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if mei found Yuzu's letter by samanthatsukino9090
if mei found Yuzu's letterby Samantha Tsukino-Hayashi
if Mei found Yuzu's letter What would happened if the roles were reversed? Instead of mei writing the letter, what if it was yuzu? Let's find out
Yuzu and Mei  by KakesB
Yuzu and Mei by Kakez
yuzu x mei where mei doesn't change at all but yuzu is a little bit more dominant
You Complete Me! by Stone098
You Complete Me!by Stone098
Mei Aihara - is the studious person who is getting transferred to Westmont high school. She is the beauty queen who both girls and boys swarm across her. But she is also...
CITRUS ~ A Long Way From Home / Trust by SticksAra
CITRUS ~ A Long Way From Home / Tr...by SticksAra
Mei and Yuzu finally admit that they love each other. And their commitment to their love and relationship has never been better, but they're still learning. But during...
Citrus - Are you in love with me? by Stone098
Citrus - Are you in love with me?by Stone098
Characters belongs to the Citrus and this is just a fanfiction with those characters. Hope you enjoy it. Mei and Yuzu are cousins but if Yuzu doesn't realize the love th...
Blood Lust by douscheband
Blood Lustby douscheband .
A Vampire x FBI love story. NOTE *Smut You have been warned. 😏 Note: Images not mine.. credits to the original owners So here are the mangas/manhuas of the characters...
Is she just My friend? by Stone098
Is she just My friend?by Stone098
"Mei, I want you to meet my boyfriend Jeremy," she said excitedly. "Hi Mei.. Yuzu told me so much about you," he lifted his hand out of his pocket to...
They're Crazy.        A citrus fanfiction by jdog052508
They're Crazy. A citrus fan...by jdog052508
This is a yandere AU. As soon as Mei met Yuzu, she was automatically obsessed with her. She spent almost every second watching Yuzu. Yuzu on the other hand, has no clue...
I am coming for you (Citrus, YuzuxMei) *COMPLETED* by Ihsnait_28
I am coming for you (Citrus, Yuzux...by Ishi_pup
After Mei left Yuzu, Yuzu found out about her passion for Music so she left Japan after she graduated to pursue her dreams after 2 years of giving her best in her caree...
Restart 再起動 | MEIZU (Rewriting) by ManduBangs
Restart 再起動 | MEIZU (Rewriting)by アーリアンナ
6 years have passed, 6 years since you told me you loved me, 6 years without your warmth. I wish we could go back to the way things were. -Mei Aihara What are you talkin...
citrus one shots by gray_350
citrus one shotsby GRAY
a one shot story of citrus and its my first time writting this type of story pictures are not own by me ctto. citrus is owned by SABUROTA
Rush by RebeccaW951215
Rushby RebeccaW951215
IM BACK! Here's a different story, still citrus fanfic.. I got stuck on my other one so I decided today I'm gunna start a new one and see if any inspiration comes to me...
Four Seasons : Citrus by Riaaaaa1
Four Seasons : Citrusby Riaaa
Yuzu and Mei are finally together but what if there are things that they are still yet to find with each other? Will they become closer with each other or will it torn t...
Point of Retreat by _Kotoroki_
Point of Retreatby kotoroki
The night that Mei got a call from his grandfather Telling her about his fiance and that same night meeting him but Mei doesn't know that the love of her life was there...
Sweet or Sour? by Tiffan8ar
Sweet or Sour?by Tiffany
Hey guys it's your friendly neighbourhood author lol I've had this story in my head for a while and I just had to get it out. It's based 10 years AFTER Mei left Yuzu wit...
Soulmates (Mei x Yuzu) by Inn0centdem0n
Soulmates (Mei x Yuzu)by Levi
Soulmate AU: One eye becomes the colour of your soulmates
Citrus ( Agents Love Story) /HIATUS/ by ThelittlebestAuthor
Citrus ( Agents Love Story) /HIATU...by BittersweetLover
This story start in chapter 36 when Mei leave yuzu. One day yuzu hit by a truck and she died After months there a new student with a blonde hair like yuzu but actually t...
A Beautiful Monster  by NICHURO
A Beautiful Monster by NICHURO
A Japanese American teenage girl, Yuzuko Okogi was raised in Los Angeles California everyone are seems attractive to her Because of her beautiful figure and such as a Mu...