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The Clone Wars OneShots by Rexsoka501
The Clone Wars OneShotsby Rexsoka501
Hello there! You'll find the famous ‚7 minutes in heaven' game in here but *drum roll* a Clone Wars edition I'll also post normal oneshots Feel free to request anything...
Building Attachment by esthermferguson
Building Attachmentby estherferguson
After much persuasion, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker agrees to take on a padawan. Anakin's world is turned upside-down when he meets Ahsoka Tano, a passionate togruta gir...
ROGUE → D. DJARIN by mss_fantasy5
"Where you go, I go" ***** After surviving Order 66, the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor; Jedi Master ARTEMIS BRYCE has seen i...
Back in the Game (Price Series, Book 3) by Sparkplug02
Back in the Game (Price Series, Bo...by Sparkplug02
The Clone War has resumed after its brief pause due to the fall of Chancellor Palpatine, who has been revealed to be Darth Sideous. Chancellor Kayla Kanai leads the Repu...
Sure Thing, Commander ✔︎ by traveling_wanderlust
Sure Thing, Commander ✔︎by 𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕖
~Rexsoka Fanfic~ Order 66 has just been ordered and clones everywhere are turning on the Jedi killing them for crimes against the republic. Ashoka and Rex have escaped f...
The Ancient Homeland  by -_PLUT0_-
The Ancient Homeland by 𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓲𝓮
Awaiting your 'Aunt', Cere Junda, on the planet Zeffo is the ultimate torture. It all changes though on a traditionally dreary and overcast day, where a woman who ha...
trust me | CAL KESTIS ✔️by CJ
"I can't help if you don't trust me." or in which a former stormtrooper becomes an unlikely ally to a former jedi padawan... [cal kestis x tn-0237] [takes pla...
Captain Rex x Reader  by takastrapi
Captain Rex x Reader by Taka
Rex x reader one shots! Some are set in the Star Wars universe and some are set in regular earth life. I am open for requests! I do not own any Star Wars characters in t...
 A Heart Full of Love || Rexsoka ✓  by GalaxyFever15
A Heart Full of Love || Rexsoka ✓ by ιη вσσкѕ ι ℓινє
She had always felt something special for him, like the Force was bringing them together, like their destines were meant to intertwine. He loved a Jedi. It wasn't prope...
Running by missroyalmess
Runningby Mac
What would happen if Ahsoka had told the council what Maul had said to her on Mandalore? Would the chancellor be stopped? Would Anakin still become Darth Vador? BACKGROU...
star wars preferences {editing} by bruhrronaa
star wars preferences {editing}by mrs. tsukkishima
Characters include: Anakin Obi wan Luke Characters belong to Disney and George Lucas I only own the plot Make sure to vote and comment!! I love it when you guys comment...
I'm not weak anymore..I'm now a Jedi Bullied/Abused male reader.   by JayWW3
I'm not weak anymore..I'm now a Je...by JayWW3
Hey this is my first story I know it may be really shitty but I'll try to make the story a good story to read..I also don't know how to put images and that in the story...
Star Wars Memes!! by Padawan_1
Star Wars Memes!!by Starshine
Pages and pages and pages upon pages and pages of Star Wars memes from all sides of the galaxy! (er, YES. sequels too. There's some good memes.) I also have a Harry pott...
Big hero 6: The broken promise (Hirogo) by ZW-7567
Big hero 6: The broken promise (Hi...by ZW-5052
(takes place two years after big hero 6 the series) "Hiro how wide spread is this?" "Karmi It's all of us, all San fransokyo forces have been ordered to...
Taking a Chance :Captain Rex x Reader/or your OC fanfic by Glitterqueen46646
Taking a Chance :Captain Rex x Rea...by Glitterqueen46646
You are a Jedi knight and strong with the force. You never wanted to fall in love in fear of turning into the dark side. You're views soon change once you meet captain R...
Can I save him? (Anisoka) by scftforahsoka
Can I save him? (Anisoka)by scftforahsoka
This story is a alternative ending and my own fantasy on the Star Wars Rebels S4 Ep13. if you haven't seen it I think this book has a little bit of spoilers in it, sorry...
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Love and War by darrelswonderland
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Love and...by Darrel's Wonderland
A 17 year old Jedi Padawan named Darrel Pullie, trains to be a Jedi Master. Then he meets an old childhood friend Ahsoka Tano. They became reacquainted with each other...
Clone Wars characters watch The Siege of Mandalore by soft-cactus
Clone Wars characters watch The Si...by 🥺🌵
Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda, Satine, Rex, and Cody watch the Siege of Mandalore (Season 7, Episodes 9-12) (Crossposted on Ao3) DISCLAIMER: I do not own the...
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Repairing Beyond Ambition - Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order fanfic by esgaroths
Repairing Beyond Ambition - Star W...by esgaroths
Cal Kestis and Altheeda Reeve have spent their teenage years, earning a living in the Scrapper's Guild at Bracca, with a friendly Abednedo; Prauf keeping a watchful eye...
Apprentice of Kenobi by Vigilante24
Apprentice of Kenobiby Vigilante24
Once Anakin passed his trials and became a Jedi, Obi-wan is immediately given the responsibility of a new Padawan. Sheira is a Miraluka with a strong connection to the f...