into unknown space and ca...
  • forbidden
  • starwars
  • mandalorian
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Darkness comes for everyone, Ezra Bridger by Aria10191
Darkness comes for everyone, Aria
When Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka land on the forgotten, dark planet of Malachor, Ezra gets separated from the group, and with the help of Maul, gets his hands on a Sith holo...
  • starwars
  • rebels
  • knightsoftheoldrepublic
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Revan and Supergirl by Blank525
Revan and Supergirlby Jacob Mortlock
this story is about dc heroes meeting star wars characters and transformers.
  • supergirl
  • starwars
  • dc
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