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Anime Imagines (FxF) by SimpleTimes1
Anime Imagines (FxF)by StepOnMeKDLL
Animes that I'll be doing so far. Might add more -Attack On Titan -The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. -Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai -Akame Ga Kill -Violet Eve...
Meant to be? by Tiffan8ar
Meant to be?by Tiffany
Hi everyone. Yuzu is in University now, Mei left her with the letter. After years of not seeing each other they finally meet again. They discover that they have both cha...
You are special! by Stone098
You are special!by Stone098
Mei is one of the strongest female Alpha. More than that she is a hybrid. She is half werewolf and half Vampire. Yuzu is made as Omega by her pack as her parents died wh...
You Complete Me! by Stone098
You Complete Me!by Stone098
Mei Aihara - is the studious person who is getting transferred to Westmont high school. She is the beauty queen who both girls and boys swarm across her. But she is also...
Secrets Kept by Kohuto
Secrets Keptby KuroToNoir
When school delinquent Okogi Yuzu gets scolded for sleeping in class, she goes to the counselor's office and finds out that her grades are too low and might get her an e...
Jealous Wife - CITRUS by AnsonikoLovesMei
Jealous Wife - CITRUSby JerkyandMe
How jealous could Yuzu's wife possibly be? Not a lot, right? Right? (CONVERTED WITH PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR)
Love Like Woe [COMPLETED] by Moon_Burnz
Love Like Woe [COMPLETED]by Moon
What if Yuzu was a guy? Would things still be hectic? Pretty much, yeah... Citrus is still better as a yuri, this is my first fanfic of Citrus. Yui was a player and nev...
Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished] by Sushipugs
Dere~yuri:book 2[Unfinished]by Sins
Hello guys I'm taking a break from full blown stories. One shots are easier to make anyways. So this is book two of my yuri series I think. Anyways I though that since t...
Citrus alternative world (Hiatus) by mehidkwhattputhere
Citrus alternative world (Hiatus)by Gigi alvarez
When mei rejects yuzu a unexpected visitor arrives at the academy. Most of the characters aren't mine all credits to Saburouta.
Changing Seasons | Sebastian Sallow - Ominis Gaunt - Male!Reader by Stellar_Samwize
Changing Seasons | Sebastian Sam Luna
After the events of your fifth year tensions are high between you and Sebastian Sallow. Your feelings for Sebastian never swayed but you could tell his had. His eyes har...
► ► Citrus Imagines . by MxtsuriM
► ► Citrus Imagines .by B E S T G I R L
random one-shots huehuehue or just weird ass stories that comes to my mind xD Enjoy!
Lovers and sisters to no end ( Citrus Fan fiction) by samanthatsukino9090
Lovers and sisters to no end ( Samantha Tsukino-Hayashi
will mei and Yuzu cross the forbidden fruit lines? Will they ever know how to act around each other? Will they ever figure out what their kisses mean? Will they ever fig...
『《ᴄɪᴛʀᴜs: ᴇᴘʜᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟ》』  by LittleRubbles
『《ᴄɪᴛʀᴜs: ᴇᴘʜᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟ》』 by chaekkura uwu
"Hey, Mei. It's been a while hasn't it?" 7 years. 7 long years have passed. And they meet here. At the most unexpected place. At the most unexpected time. Well...
.:[Citrus]:. Laberinto by AlyWesker
.:[Citrus]:. Laberintoby AlyWesker
Las traiciones no es algo de lo que Yuzu este exenta
I am coming for you (Citrus, YuzuxMei) *COMPLETED* by Ihsnait_28
I am coming for you (Citrus, Ishi_pup
After Mei left Yuzu, Yuzu found out about her passion for Music so she left Japan after she graduated to pursue her dreams after 2 years of giving her best in her caree...
Citrus: Secret by Mizuruu
Citrus: Secretby hi there :)
Yuzu Okogi is an intelligent person but her attitude is crappy. Once she enrolls into her senior year at the Aihara Academy, one of her teachers resign for a personal re...
Kuroo One Shots by mrskurootetsurou
Kuroo One Shotsby mrs. kuroo
Just posted another part to Strip Club! As the title says, these are just a bunch of different one shots. A few may have a couple different parts since some people want...
yandere yuzu 😱 by microwavebeep
yandere yuzu 😱by dion
this citrus fanfic contains smut, little bit of fluff, gore and obsession 😕
Scars  by vectabitch
Scars by 🔝Ⓜ️3️⃣😩💦💦
Second Fanfiction wew this took me awhile eiidjsjs - heyYy if ur reading this, lemme tell u i regret writing whatever this shit 2 years after publishing but i'll just le...