When the Bus Stopped by ShelleyIn
When the Bus Stoppedby Shelley Iñón
When Lucy Falkwell loses control of her house bus on a lonely alpine road in New Zealand, she finds herself in the midst of opera-singer Alessandro Magno's latest music...
  • romantic
  • satire
  • bohemian
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White Teeth Teens by splattering
White Teeth Teensby 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐧
❝ glory and gore go and in hand, that's why we're making headlines ❞ when a series of murders take place in the acquisitive city of Bel...
  • california
  • evil
  • murderer
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Creepypasta Headcannons by Clockwork_Hates_Time
Creepypasta Headcannonsby Natalie Oulette
HEADCANNONS are so-called "facts" about a TV series, book, fandom, etc. That being said, these are FAKE and are meant to be satirical and for (sick and twisted...
  • funtoread
  • satirical
  • creepypasta
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Some Can Hear the Dark by ZTWolt
Some Can Hear the Darkby Z. T. Wolt
MAINE, 1992. Two children are baby-sat by a woman by the name of Julia Hunt while their parents go on their honeymoon. 2 days later Julia is found dead, the children mis...
  • firstnovel
  • happenings
  • horror
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Bottom Text by PettyPercussionist
Bottom Textby supreme hentaiman
shitposts in the form of literature
  • satirical
  • eric
  • truecrime
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The Tale of Earl: The 10th Grader by lex-harae
The Tale of Earl: The 10th Graderby Lex Hara
8th of August, year 2018. This story is brought to you by- Lex Hara A description hmm.. I don't know wtf. Should I describe the story or like what? I don't get it. WATTP...
  • comedy
  • satirical
  • lexhara
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The Chloenicles #1 by Aliceschmelice
The Chloenicles #1by Alice
Do you know what to do with your life? Do you know how to make the best of it an live every second to the fullest? Do you know how to follow your dreams? Well, neither d...
  • funny
  • humor
  • miranda
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Girl Guy Theory | ✔️ by 225lily
Girl Guy Theory | ✔️by 225lily
[Rewrite Coming Soon!] Girl Guy Theory (pronounced gurl gahy thee-uh-ree [or theer-ee]) Defintion: In which the girl falls for the guy instead of the guy itself After a...
  • romance
  • poc
  • biracial
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Poems to Help You Procrastinate by Lightning_Fox666
Poems to Help You Procrastinateby The Lightning Fox
[Ongoing] This is to satiate your guilty conscience. A collection of poetry written by me, unless otherwise stated. Some are sad. Some are funny. Some a satirical. Most...
  • poems
  • comedy
  • man
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Seventeen Husband Games by ggohomme
Seventeen Husband Gamesby this is a gays only event
Ok but seriously why are you here. Okay whatever, this story is a story written by 3 drunkass hoes in class who don't give a fuck about anything. So this story is suppos...
  • minghao
  • mingyu
  • seventeen
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Ambiguous by escapeasy
Ambiguousby escapeasy
Lelouch/Suzaku: Facing a surprise pregnancy is a challenge Lelouch feels he might be able to handle. The real problem is trying to figure out how the hell a male got pre...
  • bottomsuzaku
  • canondivergence
  • lelouchvibritannia
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The Erratic Blueprint of Desperation by disp320
The Erratic Blueprint of Daniel Stiles
Exploring the sanity of pursuing dreams, "The Erratic Blueprint of Desperation" follows the story of one author's desire for recognition. After years of failur...
  • fiction
  • generalfiction
  • featured
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Buzz Nightmare by hollynotsojolly
Buzz Nightmareby Holly Notsojolly
Colleen Cummings, a stay-at-home mom, purchases an object meant to relieve her of her everyday stress. Instead, she accidentally lets a harmful spirit unleash havoc on h...
  • vibrator
  • paranormal
  • crack
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existential crisis by adultmom
existential crisisby black lives matter
girl satire/an unlove story
  • satirical
  • girl
  • nonfiction
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American Catseye by kourtnienet
American Catseyeby Kourtnie McKenzie
Epic cat poem in the flavor of political satire. Meet Feline Society #337, Hooman #1, Hooman #A, and Orange Man's reptilian forces: the Babylonian Brotherhood, successor...
  • epicpoem
  • conspiracy
  • america
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Inspector Gadget x me  by AlexTheGreatBoy
Inspector Gadget x me by AlexTheGreatBoy
A beautiful story of Inspector Gadgets duties
  • satire
  • lovestory
  • xoxo
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Nature Of Politics (Fanfiction) by novelist95
Nature Of Politics (Fanfiction)by novelist95
A nation in a distant ocean has been beseiged and captured by another country equally distant. The new colony must now send its ambassador, Atlas Crayol, to the mainland...
  • politics
  • satirical
  • natureofpolitics
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The Sandal In The Toaster (A Pensive Satire) by GrahamChristian
The Sandal In The Toaster (A Graham Christian Ganahl
I don't know what life was like before I found the sandal in the toaster. I don't remember. However, I seem to be adapting to its presence remarkably well.
  • satirical
  • humorous
  • indianapolis
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annoying shit in fanfics  by spacedaddyanakin
annoying shit in fanfics by haha fuck off
warning: i am a vulgar piece of shit
  • robbiekay
  • humor
  • peterpan
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