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Boy With a Star by siriuslee700
Boy With a Starby Sirius
I tried to practice my writing based on a song I frequently listen to. This story is inspired by VIXX Hyuk's single Boy With a Star, it is such a beautiful song, if you'...
Saeran/Ray [ONE SHOTS+SHORT SERIES] by SuirenHaruno
Saeran/Ray [ONE SHOTS+SHORT SERIES]by Lotus Writings
This will mostly consist of one-shots and short series. Everything will also be about Saeran Choi, from the game Mystic Messenger. - Fluff, angst and smut so be prepared...
One Last Time (Mystic Messenger - 707 x Reader) by inspiritbaby11
One Last Time (Mystic inspiritbaby11
A short story inspired by Mystic Messenger 707 Route Day 8... After realizing that the security system in Rika's apartment was being hacked, and the bomb installed at...
Have you ever wonder how it is to live with Saeran? Have you ever dream of it? Let's dwell into the fantasy world, where you are living with the boy of your dream. Enjo...
Perfect Fit  by Saeran_Ray_Choi
Perfect Fit by Saeran Choi
Saeran explores the unlikely friendship between himself, Saeyoung, and the girl who became their first friend. Choi Saeran x Reader, book one of three, Saeran POV. Hope...
*DISCONTINUED* My Cute Tomato (Saeran x Reader) by Meila215
*DISCONTINUED* My Cute Tomato ( Goodbye!
[[WARNING: ABUSE]] Y/N has been spending her life alone since she was around 10, her parents had put her up for adoption and she moved into an orphanage. As she grew up...
Two Memories (Saeran x Reader) by JERZAyo
Two Memories (Saeran x Reader)by 赤司 征十郎
Two's a company, three's a crowd, four is annoying, and five why does she have so many friends? To settle her bloody raging teenage hormones, (Y/n) decided to download a...
Put Together by Saeran_Ray_Choi
Put Togetherby Saeran Choi
Okay so this is a Choi Saeran x reader. It should be spilt into three books. this one is the last. It will tell the story of the reader and Saeran meeting again. It will...
Red Lilac  by TaeTaeOppa0
Red Lilac by Clingy Bean
What happens when a hothead meets a pure and naive being? Chaos in the most beautiful way Choi Saeran-A rebellious young adult seeking ways to find entertainment has cau...
Shattered Life by Saeran_Ray_Choi
Shattered Lifeby Saeran Choi
Okay so this is a Choi Saeran x reader. It should be spilt into three books. this one is the second. It will tell of what happened to the reader after childhood. I hope...
oblivion. [saeran x reader ­­➤ one shots & scenarios] by saayori
oblivion. [saeran x reader ­­➤ literal trash
oblivion ↬ the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one.
꧁༺• ℳ𝓎 𝒜𝓇𝓉 ℬ𝑜𝑜𝓀 •༻꧂ by forever_alone_simp
꧁༺• ℳ𝓎 𝒜𝓇𝓉 ℬ𝑜𝑜𝓀 •༻꧂by ༺• 𝓙𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓷 •༻
Every picture here is drawn by me ♡♡ Hope you enjoy!! ♡ •° { Not taking requests }
ray ─ the diary. by 4saeran_
ray ─ the Ray, Ray, Saeran...
tình yêu của em, giống như cánh hoa hồng xanh. chẳng thể chạm tới, không tài nào có được.
Behind These Mint Eyes by CallMeJihyun
Behind These Mint Eyesby Jihyun
A slightly rated oneshot featuring one of my favourite characters of Mystic Messenger, Choi Saeran. Anyone else obsessed with this app? Because I am and I regret nothing...
Protect The Boss by MissPerla09
Protect The Bossby PERLA
It was not like Han Jumin did not have any emotion. It was not like Min Hae Soo demanded to be born as a beauty. All they needed from this world was compassion but it co...