White Teeth Teens by splattering
White Teeth Teensby 𝐝
❝ glory and gore go and in hand, that's why we're making headlines ❞ when a series of murders take place in the acquisitive city of Bel...
  • mysterythriller
  • club
  • mystery
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Creepypasta Headcannons ||COMPLETE|| by Clockwork_Hates_Time
Creepypasta Headcannons || Voodoo Babe
HEADCANNONS are so-called "facts" about a TV series, book, fandom, etc. That being said, these are FAKE and are meant to be satirical and for (sick and twisted...
  • hoodieandmasky
  • eyelessjack
  • masky
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Fₒᵣ ᵀʰᵉ ₛₐₖₑ ᴼᶠ Yₒᵤ         by papilio2
Fₒᵣ ᵀʰᵉ ₛₐₖₑ ᴼᶠ Yₒᵤ by papilio2
- من برای شاهزاده کار می کنم. بک چند لحظه ساکت موند و بعد پقی زد زیر خنده و دلش رو گرفت. چان اخماشو تو هم کشید و نشان مخصوصی که داشت رو درآورد. - بیا اینو ببین این نش...
  • romance
  • chanyeol
  • chanbaek
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Bottom Text by PettyPercussionist
Bottom Textby asshole retard
shitposts in the form of literature
  • true
  • life
  • satire
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Matters of Mercurial Magic by Schlemiel
Matters of Mercurial Magicby Schlemiel
If you think you understand magic, think again. In all likelihood, you've probably got it wrong... Kalyk led a simple life. He was mostly content to continue farming and...
  • journey
  • fantasy
  • funny
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Truly Tiny Tales : Microfiction by csbegu
Truly Tiny Tales : Microfictionby C. S. Begu
Microfiction | An unexpected but galactically-correct assembly of tiny tales brimming with ambitious robots, agnostic aliens, identity-challenged cyborgs, kidnapped vamp...
  • microfiction
  • microtales
  • theaquilaawards2018
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Everything Wrong With Rise Of The Emperor by Fanfic-Sins
Everything Wrong With Rise Of Fanfic-Sins
Disclaimer: I do not hate any of the creators or even the fanfics I critique I just want to points out some of there flaws and have some fun so please show your support...
  • satirical
  • dxd
  • blade12
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Goodnight Sally by EvelynHail
Goodnight Sallyby Evelyn Hail
A micro-narrative about a wife who doesn't have the strength to stand up to her abusive husband, a crossing guard with a mean streak. Set in the north shore of Boston...
  • suspense
  • short
  • adultfiction
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The Truth Of Baptismonfire. by CrystalPeridot
The Truth Of Tyler The Unicorn
You may know baptismonfire. But do you know the truth about him?
  • theories
  • ôn
  • baptismonfire
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Inspector Gadget x me  by AlexTheGreatBoy
Inspector Gadget x me by AlexTheGreatBoy
A beautiful story of Inspector Gadgets duties
  • xoxo
  • satire
  • satirical
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Homecoming by EvelynHail
Homecomingby Evelyn Hail
A micro-narrative about a farm boy, now a successful businessman, who is coming home from a big city to seek out his former high school sweetheart. He arrives at his vi...
  • suspense
  • micronarrative
  • social
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Back to Nature! by Reffster
Back to Nature!by Alex Midwinter
If you can't trust a massive, global mega-corporation to sort out the ocean, then who can you trust? This 500 word short story is my entry in National Geographic's #Plan...
  • ocean
  • satirical
  • planetorplastic
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Fantastic Morals That You and Your Family Will Enjoy! by _ReTARDIS
Fantastic Morals That You and comRADe (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
Do you ever look for a book of morals, but it's always the same old hogwash, such as "The Golden Rule"? Look no more! With "Fantastic Morals That You and...
  • satire
  • morals
  • humor
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Seventeen Husband Games by ggohomme
Seventeen Husband Gamesby this is a gays only event
Ok but seriously why are you here. Okay whatever, this story is a story written by 3 drunkass hoes in class who don't give a fuck about anything. So this story is suppos...
  • woozi
  • satirical
  • jun
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The ballad of Sam Winchester's shoe. by MelanieLoveberg
The ballad of Sam Winchester's Mella Lovely
Have you ever wondered what happened to Sam Winchester's lost shoe? Well, here's the story told from the shoe's perspective. I hope all my fellow SPN fans will love this...
  • poetry
  • lost
  • funny
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After Action by dcarden314
After Actionby Dave Carden
"My job is to end the world. And for that service, I earn $55,352 a year." -Captain Mark Hudson, United States Air Force Global Strike Command The Martian meet...
  • unique
  • korea
  • shortstory
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My Secret Shame by Satire4Hire
My Secret Shameby Satire4Hire
In this satirical piece, I discuss my living situation of 2017, in which I lived in a large house with 20 other students.
  • satire
  • satirical
  • selfish
Those Darn Millennials! by Satire4Hire
Those Darn Millennials!by Satire4Hire
A satirical story mocking the all too common rude behavior of baby boomer customers
  • boomer
  • satirical
  • millennial
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Eli's Revolt by Huxleys_World
Eli's Revoltby Maccabee Huxley
A philosophical and satirical comedy. That is a historical fiction story of American Independence. The story takes place in Boston 1769, hostility between the American...
  • independence
  • americanindependence
  • bostonteaparty
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