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Her new love  by MayaBooo
Her new love by MayaBooo
One day V goes to jumins office to see him with a girl he immediately recognized but the girl didn't it was his ex girlfriend y/n l/n who's now dating his best friend
Mystic Messenger Lemons by MomoLemonz
Mystic Messenger Lemonsby MomoLemonz
I will be putting in a new lemon for MM once I have finished writing it, otherwise this is gonna be a compilation. Stay followed to the channel to be notified when I hav...
(JuminxZen) Prejudice and Love by KuKu42
(JuminxZen) Prejudice and Loveby lalachan
What will happen if Mr.Chairman knows Jumin Han is gay? Warning:Smut content {Sorry guys,I haven't play MM for like 5 months so maybe some details are not exactly like...
Blue Skies | 707/Luciel Choi | mystic messenger | #1 by kugoui
Blue Skies | 707/Luciel Choi | ❛ ᯽ ❜ ━ oliver
❝ Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall. ❞ COVER BY Jiminist- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ [ #213 in Fanfiction 11.15.16 ]
Jumins sister by MayaBooo
Jumins sisterby MayaBooo
One day when you were walking around you get a text from an unknown number to return a phone What will happen when you meet your ex again
If Only { Yoosung X Reader} {Mystic Messenger Fanfic} by fangirls_too_much
If Only { Yoosung X Reader} { L e X
[This fanfic takes place after Yoosung's Bad Ending #3] {Spoilers!!!} A couple months later after the incident with Mint Eye, Yoosung is still captured under Saeran will...
Important Questions by so_chaa
Important Questionsby Soshii
Zen has an important question for Jumin that may change their relationship forever. How will Jumin respond?
The Flood by WindauraSky
The Floodby Windaura Sky
== short story; spoiler warning : secret end content == (A huge thanks to @tragicgirlwithbadendings on tumblr for supplying me with the inspiration to write this based l...
Jumin Han's Little Lady by skies_coffee
Jumin Han's Little Ladyby 💛💛💛
After Jax gets over a toxic relationship with a low life scum bag. Zen finally swoops in to save the day and finally date the love of his life but how long will that las...
Mystic Messenger Short Stories by hazyoxc
Mystic Messenger Short Storiesby hazyoxz
Little short stories about the members of the RFA when I have bursts of inspiration to write Send in requests! I'll start writing them once I figure out how to use wattp...
Farewell by akamiyuu
Farewellby akamiyuu
prequel "Why?" percakapan antara Zen dan Jumin sebelum kecelakaan itu.
Kill for Me by EliadeAlegria
Kill for Meby Eliade Alegria
Ella has finally gotten her dream job at C & R and believes that her life has changed for the better. However, after receiving a chilling phone call from an unknown call...
Another..? [Zen x reader/mc] by ihatelag34
Another..? [Zen x reader/mc]by Ew
Zen gets into another scandal that ends up being so huge that you start to doubt him, What will happen to your relationship? (Angst) (Fluff) !ART IN THE COVER IS NOT MY...
Mystic Messenger 707xMC DECRYPTING CODES by uninspiredandtired
Mystic Messenger 707xMC jay
*****SPOILERS******* Imagine that when you started the game you were transported into the world which the RFA lives in. There you are actually part of the story. This wi...
707 x Reader Oneshot by VSOPe7
707 x Reader Oneshotby sim0nsaysss
~707! Defender of Justice!~ ~~Will you save him from himself?~~ Saeyoung Choi is a charismatic young man that has a depressing side to him. It's no secret, but he wakes...
Mystic Messenger: Losing the Script (Zen x OC) by TheAvengerFairy
Mystic Messenger: Losing the Lilah Ashwood
Amethyst "Amy" Hall is sick of her life. She is sick of having no voice. She is sick of her father running her life. She is sick of being manipulated like a pu...
no name | saeyoung x reader by tsunclesam
no name | saeyoung x readerby volta stan.
no data found. - - - - - - system restart ? -> yes no restarting. . . 3... 2... 1... system restart successful !!! ... unknown: hello ? unknown: are you the owner o...
Unknown x Reader/MC(Mystic Messenger Oneshot) by sleepy_neemo
Unknown x Reader/MC(Mystic cho
After being told to do something, you were really nervous about what will happen to you if you didn't follow. Since curiosity can kill, the unknown person came to.... Fi...
Mystic Radio by Destiny_Writestuff
Mystic Radioby Destiny
We've all played the route, but what happens after the eleven days? What took place in the six months before the grand opening? Or What about what happened afterward? A...