Creepypasta Headcannons by Clockwork_Hates_Time
Creepypasta Headcannonsby Natalie Oulette
HEADCANNONS are so-called "facts" about a TV series, book, fandom, etc. That being said, these are FAKE and are meant to be satirical and for (sick and twisted...
  • janethekiller
  • slenderman
  • cuzwhynot
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White Teeth Teens by splattering
White Teeth Teensby — 𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒏
❝ glory and gore go and in hand, that's why we're making headlines ❞ when a series of murders take place in the acquisitive city of Bel...
  • multimedia
  • evil
  • drama
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Tiny Tales by EvelynHail
Tiny Talesby Evelyn Hail
This book is a collection of all short stories I have created, both mini and midi ones, written in the period of the past fifteen years. Some of them are award-winning...
  • short
  • erotic
  • satire
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Girl Guy Theory | ✔️ by 225lily
Girl Guy Theory | ✔️by 225lily
[COMPLETED] Girl Guy Theory (pronounced gurl gahy thee-uh-ree [or theer-ee]) Defintion: In which the girl falls for the guy instead of the guy itself After a viral tweet...
  • satirical
  • shortchapters
  • projectgiggle
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A Warrior Cats Cliche by Silvered_Skies
A Warrior Cats Clicheby ✿ṡıʟṿєяєԀ ṡҡıєṡ✿
Oh, the forbidden loves! Oh, the prophecies! Oh, the tragic backstories! Oh, the person narrating saying 'Oh' repeatedly! Oh, the seething, unholy ungodly unearthly acid...
  • satire
  • stoptakingthisseriously
  • comedy
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The Truth Of Baptismonfire. by CrystalPeridot
The Truth Of Tyler The Unicorn
You may know baptismonfire. But do you know the truth about him?
  • satirical
  • baptismonfire
  • theory
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Matters of Mercurial Magic by Schlemiel
Matters of Mercurial Magicby Schlemiel
Strange things are afoot in the kingdom of Rylvan, and Kalyk is none the wiser, hardly aware that he is in a kingdom, let alone the fact that it's put a target on his ba...
  • humor
  • journey
  • deadpan
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Chinese Mythology (With a hint of idiocy) by Eris1357
Chinese Mythology (With a hint Eris1357
Do you like myths? Do you like dumbass mistakes? Do you like plain idiocy? Come right in, I hope this brightens up your day.
  • dumb
  • fantasy
  • satirical
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Win-vasion by theryanlaplante
Win-vasionby Ryan LaPlante
[WATTYS 2018 SHORTLIST] Aliens have invaded the earth and surprisingly, they're! It's up to the best negotiator on the planet, Dirk Sanchez, to face of...
  • politcal
  • sciencefiction
  • alieninvasion
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Ambiguous by escapeasy
Ambiguousby escapeasy
Lelouch/Suzaku: Facing a surprise pregnancy is a challenge Lelouch feels he might be able to handle. The real problem is trying to figure out how the hell a male got pre...
  • seahorses
  • fluff
  • codegeass
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Caustic Angels by Unexistent
Caustic Angelsby Astral Disaster
"Angels are bestial; man is the animal" - John Balance. Caustic Angels is the story of the attempted and unlikely romance between two twisted souls in Boston...
  • allegory
  • donovan
  • sophie
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Bottom Text by PettyPercussionist
Bottom Textby supreme hentaiman
shitposts in the form of literature
  • satirical
  • roof
  • life
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Buzz Nightmare by hollynotsojolly
Buzz Nightmareby Holly Notsojolly
Colleen Cummings, a stay-at-home mom, purchases an object meant to relieve her of her everyday stress. Instead, she accidentally lets a harmful spirit unleash havoc on h...
  • imsosorryifyoureadthis
  • crack
  • possession
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Just Friends (Joke Version) by Lolthelol
Just Friends (Joke Version)by i walk a lonely road cause ev...
  • ihatemyself
  • teenagers
  • worststoryever
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Eli's Revolt by Huxleys_World
Eli's Revoltby Maccabee Huxley
A philosophical and satirical comedy. That is a historical fiction story of American Independence. The story takes place in Boston 1769, hostility between the American...
  • samueladams
  • britishsoldiers
  • satire
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The Ocean by MarinaBelle1
The Oceanby Michelle Sullivan
An original satirical short story about the issue of water pollution and the effects it may have in the future. * Although written and submitted for the #PlanetOrPlastic...
  • satire
  • planetorplastic
  • waterpollution
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existential crisis by adultmom
existential crisisby black lives matter
girl satire/an unlove story
  • nonfiction
  • girl
  • poetry
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Purge Trouble by Davidwillreturn
Purge Troubleby Yan Angel
Lucas is an egotistical, poor young man who works at Burger King. His friend, Jerald, who is stupid and a little more successful than him, is planning to steal from the...
  • comedy-drama
  • purging
  • crime
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My Vampire Peridot by The_wolf_of_time
My Vampire Peridotby SHeepwolfe
This is a joke Lapidot fanfiction inspired by Peridot's hella sharp teeth ANND it's also loosely inspired by My Immortal (if you've not read that, it's a very bad Harry...
  • fanfiction
  • satirical
  • lapidot
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Tyrone's One True Love by TheOncomingNerd
Tyrone's One True Loveby TheOncomingNerd
Tyrone loved Pablo more than anything in the world. It was too bad Pablo didn't love him back...
  • satirical
  • gay
  • backyardigans
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