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Mystic Messenger x Reader ONESHOTS/IMAGINES by bunky_barnes_stan
Mystic Messenger x Reader bunky barnes
Mystic Messenger, more like MISTAKE MESSENGER. I love these characters and needed to write this. Zen, Yoosung, Jumin, Saeyoung, Saeran, and V. My boyyysss. And Jaehee...
blossoming // mystic messenger by willowavenue_
blossoming // mystic messengerby willow
❝i love you more than i have ever found a way to say to you.❞
RESET | saeyoung choi by NAKANHOE
RESET | saeyoung choiby ☁️
mystic messenger | saeyoung choi - "I love you. But you don't remember me." - Where he keeps his distance for her sake, but no matter what, his feelings won't...
707xReader: Fix You by aliensunflower
707xReader: Fix Youby Hi
UNDERGOING EDITING ___ When [Y/N] struggles in math class, the teacher decides to assign her a tutor. The fire-headed, nerdy boy with big rimmed glasses who sat in the f...
Yoosungs sister  by Mayanater
Yoosungs sister by Mayanater
Your Yoosungs little sister you also have a secret Your a hacker Your ex is a hacker One day you get a text to go to an apartment and your brother immediately recogn...
Change | 707 x Hacker!Reader by eluira
Change | 707 x Hacker!Readerby 明
"It runs in my veins. Your attempts will go to vain. Don't you try to stop me - I will never change." When Luciel does his job in hacking into someone's inform...
Newlywed Struggles [Jumin Han x Reader] by AquamarineOtaku
Newlywed Struggles [Jumin Han x Aqua
MINOR SPOILERS IN JUMIN'S ROUTE, SO BEWARE. This is what happens when I'm finished with Jumin's route... SAD, BUT INSPIRATION~! Anyway... Original One-Shot: It hasn't be...
Mystic Messenger: Unexpected love| Saeran X reader.  by DevilishGal
Mystic Messenger: Unexpected love| Devilishgal
5 years had passed since the Secret ending 2. Saeran had recovered and was doing a bit better but sometimes his depression and anxiety takes over making him have unwant...
The Reason Why I'm Fine (707 X Reader) by Shika-sheee
The Reason Why I'm Fine (707 X Shika Sheee~~
707/Luciel/Saeyoungs route but the Mc has narcolepsy, this should twist the story a bit ;) Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wa...
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend Scenarios  by Arwyn_13
Mystic Messenger Boyfriend |Forgettable|
Ever wonder what it would be like to date the mystic messenger boys? Well, you're in for a treat! Follow each individual story line tailored just for the boys in this bo...
Mystic Messenger 707 X Reader Oneshots by BlueFox0407
Mystic Messenger 707 X Reader BlueFox0407
God Seven Zero Seven please help me! I'm in need of reporting an arrest on you cause you heart -////- lol so did Baehee
Mystic Messenger Male Reader Scenarios(discontinued) by winkuwonku
Mystic Messenger Male Reader rennie
just wanted some mystic messenger gay with male mc because their aint a lot. and I need em more than I think. Ray and Saeran is in this so ;) jaehee probs wont be in the...
One Last Time (Mystic Messenger - 707 x Reader) by inspiritbaby11
One Last Time (Mystic inspiritbaby11
A short story inspired by Mystic Messenger 707 Route Day 8... After realizing that the security system in Rika's apartment was being hacked, and the bomb installed at...
Mystical Messages | Mystic Messenger (Character x Reader) by peachsenpai
Mystical Messages | Mystic ‍‍‍
in which a popular otome game becomes an important part of many teens lives. "my heartbeat goes up. words cannot express my love for you."
Just Mystic by kousukee
Just Mysticby Grand Angst Queen
~Mystic messenger oneshots and preferences~ And sometimes random stuff ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ Characters: Jumin [×] Jaehee [×] Yoosung [×] Zen [×] 707 [×] Unknown [×] V [×] Leave r...
707 x Reader  by SoftRoseBabe
707 x Reader by Becky
This will be a book with oneshots and headcanons for the best hacker boi 💕
Mystic Messenger x Reader Boyfriend scenarios (Warning: Slow updates) by Chibi_Chann
Mystic Messenger x Reader Mc ✌🏻('w')✌🏼
Characters only (sorry Baehee ;-;) -Luciel (707) -Jumin -Yoosung -Zen -Saeren
Blue Skies | 707/Luciel Choi | mystic messenger | #1 by kugoui
Blue Skies | 707/Luciel Choi | ❛ ᯽ ❜ ━ oliver
❝ Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall. ❞ COVER BY Jiminist- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ [ #213 in Fanfiction 11.15.16 ]
Yoosung n seven lemons by n0guri
Yoosung n seven lemonsby n0guri
lololol I just love YOOsuNg
Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Mystic Messenger Story by AngstQueenRin
Love across the 4th Wall ~ A Rin Solo
~ Luciel Choi x MC/Reader ~ [Probably discontinued - sorry] Welp, Luciel stole my heart so here we go with a super a n g s t y and also partly c u t e fanfic with what I...