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Four Seasons : Citrus by Riaaaaa1
Four Seasons : Citrusby Riaaa
Yuzu and Mei are finally together but what if there are things that they are still yet to find with each other? Will they become closer with each other or will it torn t...
Citrus Group Chat  by GaykermitBleach
Citrus Group Chat by _kermit_
These will involve groupchat and private chats between characters.
Yuzu-Onee is so cool that she always makes me feel loved. Thank you, my Onee-chan. I love you... - Mei .... In Citrus, Mei doesn't speak and express much. So, I took the...
My Master~ by CitrusMyLife
My Master~by Citrus Lover
"Wh-why are you getting closer M-master?" Yuzu asked as Mei pinned her against the wall and leaned in slowly. Yuzu blushed deeply staring deeply into her purpl...
You by Nashi_Drag
Youby Nashi_Drag
Fire. Water. Ice. Light. Air. Earth. Lava. Different rarities. Different colors. Different personalities. All in one school. This school had its crazy sides and it's nor...
Love Like Woe [COMPLETED] by Moon_Burnz
Love Like Woe [COMPLETED]by Moon
What if Yuzu was a guy? Would things still be hectic? Pretty much, yeah... Citrus is still better as a yuri, this is my first fanfic of Citrus. Yui was a player and nev...
『《ᴄɪᴛʀᴜs: ᴇᴘʜᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟ》』  by LittleRubbles
『《ᴄɪᴛʀᴜs: ᴇᴘʜᴇᴍᴇʀᴀʟ》』 by chaekkura uwu
"Hey, Mei. It's been a while hasn't it?" 7 years. 7 long years have passed. And they meet here. At the most unexpected place. At the most unexpected time. Well...
Clases extracurriculares | YuzuMei by Jhoan_Rodriguez
Clases extracurriculares | YuzuMeiby Jhoan R
Viendo las bajas calificaciones de su hija, Okogi Ume se vio obligada a buscarle un profesor extracurricular. ********************* Citrus by Saburouta Teacher/Student...
Citrus Fanfic by ColinMaynard
Citrus Fanficby Colin Maynard
set 2 years after Mei marries a man. I have never written an fan fiction before, as I have read so many fanfictions, I just thought I would start 1. All characters tha...
Yuzu x Mei Smuts by Fanfictionism1
Yuzu x Mei Smutsby Fanfictionism1
CONTAINS G!P (Yuzu) I am a Yuzu Top fan, if you prefer Mei Top this book isn't for you.
Split Personality (Yuzu top) by Wheenie_pup174
Split Personality (Yuzu top)by Yuri_loverz✨
another fanfiction of my favourite anime, C I T R U S💕 All the characters in this story aren't mine, credits go to the original creator of this anime which is, Saburout...
Rush by RebeccaW951215
Rushby RebeccaW951215
IM BACK! Here's a different story, still citrus fanfic.. I got stuck on my other one so I decided today I'm gunna start a new one and see if any inspiration comes to me...
My Bad Girl by CitrusMyLife
My Bad Girlby Citrus Lover
This story is a Harumin x Matsuri story. Yay!! Matsuri comes from the family Mizusawa and no one knows that they are gangsters. Matsuri's father was the leader of the mo...
gone (abandoned) by maryphobic
gone (abandoned)by M4RY
in which suicidal yuzu meets the stern and strict school council president, mei. tw: mentions of suicide, self harm, eating disorders, and insomnia i do not own citrus o...
Citrus One-Shot  ~ Try Something Different... by SticksAra
Citrus One-Shot ~ Try Something SticksAra
Mei is curious... and Yuzu don't like it...
I am coming for you (Citrus, YuzuxMei) *COMPLETED* by Ihsnait_28
I am coming for you (Citrus, Ishi_28
After Mei left Yuzu, Yuzu found out about her passion for Music so she left Japan after she graduated to pursue her dreams after 2 years of giving her best in her caree...
Citrus Oneshots by CitrusMyLife
Citrus Oneshotsby Citrus Lover
I decided to create citrus short stories just for fun. Hope you all enjoy
yuzu después de ser rechazada por mei cuando fue a buscarla se va a consolar a un bar donde encuentra a matsuri tomando a causa de descubrir una infidelidad de parte de...
It's all lies  by Kylefaced
It's all lies by ky
The two step sisters were having an amazing life as a secret couple and only a few knew about. When Yuzu wants to know more about Mei she finds things that nobody should...